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Home Body by Rupi Kaur PDF Download


Home Body by Rupi Kaur PDF Download

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Home Body by Rupi Kaur PDF Download

Details of Home Body

  • Book Name: Home Body
  • Authors:  Rupi Kaur
  • Pages: 279
  • Publish Date: 17-11-2020
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Poetry

Book review: 

Homebody by rupee core so this book has like many people love this book a lot but personally, i don't like this book that much because it has some like bold content bold

I think some bold stuff in it written on it so that's why I don't like this book that much for me it was like a three-star. 

It's not that bad many people really love it and I can see why people love it because it has the broad-mindedness and some new thoughts and ideas to this book 

So that in if you talk about those things it's really great and nice but personally i don't like it that much because i don't like such like bold things generally 

So that's why i didn't like this book that much but yeah um it has some different different parts in this book so there was a part where it was all about self-love and that part was like really love because of that part i'm giving it three stars 

Because that part was like really really nice it was perfect it was telling you how to love yourself how to be like selfish i guess

But it doesn't tell you to be selfish like don't think about others at all it is like think about others but don't forget about yourself it it says that you should be selfless sometimes 

There are times that you should like forget others and think about yourself because in those times you should be like i'm also important it's not that every time that everybody is important and you put yourself down you should also like go up for yourself and you should be like i'm also important i'm also a human being i also should think about myself 

So yeah when it comes about that part i really really love this book but except in that first it is like about depressional stuff and little bold stuff 

So i don't personally like to read about depressional stuff because when i read about such things then i get a little bit sad and stuff so that's why i don't like reading about that kind of stuff i personally like to read about good and happy and positive things 

So that's why maybe i didn't like that part but when it comes in the end it will it becomes really positive. 

It says you do not belong to the future or past you belong right here and I like this a lot because it's true. 

Sometimes we think about the things we have done in the past and we are like we regret this and regret that and sometimes you're thinking about the future that i will do this i will do that 

But we forget to remember to i think experience the presentwhich is enjoyable and nice but we don't experience it because of such things 

So yeah i like this book and for me, it's a three-star and many of people has given it five stars as well because it's really nice it's just that I didn't like it that much 

So for me it's three stars it is still recommendable you guys should read it and you guys have requested me to read home and body that's why I have read it.

So please tell me in the comment box below that what else book should i have read and give you a review on and that's it for today you guys.

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