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Heft by Liz Moore pdf download

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Heft by Liz Moore pdf download

Details of Heft by Liz Moore Book

  • Book Name: Heft 
  • Authors:  Liz Moore
  • Pages: 354
  • Genre: Domestic Fiction
  • Publish Date: January 2012
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Heft by Liz Moore So He Hasn't Been Outside His Home in Years He Doesn't Have Any Contact With Any Family Any Friends He's Incredibly It Shut in 

He's Also Very Overweight in a Way That Does Incredibly Impact His Day-to-day Life Kel Keller is a High School Student and a Baseball Star to the Degree That He's Being Recruited by Pro Teams at the Age of 17 or 18 

His Mother Was at Once a Former Student of Arthur Off About 20 Years Before I Gave This Book Four Stars I've Read Lismore Before Her Book the Unseen World Was One of My Favorites Potentially of All Time 

While I Did Enjoy This One and I Thought It Was Very Interesting It Definitely Didn't Hit Me on That Same Level I Actually Find It Kind of Hard to Describe This Book and Discuss the Things 

I Liked About It Because There's So Much That Either is Negative or Sounds Negative When I Say It Out Loud and Even Though I Did Really Enjoy This Book I Found It Incredibly Worthwhile 

I Found It Quite Enjoyable to Get Through There's a Whole Lot About This Book That is Very Strange That She Made Some Very Interesting Decisions That I Don't Think Would Work for a Lot of People This Isn't a Book That I Would Just Recommend to Anyone the Way 

I Would the Unseen World Which I Thought Was Just Spectacular This Book I Think Has a Very Very Specific Audience and I Do Think a Lot of People Would Really Hate It for Starters While 

This Book is About the Relationship Between Kelly and Arthur They Don't Actually Meet in Within the Book and I Do Consider It Still About Their Relationship Because the Whole Crux of the Book 

Starts With Them Kind of Finding Out About Each Other the Whole Book Relies Upon Their Relationship and Then Having a Relationship and How Much Their Lives Are Intertwine the 

Book is Really About That and the Fact That They Don't Mean or Don't Have Really Much Interaction at All Throughout This Book Really Doesn't Change the Fact That Their Relationship is Kind of the Focal Point of This Story 

It's Just Setting Up the Book I Feel Like Any Other Story Any Other Author This Entire Book Would Have About the First 50 Pages and Then the Story Just Started After That but This Book Really Does Feel Complete in Its Own Way 

I Think a Lot of People Would Be Bored by How Slow It is Because It is Very Very Slow Nothing Really Happens in This Book but I Enjoyed That It Was Just About These Two People About Them Developing as Their Lives Changed 

Their Lives Changed Because of Each Other Even if They're Not Really Aware of That Fact Yet I Found It Absolutely Fascinating and I Love What Books They're Just This Slow and Slow With a Purpose They're Slow in Order to Develop These People to Develop Their Stories 

I Think It Really Does a Great Service to the Characters to Take Your Time as an Author and I Love This Book for That I Also Found Myself Quite Attached to the Characters in This Book Even Though

I Didn't Necessarily Like Them Actually Quite Disliked Our Throb as a Person He Was Very Self-absorbed Very Uh He Played the Victim a Lot I Think Which is Kind of Hard to Explain Without Going Greatly in-depth Because He Just Came Across 

As a Regular Person but He Was Constantly Like Making Up Fantasies in His Head About What Had Happened and Like What Was Going on in Like His Relationship to Other People and in a Way That Like He Was Very Much 

Casting Himself as the Victim and in a Way That Was Actually Rather Unpleasant and Rather Like Self-absorbed but His Sections Were Actually What I Found Most Compelling 

I Did Like Cal Keller Okay as Well but Especially at the Beginning of the Book When It Was Heavily About Arthur Up I Found It Fascinating I Felt Exploring This Character Who Was a Shut-in Had Been a Shut-in for Ten Years or 

So I'm Not Quite Certain When It When It Fully Started but He Has No Friends He Has No Family That He's in Contact With He Gets Everything Delivered So He Doesn't Even Have to Go Outside and He Hasn't Been Outside in Years and It's It's So Fascinating to Get This Picture Into His Life 

