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Wonderland of Words by Shashi Tharoor PDF Download

Love Me at My Worst by Michaela Angemeer pdf download


Love Me at My Worst by Michaela Angemeer pdf download

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Love Me at My Worst by Michaela Angemeer pdf download

Details of Please Love Me at My Worst by Michaela Angemeer Book

  • Book Name: Please Love Me at My Worst
  • Authors: Michaela Angemeer
  • Pages: 133
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Publish Date: Oct 12, 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Love Me at My Worst by Michaela Angemeer i got it in the mail i'm going to first talk about the book that one of you guys sent me which i still cannot get over i am beyond excited about it i'm gonna be honest straight 

up i've only read a couple of poems out of it because i am such a slow reader and i've been trying to get through all of these books so that i can speak about them and so far i am absolutely loving it i love the cover art i love the matte finish to the 

book for some reason it's just something that i get so excited about with poetry books a lot of them do have this matte finish on the front and back and i just i don't know it makes it feel so much more luxurious 

so this one is very beautifully designed and it is by the author danielle hollian holland holine i'm so sorry i'm definitely saying your name very very wrong i love the way that this is set out i love the length of the poems they're not too long they're not too short i don't know i'm just i'm very very excited to continue to have a read of this one 

so the little blurb on the back says there is a poem in my bones a song in my heart a painting in my blood and i would be lost without the inner ruins that make my life art which i love i honestly think art is so therapeutic for absolutely anything art helps 

my mental health in more ways than you can imagine and i think that's a lot of what this book talks about i am just so excited to continue to read this and i would definitely recommend checking it out if you haven't already i will be the first person 

to support small independent artists and i will always talk about people who deserve it which i definitely think that danielle does she actually also wrote me a little note and put inside as well as signed the front cover of this which ah i'm just i'm so excited by that it's just something really really special 

so moving on i might quickly talk about the two books that i have recently purchased but i have not read yet so i don't want to say too much about the book if i haven't read it yet but these are two that i have had in my amazon wishlist for ages 

i finally went ahead and purchased them just the other day so this first one is called becoming a wildflower by april green i personally don't own any april green books so i'm very excited to see how she writes just by flicking through the pages i can definitely 

tell that these poems are a little bit longer than the ones that i'm used to reading they've got proper paragraphs and pages which is a little bit daunting but nonetheless i'm very excited to give it a go so yeah there's not much else 

i can say about it there's nothing written on the back to tell you what the book is about but if you want to keep updated on my thoughts about any of these books and definitely make sure to follow me on instagram because as i'm reading all of these

i normally put a few of the poems on my instagram story if i feel as if i can relate to them so um yeah that's the first little one so the next one is called the moon and this one is by k tolno ah i'm gonna say all of these names wrong and that's something that i got absolutely roasted for in my last one so if i pronounce people's names wrong in this 

i apologize i don't know what to tell you other than fancy names are hard for my little p brain to pronounce but like i said i will link everything in the description box below if you want to actually look at these books so you don't have to like try and type in what i'm saying so like i said this one is called the moon

the thing that attracted me to it again is the matte black cover and how simplistic the cover art is i'm a very minimalistic person i like very simple plain black and white type of things so this cover art definitely screamed my name and the little blurb on the back 

just says this is the moon in all of her phases the soft strength it takes to shine through it all the rain of changes the clouds of loneliness and the frozen winter nights of our lives it is the light from within reflected and given back to you in shades of silver and blue 

this is a starry hope to hold on to when you need it the most something that i've actually found by going through and reading all of these books now compared to my last video is the fact that i am in such a completely different headspace now to what 

i was in my last video and reading these type of books in a positive healthy headspace and mind frame is just so completely different when you're really going through it i think that getting into poetry books helped me the most 

when i was really really depressed and i had a lot going on in life when i was going through really really dark days poetry books was something for me to relate to and that's why i started getting into reading them i can still connect and relate to things but it's on a very very different level i don't know i get i just get a completely different feeling from it i get a i'm proud of you rather than feeling sorry for you if that makes sense

so moving on to the last two books these are the two that i have read so i'll go with this one first again the matte black cover it's just so aesthetic i just love it like look at it with my plants it just it looks it looks gorgeous if you ask me so this one is called 

you'll come back to yourself and it's by the author michaela angerman angerman andermen i don't know this one i absolutely loved i again have never read any of michaela's books before so it was super interesting to go through and read this one on the back it just says can you let go of someone without forgetting how they made you feel 

so this one does talk a lot about relationships losing someone toxicity in relationships and just all that good stuff if you're going through a hard time with any type of relationship in your life i would definitely recommend checking this one out it does talk about losing yourself in relationships and then coming back to find yourself again 

in the end which i love because you're not alone in if you've gone through a shitty time and you've completely lost who you are it's happened to me multiple times but everything always works its way out in the end and you are who you are for a reason 

this is one of the poems that i actually posted on my instagram story when i was reading this book it says whatever's weighing on your heart baby let it go it's okay to just be happy which obviously i know is easier said than done but the more that you take the time

to sit back and tell yourself that every single day the easier it does become trust me i was one depressed once and we've made it this far so another book that i would definitely recommend it's very aesthetically pleasing 

it's very relatable and i really really enjoyed it so moving on to the last book that i'm going to share with you guys today this one is by our good old friend rupayca which i got absolutely abused in the comments of my last video for calling her a man so rupai is a very very well-known author 

if you haven't heard of her already what the are you doing jump onto amazon now and order like three or four of her books because she is absolutely amazing she is by far my favorite author and she talks really rawly and openly about absolutely anything 

she is a woman of color and she also has been through a lot of trauma in regards to sexual assault and rape at a young age so a lot of her poems are really really relatable for young girls unfortunately it sucks but i definitely find rupai's poems to be the most relatable out of all of the poems that i own this one i really really loved i know

it's super popular on amazon at the moment and i know that you can also get it at kmart as well on the back of this one it does just say after feeling disconnected for so long my mind and body are finally coming back to each other this one 

i do really love a lot because it does talk about society's view on always having to be on and going and on the grind and working she actually touches on a story from her where all she can remember is her dad working six seven days straight every single week 

it completely burning him out to the point where he got appendicitis and didn't want to go into hospital for it because he was afraid that he would lose his job which is crazy i absolutely relate to that story along with so many other ones

i think especially today seeing productive morning routines everyone getting up and going to the gym like waking up at 5am getting on the grind i think there's a very fine line between being productive and also needing to look after yourself as well at the end of the day 

because yes that's amazing if you can be productive and get your done but at the end of the day if you're completely burnt out like what are you gonna do and that's definitely something that i in particular need to learn and that's why i did enjoy reading this book

it reminded me that some days you need to have chill days some days you need to remind yourself that if you don't feel like pushing a hundred and ten percent to get every single thing done on your to-do list that it is okay tomorrow's a new day and everything 

will be fine i don't know that's something that i struggle with in particular a lot i am constantly working my ass off to try and mold a better future for myself but there has to be some point where you stop back and take a look and just realize tomorrow is never guaranteed next week is not guaranteed you need to be enjoying the present 

just as much as you are looking forward to the future that's something that's talked about a lot in this book along with anxiety which is something that i have a lot of she struggles every day with anxiety so the fact that there was a few poems in here 

that spoke about that as well was really relatable so yeah i don't know just overall a really really good read and one that i would definitely recommend picking up even if you just it came out next time just chuck it in your trolley i really only think it's like 10 or 

15 dollars i came out maybe correct me if i'm wrong but yeah i am absolutely obsessed with it so those were all of my recent must-have poetry books that i wanted to share with you all today if you've read any of them then definitely make sure to.