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The Way of Integrity by Martha Beck pdf Download free

The Way of Integrity by Martha Beck

The Way of Integrity PDF Download

Details AboutThe Way of Integrity by Martha BeckPdf 

  • Name: The Way of Integrity 
  • Author:  Martha Beck
  • Publish date: 13 April 2021
  • Pages: 352 
  • Genre: Self-help book
  • Language: English


The Way of Integrity by Martha Beck this book up well i didn't pick this book up i joined a book circle and this was the choice so that's why i got it i love self-growth personal healing seeking all of those books 

But this is not one that had crossed my world so I ordered it not because I necessarily wanted to read it but because everybody else was reading it and I wanted to be part of the group and be able to interact and enjoy that journey 

I'm looking for different ways to connect with like-minded people um of all ages at all stages and really enjoy this part of my life that I'm in so that's why this got picked up 

So needless to say it wasn't one of those books I was itching to read oh my gosh if I would have only known I would have been itching to read it it it to me it's life-changing and I don't know 

If it was just the right time in my life if all the stars aligned but it really spoke to me it is sending me in a new trajectory on a new path with new goals I absolutely love it and I would highly recommend it to anyone that's interested in personal

Growth um personal alignment and integrity so the first thing I want to talk about is the meaning of integrity in this book is really for me alignment it's about figuring out who you are at your core what your core values are and getting your words 

Your actions your thoughts aligned with that and this book is full of amazing quotes I have so much underlined I have so many things tabbed I do want to I'm going to start by reading this one thing this one line and it's the first thing I tabbed it's definitely not the first thing 

I underline but it kind of speaks to where the direction you're going what upsets people is not what happens to them but their thoughts about what happens to them and I sat with that for a minute and I like 

So if you think about when you're a kid and they tell you you're gonna have a shot what's worse the actual shot or sitting there waiting for it or them putting the needle in it's the thinking about it that's what

It is and after something tragic happens to you it's the thinking about that thing you the actual action or the moment is finite it happens it's done but it's all the ruminating on it afterwards that drags you down that's 

Just one little piece of this entire puzzle of this book one of the other things I want to say is that she talks a lot about culture and how we have not just the culture of our country our community the area of the country 

We live in but our family has a culture and I never thought about it really that much I on the surface level but deeply no I didn't come from a family where of seekers of personal growth people I grew up in the 70s and 80s with 1950s parents that you you go to work you do what you're supposed to do and you go on a vacation every now and then

But I wasn't challenged to think further think deeper and I will say as an adult I have turned into this seeker to use that oprah word and um personal growth is really great and it's enjoyable to me 

I love it um what's interesting is neither one of my parents were that way and there's nothing wrong with that it does not make them wrong me right anything like that but my sister is also as an adult is very much into personal growth and seeking information 

Those kind of things so that's you can change and grow all through life so that was a tangent let's get back to the book so I want to talk about martha for a little bit 

I was very fortunate that the reading circle that I joined at the end when we discussed the book we were on a zoom call because people are all over the country and martha back was on the same call oh my god that was 

So cool first of all she writes very raw very open very honest and then when you meet her as I guess in today's world zoom is actually meeting somebody although it doesn't feel like it um she's just like she is when she writes 

She's full of energy and vibrance and love and joy and positivity and she's fabulous I will definitely be reading more of her books she's just got a great heart great attitude throughout the book she shares 

Her personal journey for herself finding her core values and getting herself into integrity or enlightenment it's not a dif it's not an easy journey and sometimes it has drastic consequences which it did for her 

But it's the only way to get to true peace and harmony in your own life basically um the book throughout the book as she's talking about her journey she also uses dante's inferno the divine comedy as a parallel and an example of going through this hero's journey that we find 

So much in literature well we're doing it we're all doing it you know some more dramatically than others but we're all doing it we're all in our own journey to be our own hero to find our own place and this book 

I believe is life-changing and will help you to find the key things that you're needing she also fills the book with exercises to really dive deep into what you believe and makes you get a little real with how 

You treat people you see as other and she talks a lot a little bit about um human nature that it's human nature to be drawn to like-minded or people that are like us and to other other people and the importance of 

Questioning that and finding grace for people that are different from you one person doesn't have to be right and one person doesn't have to be wrong in everything you're right for yourself 

They're right for themselves you not seeing people that think differently than you as the enemy or a monster or ignorant or whatever the word is that you're using um it's really really a great book I just I know 

I keep saying that but I totally believe it it really really is fabulous um and I think it will change the trajectory of this part of my life and I am so excited and I know that I will look back on many parts of it 

I know I'm going to also challenge myself to read more of her work because I really liked her um the one thing I do want to also add in here is she does talk about the science behind integrity and authenticity and alignment whichever word you want to use and there is there are studies out there and scientific evidence that 

When you are out of alignment even if you don't know that you're going against your core values which I never thought of many of us do we may have believed all of our lives that to be a good person you have to be selfless 

You have to be beautiful or whatever it is if you don't believe that in your core and you just believe that because of what the culture around you believes you are out of alignment and when you are out of alignment 

It causes physical reactions and it takes a toll on your body and it can lead to disease and discomfort it really is amazing when you get down to it the amount of personal effect our thoughts have on our physical body and I it's I'm I'm making changes to change my thought patterns to question things differently to

Look at the world through a different lens and I'm I'm super excited about it and I'm super excited about this book and I hope you pick it up I hope you love it as much as I do and I hope you enjoyed this talk I want to leave you with one quote I put in my little journal this is why this journal is good 

Actually I want to leave you with two two so final takeaways I wrote these two quotes down because I absolutely love them the first one is know what you really know feel what you really feel say what you really mean and do what you really want new motto. 

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