To Get This Insight of What He's Thinking What He's Feeling How He Exists Date Today Because It's Very Sad but at the Same Time It's Also Fascinating and Not as Sad as You Would Expect Because His Feelings Necessarily That Much Different Than Someone It Was 

So Lonely but Does Go Outside and Does Have Friends and Family It's It Was Kind of a Very Similar Feeling and I Really Really Enjoyed That I Found His Sections the Most Compelling by Far Kel Keller Did for Me a Little Bit 

He Was a High Schooler So That Part of the Story Did Feel Very Much Like a White It's in Prairie Which I Enjoyed I Quite Liked Why I'm Pretty There's Nothing My Favorite Books but It Felt Like Arthur Up Sections Had Much More Lee 

There Was Much More Interested in Than There Was With Kelvil Sections and Kel Did Have Most of the Drama as Well Like Most of the High Stakes Goings-on

In This Book Were Happening in Kels Chapters in Kels Point of View in Kel's World and Arthur Was Kind of Separate From That a Lot but I Still Quite Enjoyed Reading About Arthur 

I Found Him Compelling if He'd Been the Main Character of This Book It Probably Wouldn't Have Worked as a Story Overall but Hey Do You Think I Would Have Almost Enjoyed That More Just Seeing the Entire Thing From His Point of View and What He Was Dealing With 

I Will Say That One Thing That Did Really Irritate Me Throughout This Book in Arthur's Section Specifically Was That Instead of Using and Like the Word and Just in the Narration It More Would Use It Ampersand Instead Like That Little Like Squiggly Symbol I'll Probably Insert One 

So I Don't Have to Like Draw It With My Finger Because That Doesn't Do Anything but She Used an Ampersand Symbol Throughout His Entire Sections Like Not Just in Texts or Letters or Whatever and Though She Actually Brought Out the Word but in the Chapters in the Narration Itself She Used an Ampersand Symbol 

I Don't Understand Why It Was It Was So Annoying to Read Because It's Just Like It Looks Unnatural to the Eyes Just Be Reading a Chapter in a Book and It's Just Like You've Got Three Ampersand Symbols in One Sentence and This Isn't Even It Seems So Pointless Like 

I Understand Making Stylistic Choices Like That Especially for Like Texts or Letters or Something Like That or if You Have a Specific Character Like if the Style Means Something to That Character 

But It Didn't Mean Anything Here It Just Felt Very Very Random and Just Like a Random Way to Be Like Okay This Differentiates the Arthur Sections From the Quel Sections and It Seems 

So Pointless and Just So Annoying and It Was Just a Very Superficial Thing I Really Didn't Enjoy That Add Another Thing I Enjoyed and Probably My Last Positive Point Before 

I Discuss More Than Negatives in Books There's Often Sort of a Sense of Melodrama Like Things Unfold in a Very Perfect Manner in Order to Make It as Dramatic as Possible People Get Into Arguments That Maybe Aren't Super Realistic but in Order for There to Be as High Stakes as Possible They Get Into These Arguments and Then Like Don't Speak or Their Communication Issues 

I Never Felt That Way About This Book at All This Book Felt Real Like Almost Too Real in the Sense There Was a Little Bit Boring at Time Say That Like People Would Actually Deal With Their Issues and Instead of Like Continuing to Fight About a Thing 

They Would Just Sit Down and Talk and Be Like Yo This Isn't Something I'm Okay With but We Still Need to Talk and Like Learn to Exist in This World Together and It Wasn't Always Very Dramatic but It Was Very Realistic and Very Interesting in That Way in That Way That 

I Really Really Appreciated That Like All the Decisions That People Made Make Sense Like They Seemed Like Very Rational Decisions Like Oh I Don't Want There to Be Like a Huge Drama Thing Going on Right Here I Don't Want to Get in a Huge Fight With You  

Let's Have a Little Conversation and See What We Can Do to Make This Better Even if It's Just So That We Can Function Together in the World and It Was So So Interesting Like I Just I Really Enjoyed That 

