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Model Behavior by Kelsie Rae pdf Download free


Model Behavior by Kelsie Rae pdf Download

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Model Behavior by Kelsie Rae pdf Download free

Details about Model Behavior by Kelsie Rae Pdf

  • Book name: Model Behavior
  • Author:  Kelsie Rae
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
  • page: 414
  • Published date: 31 March 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Model Behavior by Kelsie Rae this is the second book of Kelsey's i have read i don't know what

It was a bunch of different authors and then they each took one month out of the year and applied the star sign for that month so I read june because my birthday's in june and I'm a cancer and kel that was kelsey's book

I think it's going to be the first book it seems like in the series oh I can't remember the name of the series now jeez louise I'm sorry I should I just don't retain that always I apologize 

But boy she kicked it off with quite a bang that's for sure the book is about reese for the most part it's told from her perspective we do get a chapter or two maybe just one from her love interest and I really liked getting his perspective I liked him well it took me a little bit 

But I liked him he was easy to like kelsey wrote a great guy the e an easy guy to fall in love with I should say and that's exactly what reese does right so reese is in her younger 20s 

When the book starts she is going through she's in a terrible situation in that she caught her live-in boyfriend in bed with another girl and basically he just got out of the shower the girl is still drying off 

She's like oh my god and he's like oh no it's not that big of a deal his name's ian and it's like what dude that's a really big deal so poor reese she leaves god love her and she goes and I think she either calls her brother 

She goes to her brother's house I can't remember now her brother milo and she's like I need a place to stay she's got nowhere else to go 

Lets her come and move in with him he has three other roommates they are jake river and gibson they are very tight friends and he just says you know just come live with me it's fine let me help you the interesting thing about 

This book is that rhys is really at a pivotal point in her life regardless of at least in my interpretation regardless of what happened with ian and ian turns out to be just nasty so regardless of what happens with ian she's still kind of in this weird place 

I didn't know if it was gonna if I was gonna get sick of that with her she said she's low her self-confidence is down she's a little lost she doesn't really have anything 

But milo they grew up in a really bad situation and milo was always her protector kelsey does go in to that a little bit her and milo are super tight 

I love that relationship so she's in this funny time in her life and regardless of what happens with ian I felt for her and I felt like how is she where's the story gonna go for her 

I was afraid that it was going to be a little fluffy for me I'll be honest because I I like deep down dirty emotional dirty like you know what I mean I like to emotionally connect to the book and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to that being said I really did connect with reese on 

So many levels oh oop sorry about the jiggle they're playing right of course underneath my tripod so if that happens again I apologize I really did connect with reese and I got the emotion that I needed from her and 

I loved this journey that kelsey takes us on with her so I wasn't really sure who her love interest was going to be it is in the brother's best friend genre so I knew I could take a pic from who we were introduced to and it actually turns out to be the person that I didn't expect 

It to be and I liked that and I really liked river I don't think I'm giving too much of a spoiler when I tell you that it ends up being river a definite theme of her moving in with milo 

The guys is milo putting on his majorly alpha overprotective brother and saying don't touch my sister you all have to stand here and promise me you're not gonna touch her she's off limits and by the way he turns and he tells reese the same thing and so you're like dude

I mean you can't do that because all they're going to want to do is then hit on her you know so you know right there someone's gonna hook up with her 

So the roommates are gibson jake and river and jake has been milo's best friend since they were young 

So reese has her own relationship with him I really liked that it's almost like the second older brother that she has in her relationship with jake okay they're playing so they knocked the camera again 

So sorry I really liked the relationship that she had that reese has with jake but it's funny at one point she's like I didn't realize I was moving in with four mother hens and it's funny because it's not like she moves in 

She starts taking care of them they very much step in and want to take care of her they want to protect her from ian they want to help her in life in a lot of ways yes this is your typical you know brother gets pissed off that best friend is hooking up with his sister 

Yes it is but I found that the way kelsey wrote reese's journey and where she is at that time in her life and interestingly that river comes into her life at that time in her life and not only her life but his life 

Where he is river is a little bit older than her he has an established career as a model wanting to be an actor there's a whole he's got a whole story that kelsey gives us and I like to learning what we did about him 

How that made him connect with rhys and I mean that goes kind of without saying but I really like that he was a little bit over older I should say a little bit more established in his life as far as he knew 

Where he was and where he was going and he just needed someone in his corner and interesting that rhys becomes that person and it surprises both of them I liked where kelsey gave us reese's kind of down and out moments 

I liked how rivers stepped up during those moments I liked really liked how she unfolded their story you know I always like to share those special passages or moments that I really liked and connected to in the book 

This is from reese's perspective and a little backstory is that river asked her for help in bringing her to a job modeling job that he has and then he's also kind of at the same time trying out for a role and she has to step in 

Be his acting partner and also do a photo shoot with him I loved that whole scene and this is from reese's perspective caught up in the moment I grab his wrist that's still holding me in place my tears fall freely 

As I look up at him and hold his heated stare because I've been where christine is I felt like the backup plan before I felt like the girl who couldn't ever be enough to hold a man's interest to be the most important thing in his life 

But she deserves her happiness she deserves the strength to ask for what she wants instead of hiding behind her fears the same way I deserve to get what I want I grab onto what I deserve despite 

What others believe what others feel is best for me so I give in and find the courage christine needs to ask for what she wants what she needs to be loved to be cherished to be put first for once in her life isn't that what we all want another tear rolls down my cheek I lick my lips what do you want the growls stay 

So she's acting when she says christine she's acting like the character that she's supposed to be playing and yet in this very tender pivotal moment she's drawing on that 

Character to give her her own strength the parallel in that whole scene and that time in the book was not lost on me and he really liked all that this is from reese again a little bit later on in the book and she's talking about the river 

Every once in a while he gives me glimpses of his awesome boyfriend material but then I hear my brother and his friends joke about how river is the biggest man in the world it doesn't exactly give me warm fuzzies 

So river has a bit of a reputation and I wasn't sure how far that was gonna carry over because oh god that was gonna break my heart if I was gonna have to watch him parade girls in front of her I was not gonna be happy there are definitely steamy moments in 

This book there was enough drama to keep me interested and not really sure what was coming next and I really liked how kelsey ended it I was surprised where things kind of went the turns that we took but then we get to this place where 

I was afraid things were going to fall apart but she brought them together really beautifully I know that's not going to make sense to you until you read the book 

But she gave river and rhys exactly what each other needed themselves she gave them the ending that was perfect for them let me know if you have read model behavior or any of kelsey's other books you know.