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Seriously, So Good by Carissa Stanton PDF Download

Mated to the Alpha King Pdf Free Download


Mated to the Alpha King Pdf Free Download

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Mated to the Alpha King Pdf Free Download

Details of Mated to the Alpha King by Gabriella Book

  • Book Name: Mated to the Alpha King
  • Authors: Gabriella
  • Pages: 686
  • Genre: Fiction, Suspense, Romance, Thrill, Drama
  • Publish Date: 27 August 2016
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Mated to the Alpha King since he was dying and i desired the throne all my life i agreed yes father but i knew i was lying ten years later i still didn't fulfill his wish and not an ounce of guilt crept inside 

my head i hate women all of them in general and that probably stand because my mother the queen of phantom decided to bed another man lots of them driven mad by josie and betrayal in the end 

my father killed her only a few people knew about it and the kingdom was fed with false information that she died because of an illness i know all that kind of drama in my life as the alpha king of the kingdom of phantom 

i'm decisive fair and sued to the welfare of my people opposite gender or not i don't have any phobia of women really i simply abhor them and the entire kingdom do it so with that said i was pretty surprised 

when a woman suddenly materialized underneath me this woman but what do we have here i guess the rumors aren't true after all this is not what you think just what the hell is going on what kind of prank is this i demand an answer she demands an answer huh her head had a 

loose screws maybe did she not know i'm her king no i demand an answer woman i am your king you however are a nobody who told you to appear on my bed underneath me no less and demand an explanation 

i'm not sure what you guys are trying to prove by acting as if you're both strangers but it seems to me brother judging from what i saw earlier my problem is solved just tell me you like women and be done with it 

i clearly saw both of you ready to do it you can't say i'm imagining things i was just inside my room i heard a woman's voice she told me to touch the painting

i did and then i'm here it's pretty much a goddamn prank to me who are you and who told you to do this the woman nobody

i repeat nobody talks to me like that you're trespassing in my chamber you're disrespecting your king you have shamefully dressed like that in front of me you have raised your voice to two royals need 

i say more for your transgressions you will be beheaded on the first light of day beheaded [Laughter] oh my god the best actor i've seen in my life in the setting wow the details of this room sure look striking seriously

what did you guys do huh rent the whole bloody hollywood for me who set you up i'm super impressed tell me brother is this just your ploy to make me think you still hate women no as i said she just materialized in front of me 

i didn't bring her here and we were certainly not about to wow talk about a ripoff he is thinking again this is not good okay i'll take it from here you just keep your mouth shut she won't see you attractive if you keep up with 

your stingy attitude what's that supposed to mean it seems you've been misguided beautiful this is not a prank you're truly inside the king's chamber if you so kindly look outside the balcony you'll see i'm telling the truth oh god this is this isn't real oh but we are real so if you don't want your head 

cut off you do well to respect me my head my damn that was close brother don't scare her away please she's my only chance at freedom what are you talking about the council didn't tell you tell me what father knew

you wouldn't take a wife after his death despite your promise so to solve that problem he set a limit to your kingship you'll kiss your crown goodbye if you don't take a wife 40 days after your 29th birthday what the hell did 

i know this you could only imagine how that sounded to me i'm the next in line to the throne but you know i don't want it just thinking about the duties gives me chills however it seems the goddess has smiled out on you brother 

the timing is just perfect look at her she's your ticket to your marital problems she's my ticket to freedom she's my ticket to a big ass headache she appears to be clueless about where she is and who we are my suspicion is 

she came from a different realm she could be anything and i don't want that again i don't need a wife i don't need a queen i've told the council of that over and over again but your kingdom needs an heir if you won't give them 

who else will you will and risk a rebellion arrow you are the rightful ruler i'm just your half-brother i'm not cut out for this and neither are my sons well if i do have one but that's not the point as your royal advisor 

i advise you to take this woman she materialized in front of you for crying out loud doesn't that mean something i hate women i hate their guts abhor their bodies if you won't help me fix this problem then 

i'll fix it on my own i am the alpha king of phantom i'll overwrite our father's decree good luck with that then damn take her to the dungeon she'll rot there for as long as possible