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A Touch of Ruin by Scarlett St. Clair pdf download


A Touch of Ruin by Scarlett St. Clair

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A Touch of Ruin by Scarlett St. Clair pdf download 

Details of A Touch of Ruin by Scarlett St. Clair Book

  • Book Name: A Touch of Ruin 
  • Authors: Scarlett St. Clair 
  • Pages: 418
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fairy tale, Fantasy Fiction, Romantic fantasy
  • Publish Date: 22 April 2020
  • Language: English

Book Review:

A Touch of Ruin by Scarlett St. Clair if you've read the wicked series by jennifer lynn armentrout he reminds me of tink he's kind of like the tink of um the hades and persephone story like he's this funny sassy 

friend of persephone's and and her girlfriends and he's just hilarious he provides the comic relief and the silliness which is what tink does in the wicked series now he's not at tank level so is anybody ever going 

to be at tink level i don't think so i don't think i'm ever going to read a book and be like they're as good as tank um and if you haven't read the wicked series you need to read the book series because it's freaking amazing okay so hermes kind of reminds me of tank and in the beginning 

apollo is this complete and utter jerk right you hate apollo but you kind of you know she thought the same thing about hades in the first book so in the first book and when you discuss it now because 

if you're watching this you should read the first one um you know she gets this job at the new athens news or whatever and she writes an article about hades and how he gambles with humans and blah blah and and people like go nuts right and they're like it's it's kind it's not a good article 

it causes some strife with her and hades and she feels bad because she wrote this article and come to find out he's not a complete and utter jerk um so something similar happens in this book um i mean she's a journalist that's kind of kind of what she does 

so i liked it i like the um i like the first one better um but i still felt like this was a good book and it's a quick read and again it's free on kindle unlimited so uh i felt like it was a really good book 

i give it four stars but sam a generous like three is just like i mean it's okay i i liked it two is like oh god and one is like don't bother really a two's like don't bother and five is like oh you know um so i give it a four because 

it moves it moves good it's you know um so a lot of good reads or viewers said that it had that persephone got on their nerves and i totally get it because she kind of got on my nerves too there's a lot of immaturity and and stubbornness and those things cause issues in other people's lives which is kind of 

i mean that's kind of like that's what the greek gods do right like they do dumb stuff that hurts people and not them um okay so favorite quotes so um one of them is i love you even if the fates unraveled our destiny 

i would find a way back to you okay the second one is he helped me understand that power comes from confidence from belief in your own worth to him i'm a goddess uh the end had me crying um because of what happens so i um but it is a good ending but it's a cliff hanger ending and like 

i said the next book the third book i think the final book because i think this is a trilogy the third book does not come out until april 2021 so um again if you're one of those people it doesn't like a complete series this one is not complete so this is your spoiler alert warning splitters is whatever song 

likes to say um if you don't want to know what happens okay so in the first book she wrote that article about hades in this book she writes an article about apollo and then her friend um from the first book 

the person that she lives with gets really sick and apollo is also the god of healing and she has to go um bargain with apollo the first book that was a bargain with the hades now she has a bargain with apollo 

she has to make a bargain with apollo to save her friend and she's mad at hades because hades would not save her friend but hades couldn't save her friend for a good reason i mean there's there's rules right hades can't just be like oh yeah you get to live die so and this is one of the 

things that people get frustrated with because she doesn't listen to anybody like nobody she doesn't listen to anybody um so and because of that something horrible happens with her friends some well some horrible things happen pretty much all her friends except for hermes 

but things do turn around and they work out in the end here's my only gripe i guess about the book i i get that there are some immature moments with persephone and that can be annoying however we have to remember that she's young and we all did dumb things i did a lot more dumb things than persephone

well i don't know maybe i had more quantity of dumb things and she had more quality of dumb things anyway my point is that she's young and you can expect a certain level of immaturity i think it's just frustrating for a reader because 

it's you don't see the kind of growth that you would like to see from her but that may be coming i mean that's the whole the whole point right.