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King Of Battle And Blood By Scarlett St. Clair Pdf Download


King Of Battle And Blood By Scarlett St. Clair P

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King Of Battle And Blood Scarlett St. Clair Pdf Download

Details of King Of Battle And Blood By Scarlett St. Clair Pdf

  • Book name: King Of Battle And Blood 
  • Author: Scarlett St. Clair 
  • Genre: African Fiction, Love, Relationship
  • page: 232
  • Published date: 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

King Of Battle And Blood By Scarlett St. Clair it is by scarlet saint claire scarlet sinclair has a lot of other books that she's written i actually haven't read any this is the first one 

But I know it's she's really popular like in the tick tock book talk sphere her other book that I've seen all over the place is a touch of darkness I think it's a hades and persephone retelling I haven't read it 

So now that I read this one I might have to read some of her other ones but let's talk about vampires this uh book I got it the day it came out um first off I'm gonna say I love 

When books are small sized like it's smaller than a normal hardcover book it's smaller like why a books are usually a lot smaller and this is smaller than the typical ya book size and I sent this to my husband I was like it makes me feel like I'm belle in london and I'm holding 

This book and I'm walking through the streets of my town or not london paris she's in paris very bad disney fan there um and I'm walking through the streets of my town and I just have this tiny look that just fits in the crook of my arm I freaking love it anyways 

Content of the book so this book is a about a vampire no it's about this girl who has to wed a vampire who is basically the king of her entire land he's kind of conquering all these different state-like kingdoms 

She has to marry him because her father is surrendering and their kind of hidden goal is that she's going to try to kill him um but they can't keep their hands off of each other this is full of a lot of 

Different steamy scenes okay this is an adult fantasy book this is not a ympy fantasy despite the size of the book 

So adult fantasy brand new vampires like short review okay for those of you who are thinking hey should I pick this up if you like adult fantasy if you like vampires if you like world building if you like magic 

I think it's a good read for you okay there's not a lot I can really talk about in the book or in this review without kind of ruining it 

It's one of those books where you just have to have somebody tell you it's really good go read it or it's not good don't read it I would say it's good go read it like I I have things that I want to talk about 

I have things that are gonna spoil that I just have to get out to somebody because that's the only way I feel like I can give a good review of the book and it's gonna be to other people who have read 

It because otherwise I will spoil things because my opinions are rooted in things that are spoiled so if you want to read a book about vampires smutty scenes pick this one up now for the spoilery section okay 

So at first I was a little bit turned off by this book because um I started reading it and it's building a whole new world and that was all fine and dandy 

I felt like there was not enough slow burn of the of the romance and of like the smutty scenes like we didn't have to wait very long for them and I personally like to wait at least a little bit like it was less than 100 pages and I just was like really like you didn't make me wait for it but I will say by the time that I finished 

The book I understood why obviously the big plot twist is that she's like reincarnated and they were in love before when he was 200 years ago and that's why they kind of just were like 

So physically drawn together and so much emotion and feelings that she couldn't explain like it all ended up making sense but I was mad about it in the beginning because I hadn't gotten to the part where 

It actually made sense yet so that was like my biggest complaint was that it just went way too far into it but that complaint was kind of fixed by the end of the book 

Because obviously they were reincarnated um I did totally call her being one of the witches I didn't know which one it was gonna be but the fact that she was like having these flashbacks that seemed like a different life every time she kind of touched these magical objects 

She kind of got these flashbacks I didn't call that it was gonna be yesenia I did call that part of the story I was like there's some reincarnation connection here it wasn't really super clear to me 

How that happened I know adrian talks about that he like made a deal with the goddess like was begging for her because he was so distraught when she was killed 

So like I think it was kind of like the goddess thing but why it took 200 years I won't I don't know was she reincarnated other times and he had to like try to find her in her lifetimes like there was some part of the world building and the magic that just wasn't super super clear to me 

I do think that this book was a definite book one in that it kind of got you addicted to the story uh got you involved in the characters set everything up for you but it did take a little while to get there 

So there was a lot of action and a lot of things that happened in the end and I liked that because it made me really want to read the second book but like like wanting to know who the traitor is at the end like 

We know that somebody now told someone that she is his weakness it wasn't you know her father that she shared that story with I didn't side note I did not expect her to be the one to kill her father I thought adrian was gonna do it and he kind of said that he should have been the one to do it but I did not think it was gonna be her 

I didn't call that part but I also really really don't like killian if you like killian like please tell me why you like killian because I don't like him um I hope I don't sing him that much in the next book because I'm not a fan unless something like super mind-blowing happens 

I don't like him but yeah I want to know who the traitor is I want to know who of his little inner circle knows now that she's his weakness um and knows kind of who 

She is I did think that it took a while to kind of build the story up and get you to the ending chaos and the ending plot  and that kind of went a little quickly for me 

So I think I I know on goodreads there's two more that are slotted so there's gonna be a lot of story which I am really excited about I'm kind of sad that I'm gonna have to wait 

So long because I read this right when it came out but it is what it is it took it took a little while for the plot to kind of get going I will also say I was trying to figure out why I didn't like feel as much deep emotion as I did as I do for like other characters so there are some books like like in my shadow and ember um shadow in the ember 

 Talked about like how I love nicktoes like I love nick dose I like adrian I do I really like him and I like his old like I like them as characters but for some reason 

I just didn't get that like emotional response that I normally get when I read fantasy romance books especially with like love lost and things like that's a really big trigger of emotions for me 

So the fact that adrian had been like searching for her and we find out that it's it's yesenia who he had been in love with and he begged for her life and he begged to have her back like 

I get all of those things but I just didn't feel it as much as I wanted to and I am like a I can't read certain books because I feel them so hard like I love the outlander series but I feel them 

So freaking hard that I have trouble picking up the next one in the series I've been stuck on book five for like over two years because I just can't pick it up to read it um because I just feel it too hard this one I didn't feel as hard like I felt it 

But I didn't I wasn't emotionally crushed like I was expecting to be especially because it's like the vampires and you know all of that where the emotions are very very deep on a very like personal bloodletting level 

Yeah I wish that I wish I felt that more and I don't know why I didn't I don't know if I'm the only one who didn't feel that maybe it was just the mood I was in but I was excited to read this book 

So I don't know why so I'm trying to figure out like what's gonna happen in the next part of the series um in the next book I know that there's you know her kingdom that her mother's from the kingdom that her mother's from all of those people have been held captive essentially

By their king and adrian knew about it and uh you know so I think there's gonna be a lot more storyline there we're gonna figure out more about the traitor I know we know that ravina's not dead 

But I know izol threw like a sword through her mirror portal and it struck her there was blood but we know she's not dead as old knows she's not dead so there's gotta be more going on with her and the red mist that's plaguing everybody so there's a lot that's really set up 

I don't know where it's gonna go I don't I I I don't know if like we were kind of hinted at the end that her spell book that she had from 200 years ago can has spells to like bring people back from the dead.