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The Legacy by Elle Kennedy pdf download 

Details About The Legacy Off-Campus 5 by Elle Kennedy pdf 

  • Name: The Legacy Off-Campus 5
  • Author:  Elle Kennedy 
  • Publish date: 28 April 2015
  • Pages: 351
  • Genre: Romance novel, fiction, Contemporary romance
  • Language: English


The legacy by l elle kennedythe newest off-campus book wow it's like a lot grayer than I thought maybe that's just near the back it's like very gray I thought it was blue anyway this is like thicker than I thought it would be two it's like 300 and something pages I think three 

It's like 320 ish pages I think oh wait no that was a chapter from the good girl complex I'm excited about that okay it's 306 pages the actual story so obviously this is what I'm gonna be reading today I I'm gonna give like a little background on like my off-campus journey 

I guess so I read the deal for the first time last summer and then I took like a big gap in between that book and the other books just because I didn't have the other books and they were kind of expensive so I wasn't buying them and then

I ended up my library got them so I read the other three the mistake the score and the goal in I think february or march of this year so it hasn't been that long since I've read them for the first time 

So this coming out was like kind of perfect timing for me I think it was announced like right around when I finished the briary new series and so yeah I in those books dean was definitely my favorite I think garrett might have been my favorite if I hadn't taken such a huge gap between the books because

I feel like when I did that I just kind of like forgot about him which is horrible because he's really cute I was actually skimming through the deal last night and like just reading through his like little cute moments 

I was like okay no like I definitely like him and so I'm excited to read like their like future sort of lives tucker was my favorite actually in the friend group until he got his own book I the goal was actually my least favorite book and I think it was because of sabrina though I don't think 

It was tucker necessarily just because she was like sort of like the enemy in the score and like I said I really liked dean so the fact that he hated her I was kind of like oh yeah I hate her too and so when she was in the next book

I was kind of like oh like this is weird but yeah so I'm most excited probably for dean and garrett's stories um logan's I I don't I really like logan as well maybe I just like all of them I don't know anyway I'm gonna start reading this and I will update you in a little bit 

So I'm only like 30 pages in but there's already a west me reference and I'm just like dead if you know me you know I love the hymn series like probably more than off campus to be honest and so I'm just like so excited I love them so much I'm currently reading logan's story but garrett's in it a lot which is kind of cool um but yeah I kind of

I feel like I forgot a lot about logan's story like I don't remember the mistake as much I remember the beginning of it mostly when he's like in her dorm room but other than that I don't remember a ton about it but 

I love that they're like referencing wes and jamie because I literally they are like my favorite book couple ever sorry if it's kind of dark this is just kind of what I'm working with right now and filming on my phone is apparently a lot harder than

I thought it was going to be but anyway I have finished logan's story and honestly like I'm kind of surprised how short it was it was only 65 pages and I feel like so when she was promoting this book it was like there was the I think the elopement the engagement the 

Baby and something else I can't remember what the other one was but I feel like in this first one the thing that was supposed to be in it didn't really kind of happen in it unless it's gonna happen in one of the later stories which like would make sense I guess but I'm starting the next one 

I'm also surprised for some reason I thought this book would be written in the order of the other books like garrett's part would be first and then logan's and then dean's and then tucker's but that doesn't seem to be the case 

Because I just read logan's which was the first one and dean's is next which I'm really excited about because like I said dean was definitely one of my favorite in the original books 

So I'm excited to get to his part now so I'm gonna read that I think this one might be a bit longer I'm excited I do like that they're sort of like interworking all the characters into each story though like that was obviously logan's story 

But it also had garrett in it a lot and there was mention of dean and tucker as well so I liked that I forgot how much I liked like the sweetness of the boys in these books like they're very sort of how they talk about their girlfriends is a lot different than I feel like in a lot of books 

I really like that in these so I'm gonna go read jeans now okay so I just finished part two and it was so freaking good oh my god I knew dean's is gonna be my favorite because serena bowen who co-wrote him with l kennedy has been posting about dean's section forever and it's 

So funny I almost cried reading his section there's like this one part that I was just like oh my god it was so cute and I love the references to the other characters like even like I said there was the hymn reference in here to west me but also there's 

So many references to like other characters from like the briar books and even just like side characters from the other like off-campus books and they're just so cute and I'm really excited about the direction that someone's story is gonna go I think I'm gonna keep this spoiler free and I'll have a spoiler section at the end of the video but I don't know whose is next okay tuckers is an ex

So I guess garrett's last which I think I'm actually most excited for garrett's and so yeah that one was like I said it was really cute it was like a roller coaster at first I wasn't sure how I was like feeling about it because it was a lot longer like that one ended on 148 so it was definitely longer than the first one 

But I kind of felt like at the beginning it was more sabrina and tucker's story than dean and ally's and I wasn't sure how I like vibed with that but I think by the end it sort of came around to like okay this makes sense and so now I'm starting part three I'm hoping to finish this whole thing today 

