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The Deal by Elle Kennedy PDF Download


The Deal by Elle Kennedy PDF Download



The Deal by Elle Kennedy PDF Download 

Details of The Deal by Elle Kennedy Book

  • Book Name: The Deal
  • Authors: Elle Kennedy 
  • Pages: 426
  • Genre: Romance
  • Publish Date: 24 February 2015
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Deal by Elle Kennedy this is the first book in the off-campus series slash briar you it's a little confusing I don't know all the ins and outs of it 

Yet but y'all uh this is one of the books I feel like this month for me is going to be the month of reading books that I was pushing against reading and now I'm just gonna do it um because literally the book 

I read right before this one was another one where people talked about it so much and I was just like oh i don't think it's for me and I read it and I loved it so much so then I read this book and the same thing 

I don't know what it was about this series something about it just didn't make me super excited um the off-campus series is basically like a hockey romance it takes place at briar university and I didn't realize this at first 

But i guess it's kind of like uh i don't know the term for it anthology what does that mean when it's like it's a series but each book is like kind of a standalone novel as well that's what it is 

I didn't realize that which makes me feel so much better because honestly that's kind of a reason why i put off reading it for so long because i thought like okay this is like a massive series like i don't really want to commit to that right now 

But no like if you want to just read a standalone novel you can totally read the deal and be just fine like i said um this is a hockey romance which apparently is a whole genre that people read and love and i just think that's 

So fascinating it's such a specific niche genre but like people like what they like i know absolutely nothing about hockey but I really love this book basically this book follows Hannah and Garrett Hannah 

Garrett are in the same ethics class and the book pretty much opens up where they're all receiving their tests back and literally like everybody in the class absolutely bombed 

It except for Hannah and a few other people and Garrett is on the hockey team he is the captain of the hockey team at briar university it's set in Boston 

So i guess like more up north hockey's like a bigger deal I'm not hating on hockey again i just I'm literally from texas I know nothing about hockey so yes he Garrett Graham is like the s hockey star of this school everybody knows who 

He is which is one funny thing about this book it's set at a university but to me it felt like very high school at times i'm like i went to a massive college so maybe like my it's just different for me like i didn't know anybody needed my classes 

I made like two friends the entire time i was at school from my classes but anyways everybody knows who gary graham is so garrett sees that hannah made an a on her test and he's like you need to help you need to be my tutor you need to help me study because 

If he doesn't pass his classes like he's not going to be able to play hockey and hannah's like no not interested like she's super busy she has a job she's like in the music department and she's super busy like preparing for her big winter performance she's like 

I don't have time i'm sorry whatever and garrett is just absolutely flabbergasted because like nobody rejects him he's garrett graham excuse me so he's like not gonna take no for an answer 

So we're seeing the story from hannah's perspective and garrett's perspective and hannah meanwhile is over here just absolutely crushing on this guy named justin he is like one of the stars of the football team at broward university 

She is just absolutely obsessed with him like doesn't personally know him but she just like googly eyes just like wants to be with him and um we learned that hannah had like a very horrific thing happen to her whenever 

She was in high school and it's prevented her from having like good relationships with boys and justin is like one of the first people that she's seen since that happened to her that's actually like made her heart flutter

So again garrett is like over here trying to get her to tutor him and then she's like no no no and then finally he like realizes at a party like sees her making googly eyes at justin and is like okay sister this is what we're gonna do you're gonna tutor me and i'm gonna take you on a date 

She's like excuse me what i don't wanna go on a date with you and he's like um yes you do because you know what you're never gonna get justin's attention unless you make yourself undesirable or not undesirable 

Unattainable sorry i can't speak english um unless you make yourself unattainable so like if you go on a date with me like i'll it'll basically raise your popularity status or whatever and everyone's gonna be wondering who you are and then justin will be interested 

I pass my test you get your date and we're good to go and she ends up giving in and i know this storyline sounds so like blah like this could be something that happens in like lizzie mcguire or something i don't know why that's first thing that came to my head 

But it was so well done obviously or not so obviously garrett in the beginning i just like did not like him i was like what is up with this guy like he's that stereotypical just like total jock that's totally full of himself thinks that everybody in the world just wants to like drop to their knees and praise him 

But hannah is like one of the first girls to not do that to him at all i just love the whole trope of like either the bad boy or just the boy that's kind of like a jerk that just one girl manages to change him manages to make him see that things don't have to be a certain way that 

You know you can you can be in a relationship just whatever it is like yeah garrett just becomes a total like simp for hannah that's not really a spoiler you can kind of figure that out literally on the back of the book 

But like it's just so good it's so tense it's so freaking cute like i didn't expect it to get that cute but like we ended up learning that both garrett and hannah had like really traumatic things happen to both of them 

They can kind of bond over that like their child hood was not a great time for different reasons and they just really are able to like see who each other is but then obviously you get to this point where 

It's like this isn't what we agreed on like blah blah blah like there's always that point of like tension and like several things happen that i didn't see coming and it was just so good when it ended i was like oh my god 

I want to be in love like it was just cute it was so cute and i'm super excited to read the rest of the series i'm gonna give it a 4.5 just because like a five star is super hard to get out of me like i do not just hang out five stars like anything and i really did love this so much 

But i just thought that i i don't know like one of the twists at the end i was kind of like eh like i wasn't super satisfied by it and also like there was i literally can't say it without spoiling there was something that i thought was gonna be more developed and more of a thing that kind of never happened 

I felt like it would have added a little extra ounce of spice to the story and it didn't happen so yes 4.5 which is an amazing book for me literally if you've been thinking about reading the deal just go read it it's a short read you'll fly through it 

I cannot wait to read the mistake next because i'm sure it's going to be just as good but yes if you guys have read the deal which i'm sure all of you have because i'm like the last person let me know your thoughts on it.