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Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro PDF Download


Klara and the Sun PDF Download

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Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro PDF Download 

  • Book Name: Klara and the Sun 
  • Authors:  Kazuo Ishiguro
  • Pages: 307
  • Publish Date: 2 March 2021
  • Genre: Science fiction
  • Language: English


Klara and the sun by the author kazuo Ishiguro. If you're not familiar with Kazuo ishiguro he is a British author he's originally from Japan but moved to England at a young age and he's probably best known for two novels never let me go and the remains of the day 

These are actually the two novels prior to Klara and the sun that I had read by him and I'm a huge fan of both of those books they're both absolutely beautiful 

Never let me go is one of my all-time favourite books and it's one of the most moving things that I have ever read so I was really really looking forward to this novel and really excited to see what he's working on now. 

So Klara and the sun is told from the point of view of an ai machine in the book it's called AF because it's like an artificial friend she is programmed to be a friend and a companion to a child 

Klara is our main character here she is the af and she's kind of unique compared to other ai machines in that she's very perceptive and very observant of what's going on and constantly trying to sort of piece things together and make sense of human behavior 

Klara ends up being picked by a young woman she's like a 14 year old named Josie who has some problems health problems going on and so Klara is very devoted to Josie but she comes to find out at Josie's household there are a lot of issues and a lot of sort of weird creepy things happening underneath the surface of this family dynamic

I will say this book is a little bit light on the plot they're sort of similar to never let me go it's like sort of a series of scenes more so than one streamlined plot I think that's kind of Kazuo ishiguro's style 

So if you're familiar with that and you probably won't be too thrown off but there's not really like one clear plot that you could outline

It's more just sort of following Clara's experience in this household and the dynamic with Josie's family so I can't get too much into the actual plot but that's kind of the basics of what this book is about 

So if you are familiar with some of Kazuo Ishiguro's other works you probably know that he's a brilliant brilliant writer and he's sort of a master of subtlety and of gradually revealing information to the reader that 

Makes everything that you previously read even more heartbreaking and even more moving I would say never let me go is like the prime example of that um but he uses similar tactics in this novel 

So it's all from the point of view of Klara and she has this very limited perspective on humans and human emotion and that sounds like it might make it less emotional and less moving 

but it doesn't it really like the way that he writes this book is so brilliant that it's heartbreaking to see things from Clara's point of view and the things that she doesn't quite understand and is really trying to understand 

The way that he makes you feel for Klara even though she is like a robot is so like no other author I don't think could pull something off like this 

So it is absolutely beautifully written there are a lot of passages about the sun Klara is like a solar-powered robot and because of that she kind of has this relationship with the sun where she views it as like a god and she's almost praying to the sun thinking that it's all-powerful and can heal people and save the world basically 

It's so powerful to see the scenes of like this robot praying to the sun it's heartbreaking I know it doesn't sound like it would be but it really is

Because his writing is so amazing so this novel is really moving it's really beautiful um thematically it has a lot of interesting concepts here there's a lot about what makes people human what's the difference between humans and robots essentially

What makes human lives valuable and we're also in this kind of futuristic world where there are some vague things that have changed so like people can be lifted which I guess is genetically altering people to make them smarter or better in some way 

So there are all these kinds of different ideas that are like floated out there I will say this book doesn't necessarily address any of these concepts in a really concrete way 

If you are really interested in like ai robots futuristic stuff um this might not be the book that's going to give you actual concrete information on that or make it seem really like realistic or go into the technical side of anything 

It's really more sort of allegorical and abstract so definitely be aware of that just depending on what you're looking for 

Ultimately I do highly recommend Klara and the sun if you are a writer or you're looking to become a writer or anything like that I would highly recommend reading this book because I think writers can learn a lot from books like these 

It's essentially like a master class in telling a story from a unique perspective so I would highly highly recommend 

It is a little bit light on plot and it doesn't have the traditional structure that you might expect for a book like this and it is also a little bit light when it comes to like realistic technical aspects that are going to ground the reader to this futuristic landscape 

It is more conceptual in that regard and it doesn't contain a lot of like technical information about robots or ai or anything that makes it seem particularly realistic 

So you know that's another thing to be aware of just so that you know what you're looking for when you go to read this book 

But with all that said I highly recommend this book, it's incredibly moving it's beautifully written it's unique it's really like nothing that I've ever read before um and it really made me think

So for all those reasons I have to give this book an 8 out of 10. it's really really beautiful and this author is just so brilliant and such an important writer, I am just so happy that he's still writing books so that is my review. 

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