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Wonderland of Words by Shashi Tharoor PDF Download

Grandparents Bag of Stories PDF Book Download


Grandparents Bag of Stories PDF Book Download

Grandparents Bag of Stories PDF Book Download

Details of Grandparent's Bag of Stories

  • Book Name: Grandparents Bag of Stories
  • Authors: Sudha Murthy
  • Pages: 240
  • Publish Date: 09-11-2020
  • Language: English
  • Genre:  Story Book 

Mrs Sudha Murthy is a really good author she is really she writes many books and they are so amazing and this is born in 1950 in Shiggaon in north Karnataka 

She is a prolific writer in English and Kannada she was the recipient of the RK Narayan award and Padma Shri in 2006. 

She has written technical books travel Vogs um novels and four books for children too, she is a really good author and the novels like the books for children are so Rambo the grandma's bag of stories the magic of the drum the bird with the golden wings and the magic of the lost temple.


So it started when god was looking at the earth which he had just created he was really happy he filled it with humans animals and many more beautiful creatures on the planet 

but he thought something was missing what is it so he called out to the six brothers which are summer, winter, rain, wind, day, night these were the six brothers

So he said to them that go to the earth and make the people living on the earth comfortable so the brothers nodded obediently so they went but when the god turned back and then turned against front no in not in a minute all the brothers were arguing everyone wanted the biggest share available on the earth summer was like I am the ls so I'll go for the first 365 days

Then said rain okay fine fine fine I am the second and last then I will go for the next 365 days and then winter said I am the third eldest so I will go on the 365 days day 

Night both decided that they will get 24 hours and the other night will get um other 24 hours for when he got the last year 

So they started how they had decided it so it was summer but after a few months the people they were like pleading somewhere to go because of the heat it was so hot that all the plants were getting spoiled and all the water and legs forms and everything was evaporating and there was less amount of water left

So we pleaded summer to go and let the rain come please go let the rain come he will fix our problems so summer without completing his year he went sadly so the rain came now he was poor 

Se started training and now everyone was happy like the plants grew back the season late everything was filled with water but again in the matter of time it was pouring so much it had caused floods 

So you know what happened again people pleaded with him to go and let winter come so then when winter came and then rain also didn't complete his ear

So then winter came now the people were really happy um because it was not the suffocating um heat of the sun summer and not the pouring drain causing floods so it was good so after a few months again it needed winter to go because it was so cold and due to less sunlight so again the plants were getting spoiled he went.

After a few months like what happened people pleaded with him again to go, you don't wanna know the reason because everything was flying and people were flying uh houses were flying and the roofs were flying 

People pleaded with him because one day they saw a whale flying in the so again all the day and night for 24 hours to 24 hours people didn't matter that 

So they went all the six brothers went to the god because uh they like they tried to do every single thing but people on the earth weren't satisfied or they were always unhappy because some of the other brothers was causing some or the other problem 

So God told them like you always have to divide time now this is the moral of our story you should always divide the time you can just say like for these I'll watch tv all day long or I'll eat all day long or I'll play all day long 

You should always divide your time like for these many hours and watch my tv these many hours I play and these many hours I'll study, so the god they had learnt their lesson so what happened at the last you have to find out 

So if you liked the story that I told about Mrs Sudha Murthy And I really like her she's a really really good author.

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