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The Score by Elle Kennedy Pdf Download

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The Score Off-Campus 3 by Elle Kennedy pdf free download

Details About The Score by Elle Kennedy Pdf 

  • Name: The Score 
  • Author:  Elle Kennedy 
  • Publish date: 11 January 2016
  • Pages: 415
  • Genre: Romance novel, fiction, Contemporary romance
  • Language: English


The Score by Elle Kennedy so if you guys don't already know the score is the third book in the off-campus series by Al Kennedy the first is the deal of which I already have a review for for which 

I already have a review pardon my bad grammar I will link it down below my review for the mistake will be uploaded by next week most likely it is January 12th so this book literally just came out 

so my review for the mistake is gonna go up after this review shows up so as usual we are going to start off with a non spoiler section and then with warning 

so you get a background of the characters I think the synopsis will speak for it better than I can he knows how to score on and off the ice Elle Kennedy is in crisis mode with graduation looming she still doesn't have the first clue about what she's going to do after college to make matters worse 

she's nursing a broken heart thanks to the end of her long term relationship while rebound s*x is definitely not the solution to her problems but gorgeous hockey star Dean DiLaurentis is impossible to resist just once though because even 

if her future is uncertain it sure as heck don't include the king of one-night stands it'll take more than flashy moves to win her over Dean always gets what he wants girls grades girls recognition girls he's a ladies man alright and he's yet to meet a woman 

who's immune to his charms until Ally for one night with feisty blonde this entire world and now she wants to be friends nope it's not over until he says it's over Dean is an Dina's in full-on pursuit but when life rockin changes strike 

you starts to wonder if maybe it's time to stop focusing on scoring and shoot for love those of you who have read the deal and the mistake Ali has already appeared in little spurts especially in the deal because 

she happens to be Hanna's best friend Hannah is the female protagonist of the first book and they are roommates they live together and we saw little scenes where she was actually with her boyfriend Sean well this is following up on that relationship it's no longer working allie has broken up with 

Sean he is what guys like Dean call the nesting type she doesn't do one-night stands she doesn't do casual s*x she doesn't do anything like that she's definitely a relationship person and she admits it herself that she doesn't quite know how to be alone Sean ends up texting her constantly 

he just won't let her be will let her clear her mind and she's actually worried that he might show up at her dorm room we've also seen little bits of deme throughout the deal and the mistake 

he is worse than both Logan and Graham Garrett combined he's worse than both Garrett and Logan combined he is known as the hook-up king of Breyer and he just doesn't care who season 

he's kind of a next yes he tends to do girls on his couch hint hint traps Maddox and he's the exact opposite of Ali so Ali and Dean are alone in the apartments together their other roommate Tucker's off doing his own thing and they end up getting high and getting drunk 

sleeping together despite all of ali's reservations she ends up hooking up with him twice and she is in complete horror about everything right after as far as the comparison aspect goes in terms of how this book compared to the first two books 

I'm gonna have to say that this was my absolute favorite it was the one that pulled me in the most that's not to say that the deal and the mistake are absolutely incredible they are but there's something about Dina and Ali

that I really really loved I don't know how el Kennedy does it but she manages to make opposites attract not seemingly opposites attract they she manages to make these characters connect even though 

you don't really see how they connect on any other level except usually just pure chemistry and that to me speaks in volumes of her ability as an author and of course the dialogue is as you guys have heard me right before in regards to Elle Kennedy 

it is flawless I don't know how she has the ability to really immerse yourself into the mindsets of these college students and even though Garrett Logan and Dean are all very very similar they're all roommates 

they play on the hockey team together they're very similar in their personalities she still manages to completely different even though Ali and Hannah are kind of the exception to that rule given that they're roommates and grace was kind of the turn the punchbowl in terms of the connection they're still very very different and 

I admire how much she really puts into each individual character she is a lot of devotion a lot of dedication and it shows and one of the other reasons why I love this book I feel bad to say more than the others 

but I'm gonna say more than the others because it is my favorite I laughed out loud the most in this book it made me laugh out loud so many times probably more than any other book has on its own I know I have a good book 

when I kind of freaked my husband out with my reactions because it means it pulled me in strongly enough to the point where I'm not really aware of my surroundings 

I'm just fully immersed into the book and that's what happened with this one I was and I was emotionally invested whether it be on a humorous level whether it be on an emotional level which is kind of redundant consumer is an emotion 

now what more can you ask for other than that when you're reading a book that would be Arden the fat orange cat this book had the most angst and it was the heaviest from any given that we're in the non-spoiler section 

I'm not gonna tell you guys what the egg surprised of but it was much heavier than the previous two books very similar to the first two though it's not really dwelled upon for very long l Kennedy tends to deliver I think lighter novels and then she has these little peppers these little dashes 

so to speak of angst in her books this one just had more of a marinade of eggs it wasn't like you know really really heavy but there was definitely more of it than in the previous two novels and it was of a heavier nature so it was very well balanced so while the book was very very funny 

it was also very tragic at the same time I loved and hated Dean at the same time his the antihero of the group while Garrett and Logan claim to be similar in the hook-up department and the Playboy departments they didn't really have Dean's personality 

which is sort of this devil-may-care kind of thing he does what he wants when he wants it and isn't afraid to hurt anybody he was also a rich kid he he was very very privileged his parents are lawyers he's supposed to go to law school 

it's understandable why he has that attitude because he's grown up in a life of privilege where he hasn't had to make any sacrifices for what he wants so he just says why not what's the worst that could happen Ali 

however has very different personality she has experienced a lot of loss in her life she is an aspiring actress her mother passed away of cancer when she was about 13 years old and her father is now suffering from multiple sclerosis 

