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The viscount who loved me by Julia Quinn

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The Viscount Who Loved Me Pdf Download 

Details of The viscount who loved me by Julia Quinn Pdf

  • Book name: The viscount who loved me 
  • Author: Julia Quinn 
  • Genre: Romance novel, Regency romance, Historical Fiction, Regency Fiction
  • page: 360
  • Published date: 5 December 2000
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The viscount who loved me by Julia Quinn in this book it's his love story and i'm gonna tell you all about it so um anthony is deciding to get married to settle down find a woman who he can build family with however due to his personal prejudice due to his own concerns 

He decides that he doesn't want to fall in love which makes things a little bit more complicated because he looks for a reliable partner someone who he can trust someone he can you know live with and have kids with um but again not to spoil anything but uh in the very beginning of the book 

We find out that anthony has a sphere of bass uh which came from his father passing away in a fairly young age 

He's concerned as a similar thing gonna happen to him and uh in order to avoid the complications from it he doesn't want to fall in love he wants to have a family but so to speak don't have any feelings involved and um for that matter he decides to pick a diamond in the bunch 

Of the season and he uh picks edwina what's her last name uh yes edwina sheffield who is this uh beautiful gorgeous girl with light eyes porcelain skin fair gold deluxe and you know everyone 

Wants to be married to her and she's very well educated she's outspoken she's bubbly and he decides that this is exactly is the kind of companion he wants to have in his life he knows that the feelings are just not there he's not attracted to her in any romantic or 

Sexual way or anything like that therefore she makes a great wife all of that is uh good enough up until her stepsister shows up in the picture kate sheffield kate um is her older step-sister and 

She is very open opinionated she is uh strict she's quite a perfectionist herself and she heard it all about anthony's character she read uh in lady whisseldown's papers that you know his rake that 

He sort of a player and obviously she tries to keep her sister edwina from him at it any cost which actually is quite funny I think the whole uh language of this book is very ironic very sarcastic their dialogues 

Just phenomenal they made me laugh so hard and they're very pretty very smart and I I really enjoyed those dialogues between especially between caden anthony but of course uh between other characters as well 

So interesting things that you know immediately anthony and kate hate each other and there are reasons to do that because they all have their own concerns so anthony is on his journey of finding a right 

Person to be his wife uh kate is concerned because she wants to protect her little sister um and she doesn't trust anthony a tiny bit uh so the whole thing kind of makes sense up until the point when anthony suddenly 

Understands that he thinks about kate more than he necessarily should and he's afraid that those feelings are deeper than um he wants them to be and actually the same goes for kate because she just hates him 

So much as it sort of overpowers her and she's not sure what it is anymore is it just uh pure hatred or as there are some feelings um involved so I'm gonna stop right there uh with a plot because I think I already kind of give away a lot um and I hope that this intrigued you already uh I just want 

To talk a little bit more about the characters about the overall um feeling from this book and why I enjoyed reading it so um as I mentioned you know the main characters um we have anthony who is very smart very 

Well spoken um sort of you know he's a gentleman yes he used to be a player in the past and he knows his way around ladies but there is more to him than that and throughout the book we learn some of 

His deep secrets and his concerns and um I like that a book is based from both his and uh kate's perspective uh which makes it more interesting in my opinion and um I actually I I liked his character a lot 

I think um you know maybe I somewhat developed a crush for his character uh to me his persona is very interesting and definitely worth attention um as for kate um I I think I found her a little bit annoying in the beginning but again for the right reasons and overall I really 

Like her personality I really like that she is outspoken she's confident she's not afraid of sort of standing out in a crowd and she knows that maybe she's not as pretty as her sister edwina by you know 

Standards of that era but she has a lot more to offer and I think the book raises a very interesting question of um you know beauties in the eye of the beholder and um certain things wouldn't see about ourselves what 

Comparing to what others people uh see in us and how we perceive the world and the beauty is not just about the looks or fashion or personal style or 

How confident we appear to be it's about those little quirks and little um little personal things which we all care about and our personalities they also play a great part in that level of attractiveness and um a lot of people you know they tend to think that they need to mold themselves 

Shapes themselves into a certain uh pattern or you know whatever is trending whatever is popular and I really do appreciate characters who do stand out and they're not afraid of being themselves they're true themselves so from that perspective kate's character is very interesting I think 

 I really do appreciate that julia quinn didn't make two sisters um even though they're completely polar opposites she didn't make them hate each other just because they're different and I think you know both type of girls uh do have place in real world right uh you know one is a little 

Bit more outgoing and bubbly and and you know she moves crashes graciously when she walks into the room all eyes on her but then we have another type of girl who is quirky nerdy uh but her whole essence is

So captivating and she can um you know I would speak uh any great speaker and um she really uh great in any kind of conversation um which you know again completely to different types of beauty complete two different types of personality and yet both interesting and you wanna 

Know more about them so um those were pretty much uh all I wanted to talk about in terms of characters uh in terms of book and styles I I wanna mention that I like how it's very sarcastic funny um sort of literature but also uh I think julia queen did a good job of uh opening characters 

From the perspectives which you wouldn't expect and also getting a little bit deeper and actually you know some of these scenes in the book would send the sugar down your spine and will make you

Sad and um I think that's the beauty of it that's even though it's a light-hearted entertaining type of read it's also has a deeper part to it it asks all the right questions and makes you reflect uh as well which 

I found very interesting I only read this book by julia quinn and haven't read anything by her yet um also I'm very excited to read the rest of the bridge entrance series but I am very fascinated by this book I think it's a great read I really really enjoyed it I think I would rate 

It as five stars out of five and it was kind of hard for me to put it down to be honest with you I am very excited for the show I would be honest with you I don't expect it to be as good as the book 

Guess it's kind of hard to express all of the feelings and emotions um which I expressed in the book um so nicely so let me guys know in the comments down below if you have read this book before 

If you did did you enjoy it uh also if you have read any other books from this bridgeton series also let me know I will be very curious to uh check them out and maybe you know not necessarily read them in chronological order but.

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