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Love for Imperfect Things

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Love for Imperfect Things pdf Download 

Details About Love for Imperfect Things by Haemin Sunim Book

  • Novel Title: Love for Imperfect Things
  • Author: Haemin Sunim 
  • Genre: Self-help book
  • Pages: 200
  • Publish Date: 3 February 2016
  • Language: English 
Book Review:

Love for Imperfect Things by Haemin Sunim, so chapter one is don't be too good and he says that's about kind of if you're always a good child I think it's in a way of kind of like standing up for yourself and don't worry 

So much about everyone else don't live your life to please others you know because there's a being a good child I don't think he says like be a bad child but don't be good and put others in front of you won't be 

So good that you sacrificed your own wants in life so that somebody else can be proud of you or something like that so that is this main thing the second part of the first chapter is your existence is already known and you are worthy of love there's not 

So much to say about that one it kind of explains for itself you know it's self acceptance accept yourself even when you're down and you know believe that you can be better because if you can't see yourself out of it 

If you don't already think you're worthy of love and fixing yourself then you I think you can't fix it right so chapter 2 trying to understand parents that one is just have you ever really reflected and thought about your parents life experiences and try to understand why they are the way they are 

So I think it goes to understanding others and understanding your parents helps you understand your own childhood and why they acted the way you did as a child so like I said these chapters are more like 

I think you know you need to kind of stop and think a little bit about your own life chapter 3 is hugs are powerful so you know he just talks about hugs being a very good positive thing and he wasn't used to it 

He gives his own personal story about being a monk and coming over to the u.S. And having hugs and it was very different for him but he has grown to really like hugs and he also talks about listening is an act of love being willing to listen to others truly listen not listen for yourself listen to them even 

If somebody is you know feeling down not to stray away so you because you don't want to feel down like you don't want to talk about something sad you know what there if you love them you need to talk about 

Why they're sad and you need to be with there with them when they're sad you can't just ignore the sad times' chapter 4 is disappointment leads to many bad things and relationships or it leads to worse problems and relationships, not just boyfriend/girlfriend or a partner 

He's talking about any relationship it's important to express when you're feeling disappointed and better dressed right away because therefore you can fix it you can also be more critical of yourself if you're not going around disappointing everyone right you're just putting it off and everyone 

Maybe sometimes also reflect on yourself and we got a we got chapter 5 here pursue what you want oh yeah ok so basically he's saying a message to all the young people here 

I think I can really kind of identify ways a little bit is that when you're in high school it's all about getting good grades for college and you're in college like alright 

I'm gonna do what I want but it's like no you need to get a good job you know are in the summer I'm gonna do something no you should probably working and working towards that and at the end of the day you can really get pushed and just doing something very slowly that you just don't really care about you don't really want to do it's very easy to follow and I think 

I think he's just discouraging from that because after college you know what you're gonna get up to get a job and if you spell that time three things you didn't like you're gonna good job you don't like and he's saying don't just continue that cycle and I agree with that 

I think the important thing is recognizing where you want to go obviously if you're going to college I'm definitely not encouraging going for a major that you can't make any money with and I don't think he is either 

I think he's just saying find your you know find what you really want to do pursue what you really want to do don't be too good and trying to make others proud make sure you're doing things for yourself chapter six is about healing reflecting he talks a lot about breathing 

How breathing can bring us to the now as we focus on the in and out of our breath chapter seven is depression and he's not talking about clinical depression he's talking about everyone goes through a little depression phase in their life are different times 

They're depressed don't focus on negative thoughts he says not ignore negative thought thoughts he talks about breathing their breathing again being in the moment you acknowledge the thought but it's not attached to you it doesn't have to affect all your emotions and recognize that 

I thought it's like a passing cloud it's not there the entire time because thoughts are going through head all the time chapter seven appreciating the journey and everything so he's just saying again appreciate them 

Now he goes he has a little anecdote where he goes and talks about revisit this one monastery everyone walked extremely slow everyone eats so slow everyone talks so slow

So that goes again with separating yourself from the emotion not accepting it and just taking it holding it or something that it's it's it's more about being at peace with things you know you never don't have to deny anything that you acknowledge it but maybe it isn't that's 

How I had to be part of part you just carry it in you you know so overall my overall overview of the book is it's a little more simple I would say on the simple side like I said it's kind of artsy and cute 

I think there would be a good book if you know somebody who is struggling with loving themself this is a very beginner-friendly text and I think it will make them feel good or if you're personally struggling with loving yourself which is an imperfect thing because we're all perfect.