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The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz pdf Download Free


The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

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The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz pdf Download Free

Details About The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz pdf 

  • Name: The four agreements 
  • Author: Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Publish date: 7 November 1997
  • Pages: 163
  • Genre: Self-Help Book
  • Language: English


The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is a whole concept of how you and i work okay so it's on page five if you end up buying 

This book which is as children we didn't have the opportunity to choose our beliefs but we agreed with the information that was passed to us from the dream of the planet via other humans 

So the whole book the concept is from a small age we were domesticated to agree to certain behaviors or certain beliefs we didn't even choose our name our gender or any of that but the thing is that he talks about four powerful agreements 

That you should agree to to be able to have a wonderful life and that's what I want to talk about the four agreements that can change your perspective 

Whether you are a business person a nurse whether you're trying to save make or grow your money we need to constantly be able to improve ourselves so that way we can eventually be fulfilled right because that's the goal 

We want to be happy and fulfilled the first agreement that he does talk about is to be impeccable with your word now when it comes to impeccable from what I remember it is without sin right 

Now he breaks down the worst sin of going against your true self going against yourself basically and that's when you sin 

So the thing is that your word right when you're being impeccable with your word you're being without sin when it comes to your word you want to agree to that meaning to bring love and not lie and actually 

If you're gonna say something that it should come from your heart and communicate the second agreement that he does talk about is don't take anything personal 

Personally and I really like this whole concept because whenever someone gives us their opinion about us or about something we don't really understand that someone's uh perspective or opinion is based on what they've been through right 

What their beliefs are and it's something that garyvee always talks about is don't take people's opinions personal 

If if someone says oh jasmine you're doing a really good good job at the moment that they're saying jasmine you're doing a really good job is because they're happy but another second can go is 

When this person said desmond you're a horrible youtuber right and when they're telling me this whole thing it's because they're mad or I did something to hurt them or or their there's a fear or afraid of something 

So they are attacking me so at the end of the day this person opinion or or their perspective is based on how they feel what they've been through their beliefs their values their experience so at the end of the day 

What really does matter is my own opinion about myself and that's what he says is that's the only time you're gonna actually be free is when you stop caring about what other people say 

It's that mindset of you have to have your own opinion about yourself and not let anyone's opinion come in because if you let other people's opinion come in you truly aren't agreeing to yourself 

You're agreeing to everybody else's opinion you're agreeing to to exterior you're not really agreeing to what you want to accomplish in your life the third agreement that he wants us to make is don't make assumptions and this is something that comes natural to us 

We are human beings that we tend to judge other people based on our experience of what we think will happen but the problem is when we make an assumption about something we tell ourselves this is the truth right 

If we see someone with rag with ripped clothes and they really aren't dressed up we assume that this person doesn't make any money 

So then because we assuming they don't make any money we treat them differently and we don't aspire to be friends with this person right and because the reason 

Why we do that is because we believe that our assumptions are true but in reality we have no clue on what's going on in that person's life we we never know this person's a millionaire or the president you know what I mean I mean I can tell when when the president is the president 

But that was just an example and the thing is this this works a lot when it comes to any type of relationship whether that's your boyfriend girlfriend your mom your siblings your friends right because the thing that 

He talks about assuming is that we expect other people right we assume that they know what we want but in reality that's not the truth because we're so complex that 

We're constantly changing with our feelings with our mindset with our dreams our perspective so since we all have unique perspectives we have to constantly tell people and communicate what we want 

How we want it even though this person might have been married to me for 25 years I'm only 23 so I can't can be married that long but you get the jazz and the fourth agreement that 

He wraps everything around with is you always want to do your best with everything that you do whether that's uh doing side hustles or whether that's being in a relationship with someone or working out 

You want to do your best and the mindset of not burning yourself out right because if you overuse your energy right you you go to extreme you will not be able to have energy for other areas of your life 

So what you always want to do is not judge yourself right because if if you're able to actually do your best at that moment in time and not look at what has happened in the past or what can happen in the future 

You will create so many different opportunities and things that would have not been there if you were either not do you're below average or you were really extreme right he always says that you will live a fulfilled happy life 

If you're constantly doing your best and and not only will that help you manifest things that you want but it would actually 

Make you grow in every area of your life now of course there's other examples and things that he has spoken about in this book 

But I really do want you to read it I'm telling you it took me less than two hours to read this book you're probably a faster reader than I am 

But there's so many gems in here that you will be able to reflect on your own life and say wow it's mind-blowing it's mind-blowing what a book can actually do when you actually read it