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Orlando Virginia Woolf

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Orlando Virginia Woolf Pdf Download

Details of Orlando by Virginia Woolf's Book

  • Book Name: Orlando
  • Authors: Virginia Woolf
  • Pages: 240
  • Genre: Historical Fiction
  • Publish Date: Oct 11, 1928
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Orlando by Virginia Woolf this book is multi-dimensional and multifaceted so this is just going to be a short introduction to this book this is the third book of virginia work that i'm reading and one thing that i've noticed about virginia woolf's writing is that her stories are character driven 

they are not plot-driven and orlando is no different orlando essentially is the story of orlando's experiences in his personal and professional life the story begins with orlando being a young nobleman in england and he keeps falling in and out of love at the same time he's trying to write a book and soon he falls in love with a woman madly and she betrays him 

so in a way orlando tries to cope with this trauma and he becomes an ambassador and goes to istanbul and there one day suddenly he wakes up as a woman and as i said before that it's about his experiences now it's about her experiences 

how a woman orlando is viewing the world orlando the woman stays with gypsies for a while and then she comes back to england and gets married and that's essentially the plot line of orlando but there is so much more to this book because 

this book is so surprising first of all this book is based on virginia wool's lover so you can relate her story with orlando as well and as i said in the beginning it presents you with a critique on gender norms and also critique on literature 

so you can definitely enjoy it as a piece of fiction but there is so much more that you can learn from this book and when i was reading it this is the thing that fascinated me the most when virginia wolf is talking about something she talks about the entire era she talks about the literature she talks about arts she talks about fashion 

she talks about interiors and exteriors on top of that she talks about people's attitude in that era so you get the complete idea of what that i was like one thing that i found missing and it sort of surprised me as well was that virginia woolf did not talk about world war one the only time she talks about war is when orlando as a woman 

sees some men coming back from war other than that there is nothing about world war one and world war one was unfortunately one of the most important events of 20th century so it was sort of surprising that virginia wolf who talks about everything as i said before fashion literature everything she did not talk about war another thing that 

i noticed about this book as i said before that the character of orlando is based on virginia world's lava vita so one thing that i noticed is that sometimes in life when people ask you to explain your loved ones with their weaknesses and their strengths so what you do is that when you're presenting their weaknesses you sort of present them in an endearing way so the listener loves them as much as you do 

i could see virginia with doing the very same thing if orlando the character was based on her lover whenever she was presenting orlando's weaknesses she was presenting it in sort of an endearing way if you properly analyze the character of orlando orlando was promiscuous he was judgmental he was shallow all these characteristics 

presented in such an endearing way that you feel like that it was the need of the time and orlando did nothing wrong orlando is such a great human being okay lastly do i recommend this book so recently one of my friends asked for me that what is virginia 

what's writing like and i was like it's like sushi because my experience with sushi is that the first time that i ate it i loved it and a lot of people when they're eating sushi for the first time they either hate it or they love it i was fortunate enough to be able to enjoy virginia wolves writing style which is dense and mind you her sentences are convoluted 

i would recommend you this book if you like reading challenging books and you are a fan of classic literature because classic literature can come off to some people as flurry pretentious and overwhelming so if you want to read orlando because of its hype 

you will probably not be able to enjoy it because this book for sure if not pretentious is definitely overwhelming and i would also recommend this book to you 

if you like historical fiction lgbt fiction and biographical novels if you want to read virginia woolf i would also recommend that you start from orlando because i feel that virginia woolf was a little kind.