I believe it's yeah multiple sclerosis and he is having a hard time getting around and his condition is definitely getting worse and now she's concerned about whether or not she can really move from the East Coast to LA 

which is what most aspiring actresses do so without further ado I'm going to move on to the spoilers section I obviously would recommend this book it's incredible it's my favorite of all three 

I'm not ordering the paperback right away because I actually want to wait to order a signed copy of it that's how much I love this book so please read this guys it just came out yesterday and I finished it in the day so please join me in the spoilers section once you guys have read this see you later there are so many great differences in Deen in comparison to Garrett and Logan 

I really love that hockey is just kind of a fun pastime for him it's not his passion like it is Logan's and Graham's he can kind of take it or leave it in a way he knows he's not to go to the draft he's destined to become a lawyer just like his parents just like his brother and he doesn't have a passion for that either 

so he just he's not very deep and it speaks volumes of his personality in the beginning and then of how much he changes when Ali comes into his life she kind of brings this somberness to him that is very very necessary 

I love that they just they give each other what the other doesn't have so Dean teaches Ali his way of life just you know live your life the way you want to live it regardless of the consequences and regardless of who is going to judge 

you but Ali is of the mindset where she's very cautious and she has a lot of things to think about on her that are on her plate and she does take precautions at a personal level what she went through with her mom was very much kind of a parallel to what I went through with my mom 

I had a lot of empathy with her in that regard and as far as personality goes I resonated more with Grace who is kind of a low-key girl I didn't really relate to Hannah all that much I did but I didn't at the same time it's like I probably would have thought she was cool 

but I never would have hung out with her you know that kind of thing we just would have been cool with each other but we weren't we wouldn't have been similar enough to actually become friends whereas 

I think I could become friends with Grace and Ally if they were real people I love a father that is really really protective of his daughter and that's exactly what Ali's father was he didn't give a who Dean was where he came from he loved his daughter and told him straight up 

you're not what my daughter needs you don't know what it's like to lose she does she's had to grow a lot game and everything that's happened to me given everything that's happened to her mother and you don't have what it takes to take care of her you just don't you're too privileged you can buy people out 

I was 100% on Ali's father's side and he is my favorite parent I think out of any book that I've ever read he's my favorite parental figure just because he really told it like it was and he was only looking out for his daughter's 

best interest he wasn't being an ass just for the sake of it he had some points and all those points came to a head way when unfortunately beau died Dean just really grabbed my heart and I hated him at certain points in the novel 

I loved him the end when he actually ditched Ali's play to get high on what was it MDMA or something like that it was Molly to tell you the truth I don't know exactly what that is apparently it's a it's not good it's not good so he ditch Ali's opening play to get high and have a party 

I wanted to choke him out just like I think anybody else who read it did ends up drinking himself into a stupor getting high constantly and just overall being an unreliable ass despite the fact that his parents taught him to not expect anything you know his father gave away his college fund 

when Dean became a little bit too self-righteous and made him work in his for him to earn it back that doesn't really give you life lessons that just comes along with life and loss and all of that so Dean has no idea how to comfort Ali 

let alone how to comfort himself it's really the first tragedy that's happened in this life so when faux dies he has no idea how to handle it except to numb it with drugs and drinking and and freaking reaping the consequences he got kicked off the hockey team he he and Ali are no longer together and oh my god 

I can't believe I forgot this I love that he was ordered to coach the middle school hockey team and then that little girl Dakota and him buying her first pair of skates it was like it was so sweet that's 

when I officially fell in love with Dean it was like oh you were born to be a teacher you were born to be a coach and I loved but that's actually what he ended up going for in the end and he still stay true to hockey and sports but he didn't go into law like he was supposed to and his parents were cool with that 

but I was really happy that he actually went ahead and did that baking of Dean's parents I loved what his father's model was you ten minutes to sit and think and stew over what you did wrong and how you can make it right after that ten minutes you pick yourself up and you move on that is a philosophy that 

I think we all could adapt we all tend to linger on things way too much and then there's the whole issue with Winston and the bathtub issue and I love that the guys keep heckling him for it in the pink lemonade that lit that Logan buys 

he gives a thumbs up every time he drinks it in front of Dean that was great whole bit where Ali and Dean's sister we're watching horror movies and he walked in and Ali clocked him with something 

it was a paperweight I think it didn't really fit into the story with me I thought it was just a little bit too extraneous it to me it didn't need to be there and sorry but the ending bothered me it bothered me a lot I understand that 

it's definitely a headway into what the next book is gonna be out about and obviously it's gonna be about Tucker and Sabrina and the fact that Sabrina's pregnant there were definitely hints throughout the entire novel of where's Tucker what's he doing 

he's missing more than usual and nobody knows where he is but I felt like it took the ending away from Allie and Dean if I wanted more out of that ending and I feel like the whole bit with Tucker just kind of took it away a little bit not my favorite ending with all the books there is so much that 

I still wanted to go through like I have three or four pages worth of notes here but for the sake of time I'm gonna cut it short I know

this book just came out yesterday but if you have read it let me know in the comments what you thought of it let me know your favorite parts.

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