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The Mistake Off-Campus 2 by Elle Kennedy pdf free download


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The Mistake Off-Campus 2 by Elle Kennedy pdf free download

Details About The Mistake Off-Campus 2 by Elle Kennedy pdf 

  • Name: The Mistake Off-Campus 2 
  • Author:  Elle Kennedy 
  • Publish date: 28 April 2015
  • Pages: 353
  • Genre: Romance novel, fiction, Contemporary romance
  • Language: English


The mistake by l kennedy which is the second book in the off-campus series so I read the deal which was the first book in the off-campus series not that long ago and I went to barnes and noble last weekend 

I was walking through and I like didn't know what to get and I was like you know what I'm just gonna get the second one it's staring at me I'm gonna get it these books are like 24 hour read books like I love when a book can just suck me in and just make me want to read it 

So usually if I can read it in 24 hours unless I absolutely hate it and I just have to get through it it's like automatic four stars for that so I definitely would give this one four stars 

So this is the second book the first book we follow garrett and hannah and this book we follow logan and grace and logan is garrett's best friend and he we start the book out with him realizing that he was in love with hannah and now his best friend is dating him 

So he feels like a terrible horrible best friend and is like I need to find a distraction well he stumbles upon hannah who is a freshman when he first meets her and basically starts like casually hanging out with her and then it turns into more and then they realize that there were mistakes that were made and completely separate and we have to see if they are going to come back together so this is another hockey romance

I was really into sports romances this past couple weeks like this was the second one I think I read but I loved that we got a view of characters that we already know as well as characters that we don't really know very well 

So I love the continuation type romance series like this but I really liked these characters like I thought I really liked garrett and hannah and I still do really really like garrett and hannah 

But I really liked logan and grace too this one had a lot of deep issues that the characters dealt with also like just like the last one did but I didn't feel like they were as deep and emotional 

As the last one like grace didn't have a ton of stuff that she was going through she had some friendship things that she was dealing with logan did have a lot of family dynamics that was affecting his life and 

So there are some you know content warnings around that but overall like I really liked their arcs and I really liked how they grew together and their relationships together and it just was like a really fun good read like really quick just enjoyable it felt like 

I was watching a movie I just really liked it I really liked it so definitely without a doubt this one gets four stars really liked it would highly recommend will read the next one in the series I think the next one is about dean

If I remember correctly and I really am excited for dean's story because I feel like he's such a player I like wanna see him I want to know more about him spice scale on this one so a lot of the spice in 

This book was not full-blown s*x because hannah is inexperienced and did not want to do that right away so a lot of the spice is lesser things now that being said there is more of it like there is a lot of spice in this book 

It's just not all full-blown s*x so like typically because of that it was it would like rate lower on my scale but because of the amount I pushed it up to higher so I would call this one it's hard to say it's a two because the amount is is a lot 

But like the content is low so I think just based on sheer amount I pushed it up to a three but like content-wise I would have put it at a two but there's a lot 

So it's a three if you are looking for just a fun enjoyable hockey smutty spicy romance that's in college because we don't get a lot of books in college check out the mistake and check out the deal I really like elle kennedy's writing and I feel like she just gave me a bunch of books that I can read and just relax and binge and I'm so grateful for it.

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