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The Goal by Elle Kennedy PDF Download 

Details About The Goal Off-Campus 4 by Elle Kennedy  pdf 

  • Name: The Goal Off-Campus 4
  • Author:  Elle Kennedy 
  • Publish date:  26 September 2016
  • Pages: 412
  • Genre: Romance novel, New adult fiction, Contemporary romance
  • Language: English


The goal by Ella Kennedy I've been waiting for this damn book for forever since the end of the score which was the third book in this series that is Dean's story by the way if you have not read the previous stories in this series which are the deal the mistake and then the score you don't have to read those ones in order to understand what's going on in this book they are all stand-alones 

so when I finally saw it on my Kindle I just ate it up I mean I just my husband was in video game mode the entire night because my head was not coming up from that Kindle for anything so as for our usual we're gonna get started with a non spoilers section and then with warning 

I will move on to a spoilers section and for those of you who have not read this book yet and do not like spoilers please stop this video at the end of the non spoilers section and then come back and revisit to the spoiler section when you have read it and we shall discuss so

I do have the blurb ready for you guys sitting at a general idea of the plot she's good at achieving her goals college senior Sabrina James has her whole future planned out graduate from college kick butt in law school 

land a high-paying job at cutthroat firm her path to escaping her shameful past certainly doesn't include a gorgeous hockey player who believes in love at first sight one night of sizzling heat and surprising tenderness is all 

she's willing to give John Tucker but sometimes one night is all it takes for your entire life to change but the game just got a whole lot more complicated Tucker believes being a team player is as important 

as being the star on the ice he's fine staying out of the spotlight but when it comes to becoming a daddy at the age of 22 he refuses to be a benchwarmer it doesn't hurt that the soon-to-be mother of his child is beautiful whip-smart and keeps him on his toes the problem is Sabrina's heart is locked up tight then the fiery brunette is too stubborn to accept his help 

if you want to like with the woman of his dreams he'll have to convince her that some goals can only be with an assist so yeah the cats out of the bag as to what happens at the end of the score 

we find out that Sabrina is pregnant and to Sabrina Tucker was really only supposed to be just a hookup and all of a sudden BAM wrench thrown into the whole scenario and now they're trying to make it work 

so John Tucker aka Tucker is the roommate of Garret Logan and Dean and all of their stories can be found within the first three books this one focuses around the last of the roommates and Tucker is probably the most enigmatic 

I would say the other boys are pretty loud mouths they're very vivacious and Tucker is just sort of this mystery he's very laid-back he's just a very chill kind of guy so we sort of seen him popping in and out in the first three books 

but we don't really get a whole lot of him he's just been a big mystery up until this point and Sabrina we do see here and there in the first three books only because 

she is basically the sworn enemy of Dean can they find themselves at the same bar and the ice lock the attraction Sparks and BAM and in their haste they forget to use protection momentarily but apparently that's enough and Sabrina ends up pregnant and Sabrina all 

she's trying to do is just get the out of the town she's in she's in the slummy part of Boston she lives with her Nana she lives with her stepfather who was a total perv who was sleeping with her mother then her mother ran off just out of 

nowhere and now the stepfather is sleeping with the grandmother and hits on the daughter and granddaughter it's it's very very weird but in any case sabrina has these really big dreams she wants to go to law school she's busted her ass her entire life 

she's avoided parties and boyfriends and everything in between she has no life she's working two jobs she's struggling to just get the out of where she is and then she finally finally gets her acceptance to Harvard Law 

then pregnancy and now she's trying to figure out what she's gonna do now is she's still gonna be able to go to Harvard what the hell is she gonna do with Tucker she doesn't know what to do with him she doesn't have time for a boyfriend and yet Tucker who 

I think is the most sweet out of all of the boys I mean the other boys are really sweet but there's something so gentle and tender and caring and very swoony about him he just wants to be there for her and support her no matter what decision she makes if she's gonna keep the baby

if she's gonna terminate the pregnancy if she's gonna give it up for adoption whatever her choice maybe he wants to be there every step of the way he's really intent on getting her to see that she wasn't just a hookup for him 

that he really does want to start something more with her and to not only relieve her of the burden of becoming a single mother but he wants them to have a relationship and sabrina is just for a number of reasons not wanting to get involved not only because of how busy she is with law school 

that she could be busy with a baby on the way but she's also not wanting to string tuck her along he's young he's got a whole life ahead of him she doesn't want to burden him by weighing him down with a baby 

