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Get Untamed The Journal by Glennon Doyle

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Get Untamed The Journal by Glennon Doyle Pdf Download free 

Details Get Untamed The Journal by Glennon Doyle Pdf

  • Book name: Get Untamed The Journal 
  • Author: Glennon Doyle
  • Genre: Self-help book
  • page: 224
  • Published date: 16 November 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Get Untamed The Journal by Glennon Doyle it's really hard to open up and share these really personal details about your life but in doing that she has allowed women all over the world to really connect with her and connect with each other 

I have so much respect for that so much admiration a real appreciation of someone who can be so vulnerable with their feelings and their thoughts and I am a very empathetic person as well 

So I know how hard it is to put yourself out there to be judged by millions of people so let's dive into some of the really big themes in this book that glennon touches on and there are so many that are so relatable for 

So many people out there and I think that's why this book is going to have such a huge impact on the people who are reading it so some of the big themes that I noticed that she talks about is women in general trusting their inner instinct intuition just having that certainty about yourself 

Trusting yourself instead of looking to outside factors though instead of looking out you're looking in which as a 26 almost 27 year old and is something that I still struggle it so I think this is gonna be relatable for 

So many women especially my age who are still finding themselves and I really commend oil for just even talking about this one of the really really big topics that I thought she touched on so so beautifully was motherhood she also talks about divorce she talks about remarriage she talks about anxiety 

Depression she talks about inherent racism in america and how if you are not doing anything than you are actually you're not neutral you are on the wrong side she talks about addiction drugs she talks about eating disorder 

She talks about religion she talks about her sexuality and sexuality and general anxiety and depression and she just talks about pretty much everything that women are thinking about or dealing with she talks about it 

In this book the nine starts out with this really cool story about being a cheetah and she kind of refers back to this throughout the novel and at the end of the novel she kind of plays back on it as well and it was really really really inspirational to me because

It was saying she was she's pretty much talking about how no man no matter what setting you're in you still know who you are on the inside and I totally just commend her for even bringing these to light because something else that she truly truly talks about is how a lot of us 

Feel things very very deeply and a lot of times we're told that we're wrong for feeling those things or you shouldn't feel that so strongly or something along those lines and I love how glennon said 

You know what like it is okay to feel these things you need to go inside yourself to feel them because if you don't feel them you're not really living and if you're not living then what kind of life is that 

If you're not letting yourself feel these things that is when you're going to be handling these things in addiction and eating disorders and many other unhealthy coping mechanisms and so I just love how she really 

Put that into perspective and I am someone I'm just gonna talk about a little bit my personal experience and what I took away from the book I someone that has a really hard time making decisions I will think and think 

Think and think and think and I still will have to ask someone else what they think or I'll have to google it and while I was reading this book it I've been reading it for like a week now just off and on I've been trying 

To go about this little differently so whenever I see something online and I'm like oh I don't know if I like this or this I'll just say inside you know megan which do you like pick what you like it's it's your decision 

Then you have to like be happy with your decision like you trust yourself is pretty much what she's saying so I just really really loved the way she went about explaining this and I thought it was just really 

Relatable another really big theme in the book that she talks about a lot and that she's had to deal with a lot and her life is making decisions that you know others are not gonna be happy about or there will be people that 

Will disagree with you and they will happily let you know that they disagree with you or maybe it's not even that they will disagree with you but they just will not see eye to eye with your life and she talks about how 

You have to be okay with that you have to accept that and you still have to live a life that's true to yourself and be happy with the life that you're living most of you guys probably know that glennon went through a divorce 

Ended up remarrying a woman so this was challenging so many things in her life not only her marriage motherhood her sexuality and so much more but they're just big life changes and they were all happening to 

Her at once and she talks about in the book how she is someone who struggles with anxiety with depression with addiction and eating disorders and all of these things and so she really had to look inside to her 

Her knowing to kind of know what decisions she needed to make for herself and her family and this brings me to my next point which I thought was absolutely beautiful the way that she wrote this was just unreal and that whole the whole topic of motherhood the way she talks about it 

I also have seen motherhood is something where you are sacrificing yourself and I'm not a mother yet so I can't exactly speak to that but I've seen my mother and I've seen my grandmother I really really really love that glennon says 

You need to lead your kids by example you have to live a life that you're proud of so your kids can also feel that they can live a life that they're proud of those words really spoke to me and in fact when I read that I started crying a little bit and I really got emotional and I'm not even a mother yet 

I just thought it it's so true you know mothers are expected to give up everything for their kids when really what kids want to see are their mothers living like happy and beautiful beautiful lives and she also touched on with motherhood letting

Kids learn from their mistakes and really growing up and not having everything handed to them so that they can have some challenges and just really become well-rounded human beings everyone it seems like has 

