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K-pop Confidential by Stephan Lee pdf download

The ballad of songbirds and snakes book online


The ballad of songbirds and snakes book online

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The ballad of songbirds and snakes book online

The ballad of songbirds and snakes is a prequel to the best-selling hunger games trilogy which has sold over 100 million copies worldwide

 if you have read the hunger games trilogy then you know who Cody learners know is he is the tyrannical president of Panem where hunger games are organized every year in which 24 children are selected in order to fight in an arena 

they have to kill each other in order to survive and this bloodbath is telecasted live so that the districts never dare to rebel against the capital 

in this new book, Suzanne Collins tells the story of Carolina snow and his trust in the hunger games but this is not just a story of Coriolanus no

 it is also the story of hunger games and how and why they come to be in the first place, when I picked this book I wondered why collins chose the serious cordelianus snow as the protagonist was it an attempt to show the human side of Korea and to make the media sympathize with him 

was koryo a victim of circumstances which led him to become the cruel ruler that he was but no collins doesn't do anything of the sort 

choreo was a villain all along sly charismatic ambitious who could do anything for power Coriolis snow is just 18 years old in this prequel to the hunger games telegraphy he is one of the snows a once-mighty family of the capital who is on the verge of desolation having lost all their fortunes in the district 13.

 Koryo is desperate to save the image of his family and to find his way back to the top 

when the 10th hunger games are announced a few meritorious students are given a chance to work as mentors to the tributes with the chance to win the elite scholarship to the university 

korea's graduation is now tied with the hunger games, when Koryo ends up with lucy grey the girl tribute from district 12 he is disappointed surely snow deserves better but he must help lucy grey to win in leading lucy grey to victory Koryo sees his own chance at the coveted scholarship at the university 

he is determined to make lucy graven for his own personal motives and also because he finds himself drawn to lucy grey will his relationship with lucy grey change him forever but there is the darkness within the snow 

the darkness that loves cannot conquer the darkness that snow is willing to embrace in order to fulfil his ambitions

 the author has effectively described the ill effects of war the districts are defeated and reversed but the capital is no better either there is hunger and starvation everywhere a war spares no one there is no winner in a war only losers 

when I talk about the characters I didn't like the character of Korea Lena snow nobody did we know from the hunger games series that he is an elitist controlling and often cruel and the author has definitely carved out his character that we end up hating him even more 

lucy grey is an enigmatic character but she is not as feisty and courageous as Katniss Everdeen was the character that i liked most in the book was that of Sejanus 

as a troubled and confused youth who lives in the capital but sympathizes with the district Sejanus wins our hearts 

now coming to the relationship between Coriolanus and lucy grey Korea claims to love her but it wasn't love he wanted to own her to use her for his own personal interest the love story was doomed from the beginning 

this book is no way a fast-paced thrill ride like the original series was the scenes during the games are sharply plotted and action-packed after the hunger games ended the story falters a bit but then again picks up towards 

the end of the third part of the book which takes the action to district 12 is the most revelatory in terms of Korea's real character 

the plot of the novel rests on deception and pittance there is friendship and betrayal there are reflections about authority and operation and then there are the extra layers of lore about Mockingjay and capitals history which lend an intriguing touch 

the book fails to reach the brilliance of the hunger games trilogy it is more of a cold-blooded philosophical justification of the hunger games from coriolena's point of view and for this reason, 

I give this book 3.75 stars out of 5. all in all a book worth reading especially if you are a big fan of the hunger games trilogy.

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