so there's a lot of butting heads in this novel Sabrina is very much a little firecracker she's very determined she's just single-minded completely focused and driven and then Tucker is a little bit more laid-back and unlike some of his roommates hockey isn't necessarily his dream 

he plans on going back to Texas and using his inheritance from his father to open up a small business and be there and provide for his mother whom he very much has almost a normal kind of life and vision for himself very very laid back 

when especially in comparison to Garrett and Logan who want to go to the hockey pros Tucker just wants to live a very simple life and he wants to be able to take care of his mother and Tucker is very nurturing and very caring by nature 

so he wants to just take care of Sabrina and the baby but she just keeps pushing him back and head-butting him so it's really interesting to see these two because it's almost kind of backwards because normally the heroine is the one 

who's more caring and more nurturing and I really did love and appreciate that this book was different than the other ones I was really hoping that Tucker would be a little bit different not to say that I didn't love the first read I am I love them I'm addicted to this frickin series 

but I just got the feeling that Tucker was very grounded and very humble compared to his three very cocky roommates and I was just very happy that he really is very grounded very humble very nurturing very caring sweet sweet sweet little southern boy and then on the flip side Sabrina 

I love that that girl had one hell of a backbone there was nothing that was gonna get Sabrina down she just wanted to get to her life in law school get the out of her house and make something of her life whether 

she was going to do that with or without a baby it was gonna happen and this is one of the most determined heroines I've ever read about she just has one hell of a backbone this girl doesn't need anybody and it actually sort of hurt my heart 

how strong she was because there was a part of me that just really wanted her to give in and tell Tucker everything that she's been feeling and just be with him and be a family 

but I understand that she's both driven and compassionate at the same time by wanting to make something of her life and not wanting to screw up Tucker's so this is a really interesting accidental pregnancy book which

I've read a lot of and honestly that trope kind of bores me sometimes but it's not usually the main subject of the actual story it's not usually the plot and in this case it was and this is the only time in a book where

I've ever actually seen the female the heroine just take control the other aspect I love about this series is it's very consistent with how humorous it is so there's a lot of humor and there's a lot of wit in the first three books 

I was very happy that this book did have a lot of it as well you do get to see the first three boys so you get to see Garrett get to see Logan you get to see Dean and some of this storyline does overlap from the score because we don't find out that Sabrina is pregnant until the very end of the score 

so while Tucker and Sabrina are hooking up up to the point and continuing on it's all within the same timeline of the score which I also thought was really cool because in the back of my head 

I was thinking well this is happening now and then this happened with Dina and Ali and then before that this happened with Logan and grace and I love how consistent the storyline is it's just amazing so even though they're interconnected stand-alones I love how well they interconnect 

if you want a really swoony hero and a very strong as heroine you're gonna love this book and Elle Kennedy has some of the best dialogue out there 

I think she creates some of the best story lines out there too because they're so witty and yet there's a whole lot of angst her stories are just so deep while remaining light-hearted at the same time and again 

she has some of the best dialogue out there it's just incredible and even though these two characters are so different you really do feel their connection Elle Kennedy doesn't disappoint me

I will see you in the spoilers section the main thing that I want to talk about in the spoilers section is how realistic the portrayal of Jaime's arrival was and the labor I can relate so much to that and everything that Sabrina was going through

 I went through so it's just like oh I remember those days this is so accurate of what actually happens when you have a baby not all babies are sunshine and rainbows they're amazing don't get me wrong 

but the whole act of motherhood and that new title when it just hits you I'm a mom it's not all sunshine and rainbows it's really really hard 

I really appreciated that unlike many other accidental pregnancy books where everything is just old is raining from the sky and the baby is pooping flowers and vomiting rainbows that's what 

I see most of the time an unexpected pregnancy books and in this book it was just like no nitty gritty it's hard the baby cries constantly if you're nursing it's just constantly on demand all the time I loved how accurate Elle Kennedy 

made this book in regards of the reality of becoming a new mom oh and the whole Godfather competition between Logan and Garrett was magnificent I laughed out loud so many times during this part if that deformed Tim Burton teddy bear that Logan made these two 

I really want to go back and read the first two books now because I'm finding myself missing Garrett and Logan because they were so funny in this book and it just reminded me of how much 

I loved them okay so this is the part where Garrett and Logan come back from the newborn CPR class he hold up the doll and waves it around tauntingly show me on the doll where your brain is oh right you can't because you're decapitated in it ah man my husband looked over at me like 

I was the weirdest person on the planet because I just went into an uncontrollable fit of laughter after reading that part all that was magnificent okay 

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