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Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton Pdf Download

Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton

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Everything I know about love Pdf Download  

Details About Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton pdf 

  • Name: Everything I know about love 
  • Author: Dolly Alderton 
  • Publish date: 15 January 2018
  • Pages: 303
  • Genre: Memoir, Biography, Humor, Autobiography
  • Language: English


Everything I know about love by dolly alderton it is dolly older turns everything I know about love and just crossed out party's dates friends jobs life and you know what it's all about all these things but ultimately towards the end she realizes that that is what it is about 

So who is dolly alderton I'm glad you asked because I didn't know who she was she's an award-winning journalist she's a has a column in the sunday times and has written for publications including 

The daily telegraph GQ marie claire read and grazia she's also the co-host of the high/low which is a weekly pop culture and a current affairs podcast and writes for television and this is her first book her first novel 

I wouldn't call it a novel it's an autobiography yo biography of her life up to now up to about thirty years old so one of the things I was told in my book club is to look at the number of reviews that a book has the more reviews it has and this has loads also said that this has a lot of reviews it tells you the quality of the book and usually the more reviews the bad the book is fewer reviews better the book 

But I don't know if you transcribe to that I had a look through and one of my favorite authors marion keys she also wrote a really good glowing testimony of it so I thought if marion likes it then maybe 

I should have a bit of a read of it look I'm glad I read it, in all honesty, I'm glad I read it it's not a book I would pick up usually because it is about dates friends life jobs parties you know 

I'm at a point in my life with none of that happens except for I'm still figuring it all out I'm still figuring it all out bloody I'm not gonna say my age anyway so dolly writes about everything of life 

We we see her as a young girl we learn about her relationship with farley her girlfriend her girlfriend everything they they grow up together they do everything together and all the dates that she goes on or the guys she meets all the anonymous texting and s*x with guys she meets online drugs parties 

You name it and it kept going on and on in the middle of the book I'm going is she gonna learn anything what's happening oh my god she's close to 30 years old and she's still doing this stuff what is going on 

 Meanwhile all the friends are getting married they're getting settled they're having relationships of their own they're moving on and yet she is somehow stuck in that early 20s mindset where we're all white out partying and yeah 

So I must admit as I was reading this book I thought dolly whatever you actually learned it seems as if you're repeating the same patterns when it comes to guys when it comes to parties and dates and drugs and go this is not our life this is not where are you going with this and sure enough the best bit 

I liked in her book was her relationship with a girlfriend farley and farley was going through some tough times I'm not gonna have some say some spoilers here but that's the bit I liked in the book because it was more of a more trusting genuine relationship it was so it had so much depth into you know into it 

I thought girl this is what it's about and it just goes to show sometimes that you know just because other people are married or have boyfriends or in settled relationships or whatever and you're not doesn't necessarily mean that what they have is what you need 

As I was reading this I thought she has issues that need to be dealt with and the quicker she sees to do that the better it is going to be for her and luckily she does in her close to 30 years old she starts to realize something's going on here 

So she proactively seeks assistance and seeks support and help to try and look at what is she doing in her life and basically love herself a lot more than what she was doing so it was an interesting read it was a quick read 

I did get tired just reading the initial the the drugs the s*x the same stuff though the yeah online dating and it just made me realize that so many things have changed since the years that 

I yeah things have changed a lot and I just think sometimes though man you just look at your life around you and look at the people who are in it and look at the family who only want the best for you and sometimes 

You have to take an inward self-reflective process and think about what you are doing with your life because usually 

You might already have a lot of love in it and a love happens to be not through a partner but through family through friends through close friends who are just as important in your life 

Who can also get you going towards a path or journey so there you go that is what I thought of everything I know about love by dolly alderton.

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