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The God Equation by Michio Kaku

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The god equation Michio Kaku pdf

Details About The God Equation by Michio Kaku pdf

  • Name: The God Equation
  • Author:  Michio Kaku
  • Published date: 6 April 2021
  • Pages: 178
  • Genre: Literary Fiction
  • Language: English
Book Review:

The God Equation by Michio Kaku, michio kaku is a physicist that studies string theory the idea that the entire universe is made up of tiny vibrating subatomic strings 

The same way that a instrument might have vibrating strings that pop particles in and out of existence when they vibrate nothing is smaller than a string string theorists can't directly observe these tiny strings 

But are hard at work at the mathematics that could prove that they're real sometimes having extremely long equations with hundreds or even thousands of variables that all need to cancel each other out which 

Isn't very efficient and at times feels slopped or forced together the guide equation is the search for a single symmetrical equation that would encompass all of physics 

You've got einstein's theory of relativity all of his equations for gravity they work fine you've got quantum equations that work fine but when you try to blend them together and make them play nice with 

Each other they don't like that they don't work together well the guide equation would be the answer to connect all of physics which michio kaku has been striving to find for the entirety of his career 

Which spans many decades this book goes over concepts that I've read about in other books black holes subatomic particles how they behave a large hadron collider that smashes protons together to create new subatomic particles typical ideas that we've read about before 

But with an update on how everything works and a new fresh viewpoint from a physicist who works directly in the field it also discusses the idea of supersymmetry which is the way that the universe used to be long ago before it banged and had one super force when 

It banged it split up into four nuclear forces the electromagnetic force the gravitational force and the weak and strong nuclear forces so this guide equation would help aid in the search for putting all these four forces back together into one super force plus there are plans to create 

A new particle smasher that is even bigger than the large hadron collider which would collide electrons this time instead of protons protons consist of three quarks that are held together by gluons so when you collide them together 

It's very messy and creates a lot of just extra stuff that's hard to sift through electrons are a single elementary particle which would require a lot less energy to collide them and wouldn't be as messy 

As colliding protons together so it says here that you want to create a new particle accelerator that will collide electrons this time instead of protons because protons are very messy 

When you collide they and electrons are a lot cleaner resulting in a lot less stuff that you would have to search through to find your answer is there any reason why you would have us spend billions of dollars on 

A particle accelerator to collide protons when we could have just collided electrons in the first place overall this is a great intro to michio kaku's work 

I feel like this concept could be understood by all so it earns a five out of five I'd also recommend reading parallel worlds by michio kaku