I'm like pretty much halfway through obviously because I've done two of the four of the stories I'm hoping to finish this all tonight so I am going to read part three now and then I will update you when that one is done I love the cover of this book I literally can't stop looking at it it's 

So pretty okay so I just finished part three and wasn't my favorite but I wasn't really expecting it to be because again tucker is not my fave well like I said tucker's not bad but I don't vibe with sabrina and I think reading this just made me realize it's just because we're very different people like 

It's nothing to do with like the writing or anything it's just her as a person is not someone I think that I would get along with but I'm starting part four which is garrett's and I'm so excited I feel like this is gonna be my favorite right now dean's is my favorite but it's been like building up to this one 

I just feel like this is gonna be the best one so yeah I'm gonna read that one so I just finished it and I'm like kind of sad now um garrett's story was really good definitely my favorite um dean's definitely my second favorite and then probably logan and then tucker which is probably close to my favorite order for the first books anyway 

So that's kind of funny um I didn't read the chapter at the end from the new book the good girl complex is that what it's called I think this one's called am I the only one that I feel like if I read like I'm like why would 

I want to read one chapter of a book you know like I'm like then I'm just gonna really want that book and it's not out yet until like february so I'm like not gonna read that even though I am really excited for that book I think that may actually for me 

It may be more up my alley than off campus to begin with because it's like small town like I think it's like a lake town too which is like right up my alley in like a college sort of setting so again all the things I like in a book um yeah like I said this was really good obviously five stars 

I feel like I knew that going into this that like no matter what l kennedy wrote about them it was going to be five stars because it's just like I kept thinking about it while I was reading it and it's like how I'll go back and watch like friends or gilmore girls for like the 700th time 

Like it just you sort of feel like a sense of like home and things like that I guess like when I turn those things on it's not because I like necessarily want to watch them but it's just like sort of comforting to have it on and that's sort of what I feel like these books are like is 

They're just sort of like comforting to read like they're very sort of not stressful to read I guess like they're very fun and easy to read and I think that's just why they do so well is a lot of people need that right now and so this book fit right in with that um I'm sort of surprised 

This book even exists to be honest because I swear l kennedy has been saying she wasn't gonna like write anything else in the briar universe for like a long time now so this book just like sort of came out of nowhere but I'm obviously glad it exists and I'm sorry if the lighting is like horrible this is why

I never film at nighttime anymore but again I really love this one five stars probably like not my favorite book in the series but I don't think it's really designed to be sort of your favorite book in the series because of it's basically just epilogues I will say when this was originally promoted

I think it was sort of being promoted as four epilogues like one for each book almost like one for the deal one for the mistake whereas I feel like this was actually more just four epilogues of the off-campus series as a whole not that that's like bad or anything 

I just didn't feel like that was sort of how they were written it just like especially there's one in here especially that has a lot of the other characters in their story which is obviously like really great but it just didn't feel specific to that book but I mean like I said that's totally fine it's just not what I thought it was going to be now I'm going to get into the spoilers 

So if you want to leave now's your time to do so um like I said garrett's was my favorite story I honestly thought that she was just gonna tell him she was pregnant and he was gonna be excited and he was gonna be like yeah that's great and she was gonna be like having worried for nothing 

So when he got like mad that she was like not sure he wasn't mad that she's pregnant but he's mad that she didn't tell him that she was pregnant and so I was kind of like whoa like that's not what I was expecting to sort of go down and so that was sort of interesting 

I really liked logan and grace's like story but like I said I thought it was weird that they're like there's just ends and they're like yeah we're getting a low but I kind of thought that that would be part of the story like because they said that each one would have like 

It was a wedding a proposal an elopement and a surprise pregnancy I sort of figured the allotment would be a bigger plot point in the story as opposed to like just the end of their story so that was kind of interesting but yeah tucker's story

Like I said wasn't my favorite it wasn't bad like by any means like don't think that I'm like hating on it but it's just it wasn't my favorite it I don't know I really like the couple that they were I can't remember their names now the two guys bruce and I want to say kevin maybe um I liked them and they're sort of dynamic with tucker and sabrina and sabrina did sort of grow 

On me a little bit I just feel like she's like too uptight for me and like maybe I'm just like more of a tucker kind of person I'm more like laid back and chill and heard just like uptightness bothers me but yeah it was really good like I said not my favorite but like not that it was bad 

The second one was dean's which again really loved I think you know l kennedy could write literally anything about dean and I would read it and love it because he's just my favorite person I will say this is like totally random that I just thought of this I don't remember garrett being so cocky in the deal 

But I think he was and I just like forgot about it I also forgot about the whole thing with his dad which is like just me like forgetting that that happened but yeah this book is really good again gave it five stars really liked it.

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