I Really Loved That Even Though Some of the Things That Happened Were Very Dramatic People Actually Use the Resources That Were Available to Them in Order to Like Deal With It and Obviously Things Like That Don't Always Work Out Like Things Can Still Go Wrong 

I'm Not Saying That's Unrealistic as Well but It Was Nice to See People Who Had Some Resources Available to Them Actually Use Them and Actually Things Turned Out 

Some of the Time and It Just Had That Very Sense of Like This is Reality This is What Happens in Some People's Lives Like They Might Be a Bad Thing Has Happened but Instead of Just Everything Like Spirals and Gets Worse and Worse and More and More Dramatic 

It Would Just Kind of Be Like Oh We Can Solve This Problem Here at Least to Some Degree That is Manageable and People Would Do That and Not I Really Really Enjoyed That Onto Some of the Negatives 

I Do Think That the Speaking Style of Arthur Op and Kel Keller Were Sometimes Too Similar Especially Because Arthur Op Was a 60-year-old Retired Professor Who Had British Parents and Cowell Was You Know a 17 18 Year Old 

Who Grew Up in Yonkers and It Didn't Make Sense That They Sounded the Same That They Had the Same Style of Speaking It's Just It's Something That Doesn't Make Sense 

I Think That Came Down More to the Writing Style Than It Did Anything Else That Was Just Kind of a Flaw in the Writing Like These People Who Are So Different Even It's Like They Both Have the Same Levels of Intelligence 

I'm Not Saying That Would Have Been the Difference but They Would Have Had Very Different Speaking Styles and Very Different Processes and I Didn't Really Get That From the Writing 

I Also Wasn't Always Fond of the Writing Style Itself It's Written in First Person Present Tense Which is Rarely One of My Favorite Things to Read I Don't Enjoy a Lot of Books That Are Written That Way and in This the Sentences Did Feel Often Very Short Very Choppy 

It Didn't Flow Naturally to Me I Think Someone That Was Down to the Characters but a Lot of That Was Just the Writing Style Itself I Wasn't a Fan I Didn't Hate It All the Time It Wasn't Necessarily Bad but It Didn't Always Flow Very Well for Me Neither 

I Feel Like Those Are All My Thoughts but I Also Feel Like Talking About This Book Reviewing This Book Was Kind of Difficult Like 

I Don't Think I Fully Captured Like My Feelings Towards This Book and How Much I Enjoyed It and Was Fascinated by It in This Weird Small Way It Was Just a Strange Little Book 

I Don't Know That I've Ever Read a Book That Was Quite Like It Before but I Did Thoroughly Enjoy It I Found Myself Very Invested in This Story It Took Me a While to Get It Into Because It Was So Slow and Because 

It Wasn't Like Things Were Immediately Happening It Was Just You Got More Invested as It Went Along as You Learned More About These Characters You Cared More About These Characters and by the End

I Found Myself Kind of Disappointed That It Had Ended Because It Was Kind of a Short Book I Didn't Want It to End I Wanted to See Like More of These Characters Lives 

I Wanted to See Them Meet and See Where Their Relationship From There and It Was Just Very Very Fascinating I Really Enjoyed It I Don't Know How Much I Would Really Recommend It to Many Other People Because I Do Think There's Definitely an Audience for This Book and Plenty of People Who Would Enjoy It 

But I Do Think It Would Frustrate a Lot of People Especially the Fact That It's About These Two Characters and It's About Their Relationship in a Way but They Never Meet Like and That's Just Something That's an Aspect of the Book I Went in Expecting Them to Meet Just Based on the Description and I Was Like Two-thirds of the Way Through the Book 

Before I Realized That That Meeting Was Never Gonna Happen at Least Like Not Within the Book as It Was Written but I Did I Did Really Enjoy It 

I if It's if It Sounds Like Your Kind of Thing I Would Recommend It Like Giving It a Try Cuz It Was Very Interesting but It Wasn't Up to the Same Level That I Felt About the Unseen World 

I Thought It Was Just Absolutely Spectacular and This One Was Good I Did Like This One but It Didn't Hit Me in the Same Way and I Do Think I Felt a Little Bit Disappointed Because of That Overall I Did Enjoy It.