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The Whole Body Reset by Stephen Perrine pdf download


The Whole Body Reset by Stephen Perrine

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The Whole Body Reset by Stephen Perrine pdf download 

Details The Whole Body Reset by Stephen Perrine Pdf

  • Book name: The Whole Body Reset 
  • Author: Stephen Perrine
  • Genre: Diet Book 
  • page: 400
  • Published date: 15 February 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Whole Body Reset by Stephen Perrine a lot of people are feeling self-conscious about the pandemic pounds but you have written a book to kind of help us with those things what is it about and how can we get it sure 

It's called the whole body reset and you know at aarp we hear from our 38 million readers all the time I used to be slim 

I'm not why I eat the same as I always did I exercise the same but as I move from my 30s into my 40s 50s and beyond I keep gaining weight 

You know we've been told it's metabolism right your metabolism slows as you get older but here's the great news research over the past year has definitively shown that our metabolism 

Doesn't slow as we age our metabolism is the same in our 20s as it is when we hit 60. Something else is going on and that's good news because it's something we can change something we can control 

So what happens is that as we get older we have difficulty turning the protein in our food into muscle and that's important because muscle does three things it burns more calories 

It helps to sequester extra extra blood sugar and it helps to fight inflammation those are three factors that cause us to gain weight so if we eat in a way that helps us to prevent age-related muscle loss 

We can prevent age-related weight gain and that technique is outlined in the whole body reset it's called protein timing what kind of foods do you suggest so the average american eats enough protein throughout 

The day they eat about 90 grams of protein that's what you're going to eat on this program as well the problem is that we typically eat very little at breakfast 

We eat about 10 grams of protein at breakfast that's not enough when you reach midlife you need about 25 to 30 grams of protein at every meal including breakfast 

You're going to be in muscle loss mode all day long and you can't make up for it at dinner you can't have a 16 ounce steak and say boom 

It worked I ate enough protein you have to have that morning protein meal so we're talking a lot about um you know if you like oatmeal 

Hey that's great your cardiologist is going to be really happy with you but it's not enough protein for somebody at midlife to be able to stay healthy you need to accentuate that maybe 

Some greek yogurt some cottage cheese maybe some whole grain toast with peanut butter or avocado a protein shake is also a terrific idea for breakfast anything that's going to get your protein intake 

Up in in the early part of the day is going to be healthy for you for people who are in their 20s what's your advice that you would 

Have told yourself now that you know what you know well you know your 20s is when your body is just primed to build and hold on to muscle 

So you want to maximize it uh you know I think a lot of people think of fitness as being like cardio we go out we run we swim 

We bike that's all great but that's not going to help you maintain and and grow muscle mass so you want to be doing resistance training 

That could be weightlifting it could be yoga that could be pilates anything that's going to strengthen and strain your muscles is going to set you up for a healthy future you.

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