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No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy

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No Country for Old Men Free PDF Download 

Details About No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy Pdf 

  • Name: No Country for Old Men 
  • Author: Cormac McCarthy
  • Publish date: 19 July 2005
  • Pages: 223
  • Genre: Novel, Thriller, Suspense, Psychological Fiction
  • Language: English


No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy this follows the story of a guy called Llewellyn Moss who goes around in the deserts of Texas and finds a big old bag of money at the scene of a drug deal gone horribly wrong 

He takes the money which is a huge mistake for him he is then pursued by a hitman of mysterious origins called anton chigurh and swell as a downtrodden and not really into all of this brutal crime stuff sheriff bell 

That is where the story really begins and it's just sort of about the cat-and-mouse game between all three guys specifically sugar and moss with tom sheriff tom bell being the sort of emotional focused as 

He sort of bears witness to these events and is rightly horrified by all of them so let's talk about a little bit of the history with this one so this is my first ever cormac mccarthy book as last week we did my first murakami book 

Now we're doing the first cormac mccarthy book and as with murakami I was very impressed with what I found and I'm looking forward to reading more by this guy I had obviously heard of the film adaptation for 

This book a lot longer than I really knew about the book or anything I really had no idea what the story was about I knew about anton chigurh because javier bardem performance I think by now is somewhat legendary in just 

How creepy and evil it is and that is very much reflective of the book I read this entire book in one day which sort of bears out with the sunday times quote here that it is utterly compelling 

I couldn't agree more it was really hard to put the book down and like the day after I read the book I watched the film and the film is probably one of the more faithful book to film adaptations 

I've seen and it just captures everything so perfectly so let's talk about what is even good about it so the real takeaway from no country for old men is it's a very quiet story it's probably the pinnacle of what is a character-driven story right there's a lot of talk on booktube about you always see this in tags right it's 

It's like what do you prefer more character-driven stories or plot driven stories and I always kind of struggled with the difference because I mean surely any good story is a character-driven story but with this book 

I think I finally cracked it about why what a real character driven story is the plot of this book would not happen were it not for the three main characters and it's very it's very narrow in scope this story it really does sort of follow these three guys with very few exceptions like 

They're a very very limited number of side characters but the story kicks off because llewellyn moss makes a terrible terrible decision and were it not for that decision we would not have the story 

Like things would just go on the plot doesn't basically the story doesn't come to the characters doorstep they go out and find it in this book and the characterization of the people in the book obviously is going to be 

So important as a result of that so let's talk about the characters we've got llewellyn moss who is basically he's kind of stupid like he's he's not a complete idiot like he's a smart guy but he makes like the worst possible decision 

He thought he saw was a crown that is upon this horrible crime scene immediately deduces oh man like probably someone has all the money let's go get it but like at that point we don't really know a lot about 

Him or what his motives for doing that would be so he takes the money and then it already goes downhill from there for him he could just give it up to be honest like almost anytime he could give this money up 

But we do kind of get the feeling that even if he did it wouldn't end well for him because anton chigurh let's talk about him is probably one of the most pure representations of like this evil character that 

I've come across in a modern-day contemporary novel this guy is like it's kind of like an unhinged psychopath but just the way that cormac mccarthy writes the narrative really informs the character there's I don't know it's really it's difficult to explain it but like it's it's like he has mastered the art of show don't tell 

Right a lot of the time you will hear about caring like all this guy is like there'll be a bit where a characters like this guy was a stone-cold professional whatever but in this book you don't get fed to anything like that 

You have to sort of infer things about these guys from the actions that they take anton chigurh for example there's like a scene where there's a shootout we'll see he was a hit man so he does he does the shooting but on his way out 

He like he picks the shotgun shells up from his shotgun and he pockets then and is just like that tiny little thing tells you as the reader like 

This concept as shown by the film screenplay cormac maccarthy originally wrote this book as a screenplay which is probably why it translates so well to film but just and I think everything about the writing that cormac maccarthy is done here is just so wonderfully immersive 

He's it put me off at first but he deliberately took out like all their like you can see on like this page most of this is like dialog but he's taken out a lot of the sort of punctuation that is normally associated with novels like 

He's took and he's taken out like speech marks and things like that so the narrative all flows together it's still clear cuz he like he puts dialogue tags and things in and it's still clear when it's dialogue and things like that 

But he's taken out a lot of the unnecessary punctuation to make the text itself as clean as possible and it put me off at first because 

I was like where's all the speech well because I don't understand but I think the reason that he did it was to just keep you immersed in the story you know you don't have to worry about all these little marks 

How it changes things you just read it through and really allow yourself to get sucked in and after a while it's like you're forgetting that you're reading a novel which is exactly what 

You kind of want to be doing with a story like this the descriptions of like this terrain and everything they're not but he doesn't he's not one of those guys who's really flowery in his descriptions and things it is almost all focused on the characters 

How they perceive things and they move through the environment it's never really confusing or anything but you don't spend all this time wistfully talking about the surroundings because it's not that's not what the story is about 

I really I just really like the writing style it's very it moves very fast it's obviously thriller pacing it kept me just hooked from start to finish and thematically like the the way that the character three characters interact and especially 

The sheriff character is like the thematic focal point to the story his character arc really exemplifies what the title means basically and the other two are just like a representation of society in a way 

It's it's a very interesting book that's it's hard to really explain in a review but just trust me if you've not read a cormac mccarthy book before this is probably a really good place for you to start it's got great characters 

The writing style is fantastic and it just has this really in it's got an immense sense of tension and atmosphere that it builds up throughout the text that kind of pays off when it comes to the ending like

 It's not a book that's going to leave you with warm fuzzies let me tell you that but it is an incredibly well written character study into these three guys and they're awful decisions so there you go that's it my review for cormac mccarthy's no country for old men join me later on this week 

When I'll be doing another review for marina je los zetas newman on infinity and on friday when I will be doing my top 5 science fiction novels slash short story collections as books just books short science fiction books.

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