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Sadhguru Karma Book PDF Download


Sadhguru Karma Book PDF Download

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Sadhguru Karma Book PDF Download

Details about the book Karma 

  • Book Name: Karma
  • Authors: Sadhguru
  • Pages: 336
  • Publish Date: 27 April 2021
  • GenreSpirituality, Self-improvement & Self help
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Karma by Sadhguru I had read the book death written by Sadhguru and I found it very very interesting and karma I think is no less than that it is equally interesting and it gives us a very different and correct perspective about karma.

This book is divided into three parts the first part of the book talks about karma our perspective of karma what we think about it how we think it works and that is contradicted with what karma actually means and how it actually works 

Karma is not a system of punishment that decides if a person is going to hell or heaven it is neither a factor that determines somebody's destiny 

karma is very very different and it is not as superficial as we think it is the work of karma is much deeper than that karma works in a cycle which is called the karmic cycle 

what is most important about karma is that it is not dependent on external factors but it is a lot more internal than we think it is 

karma is not just about the action but it is more about the intention so performing charity on the outside and thinking of killing someone or having hatred for a person inside will not give anyone any good karmic results or will not gain that person good karma 

So that tells us that karma is not just about what you do in the outside world but a lot more about what you think in your mind what is going on inside your head 

Satguru also takes a chapter to mention that karma gets multiplied when you try to escape it, we all know that there are a lot of um ideologies or philosophies that might tell you that you need to leave your career leave your family and leave everything and go and live like a monk or practice desirelessness 

but until and unless it is coming from within if you force yourself to do it that will multiply your negative karma, karma is not about forcing yourself to do something we are here to dissolve our karma and we cannot do that with force 

This part of the book also talks about suffering destiny and astrology which relates around karma or claims to relate around karma and this part also talks about how karma started 

In the first place or how it is related to our memory and all such interesting information about karma that will really make the reading experience very very interesting and will give you a lot of clarity about karma 

Now the second part of the book talks about karma yoga now those who do read a lot of spiritual or philosophical books might be aware of this word already the book and autobiography of a yogi also spoke about Karma yoga.

Karma yoga, basically means how you can transform your karma or how you can use your karma to liberate yourself this part of the book was even more interesting for me

Because there are a lot of things that we think is only for the yogis but trust me all these things can be done or rather should be done by normal human beings like us the 

The third part of the book contains a bunch of questions related to karma and sadhguru's answers to those questions 

Throughout the book, satguru has drawn examples from I believe an imaginary man called Shankar or Shankara Pillai also gives instances from his life to make everything more understandable and more interesting for the readers 

There is this mention of different mental and physical exercises at the end of every chapter which is called sadhana if you practice these I think that will also help you in different ways and in different aspects of life.