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Acts of God by Kanan Gill Pdf Download

Aghori An Untold Story PDF Free Download


Aghori An Untold Story PDF Free Download


Aghori An Untold Story PDF Free Download

Details of Aghori An Untold Story

  • Book Name: Aghori An Untold Story
  • Authors: Mayur Kalbag
  • Pages:150
  • Publish Date: 01-10-2021
  • Language: English
  • GenreLiterature & Fiction


Aghori An Untold story by Mayur Kalbag, the story features the life of Aghori Babas in sadhu it's a topic which interests almost all of us we all want to dig deeper about them and to know more about them. 

So the story features sub a character who is curious enough he travels Uttrakhand  a beautiful and holy place where he gets to meet the Aghori babas

He tried to make conversation with them tries to expose the thing and his curiosity leads to several adventures for the readers you love to watch and read his point of view his perspective there are a lot of adventures thriller amazing premises and interesting facts on the way, so it's going to be a very great and interesting ride

What's your reading experience with the book?

I had a really amazing reading experience with the book uh the first thing which fascinated me a lot was the backdrop of Uttarakhand because I belong to the same place 

The second thing was such an interesting topic the author has covered everything almost everything and the point of view is very precise and very amazing and the work is very well researched the narration is engaging everything goes to the point there is no unnecessary stretching 

So you love the language you love the uh inclusion of Hindi language and some very very amazing spiritual aspect, So i really had a great time reading this I have even suggested this to my friends and it's amazing 

Why do you recommend this book? 

I would definitely recommend you all to read this especially those who love similar plots which resemble spirituality faith and Aghori babas and sadhus also to those who enjoy investigative plots the story is great pays like you'll just be finishing it during your weekend 

So it will be a great time reading this book and all the aspects are totally interesting so people and the language are also great for the beginners so the new readers and the sensational seasonal reader's everybody everyone can read this so you'll have a really great time with this book so just grab your copies now.



  1. Bhai kya book diya hai. atleast chutiya mat bana

    1. I am so sorry sir, I will fix this asap,

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