This idea of what a family is in their head but really family is what you make your family to be and I really love this because my parents are divorced and I have a stepmom I have a stepdad and I was raised on a very 

Very heavily by my grandparents as well when my parents got divorced we moved in with my I'm getting a little emotional my guys sorry so we moved in with my grandparents and that family unit does not have to 

Be such a strict definition it can be whatever your family is to you and whatever you feel is best for your family and so I was just reading her talking about this and remarrying abby and having that new definition of what family 

It looks like towards the end of the book she really gets into co-parenting how her and her ex-husband still have this relationship where they can co-parent their kids and even though it's not always easy if other 

Women can continue to see people opening up like this living their truest and most beautiful life that's what she says in the book that it will really pave the way for others to lead a really true and beautiful life 

To themselves throughout the book when I was reading it you guys know I love to film book reviews and book reviews are supposed to include critiques as well that is why I always include critiques in my book reviews you guys constructive criticism of course 

So I was like kind of brainstorming you know or anything I'm saying that I'm not really maybe a great with and the one thing that was standing out to me a lot was that she was really I don't want to say glorifying 

But she was really talking about her love and marriage with abby from kind of an infatuation standpoint like to me it was kind of like oh well they're just kind of in that like romance love of like the first year or 

Whatever dating you know oh maybe she's kind of giving her unrealistic expectation of what a second marriage or remarriage is gonna look like and then I got to the end of the book and it was like the last chapter and she touched on how abby said to her maybe this is just infatuation right now 

Like maybe we're just in the honeymoon phase is like some people like to call it but I want this with you in the second phase as well and the second phase is that hard phase where we really have to stick 

By each other but that is the most rewarding phase in a marriage and I was just like glennon yeah it's like my one critique that I had of her she really hit the nail on the head at the end of the book by touching on that and just saying how she knew that marriage wasn't always gonna 

Be easy and although her app you have this like such a strong bond and love for each other they do have disagreements and they do have different they have things that they have to work on in their marriage 

I just when she talked about it I was like okay that's it like that is this book is like 100% what I needed right now and I just cannot commend and thank her enough for doing this because 

I really feel that more strong women are needed in the world we need strong women to leave strong women and have this community have this bond of strong women out there that are leading the way I'm paving the way and I just think that it's a great book you guys

I want to finish off this review with a few quotes from her book that really touched me and stood out to me oh just some food for thought for you guys I read this quote and I I just like all of these things I'm about to read they were just 

So they speak to a deeper part of yourself I think this one says when a woman finally learns that pleasing the world is impossible she becomes free to learn how to herself yes just yes you know like everything that we think about is how 

We can make ourselves look better do better have a better job have a better career have a better marriage have a better house be a better mother and when you can take a minute to look into yourself to 

Just think what can I do to be for myself to be happier and it's so much more rewarding than looking externally to try and please others if you can no you can make yourself happy you have to live with yourself forever 

I just this is just like a small one but I just thought this was so good it says if you just stop doing you'll start knowing like just let that sit for a minute and I think during this time we're all at home a little 

A bit more we're really kind of sitting with ourselves and it's just yeah you stopped doing you'll start knowing another one I read I have to search for and depend upon the voice of inner wisdom instead of voices of outer approval this saves me from living someone else's life how does she even think of these it's 

So wise she says this don't forget we need their science because they need our poetry we don't need to be more pleasant normal or convenient we just need to be ourselves we need to save ourselves because we need to save the world and I really like this because 

I feel like no matter who you are no matter what your strengths are you have something that you can offer to make the world a stronger better more beautiful more true place 

You are you for a reason in the last one you guys studies prove that the more powerful successful and happy a man becomes the more people trust and like him but the more powerful and happy a woman becomes the less people like and trust her if that doesn't make you angry than 

I don't know what will what will because it's true I see you see women in power and you're kind of like I don't know if I can trust her and why do we feel that way it doesn't make any sense 

I'm actively trying to reverse that that feeling when I get it I have nothing but love and strength and power and just support for strong women doing strong things and making moves in the world and to be honest with 

You guys I just loved this book I found it so inspirational it brought me to tears a few times I just cannot think glennon enough for putting yourself out there and creating books like this so that our mother's and grandmothers 

Our children have these inspirational role models and not only that which is teaching us, women, you know that it is okay to love yourself in order to benefit everybody around you so thank you blonde 

This book is just so beautiful it's so well done from the cover to the length of the chapters and the way it's written and just the lessons that it's teaching all of us so thank you again for opening up your life and sharing your life with us in your journey and let me know what you guys thought of the book 

I just absolutely loved it I really really did I I couldn't put it down I thought it was just amazing I hope that you enjoy untamed and I will probably be picking up her other books in the future because I'd love to know more about her and everything that she's done that's it for this one.

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