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Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

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Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare PDF Download 

Details of Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare book 

  • Book Name: Lady Midnight 
  • Authors: Cassandra Clare 
  • Pages: 668
  • Genre: Novel, Fantasy Fiction, Paranormal fiction
  • Publish Date: 8 March 2016
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare I'm gonna say right off the bat because I've already gotten a few questions about this you do not have to read the Mortal Instruments books and the Infernal Devices books in order to read lady midnight but 

I would highly recommend reading those before you read this, especially the Mortal Instruments because there are things in this book that will completely spoil you for the ending of that series and for parts of the Infernal Devices 

so if you don't want to be spoiled for anything that happens in those two series then I highly highly recommend reading those before you read this one but if you have no interest in reading the Mortal Instruments series or the Infernal Devices series then 

you should have no problem picking this up and starting right away because they do explain a lot of the world so nothing will be lost on you there so lady midnight is the newest installment in Cassandra Clare's Shadowhunter Chronicles and it is 

the first book in a brand new series that takes place in the same Shadowhunter world except it takes place with different characters and we are in a different setting lady midnight takes place five years after the events of city of heavenly fire

the last book in the Mortal Instruments series and it takes place in the Los Angeles Institute and follows our main character Emma Carstairs who is a Shadowhunter who lives in the Los Angeles Institute she lives there with the blackthorn family and her parabatai Julian Blackthorne 

all his younger siblings plus some other characters that I will get into a little bit later the main plot of the story revolves around these murders that have been taking place in Los Angeles where these bodies have been showing up with these strange markings and ruins carved into them 

nobody really knows what the markings mean and no one can really decipher them and so their goal is to find out who's murdering these people and why and why they have these strange rooms marked into them the reason emma is specifically interested in this is because five years ago her parents 

were murdered in the exact same way and it was thought that a character from The Mortal Instruments series was responsible for their death but she never believed it and she always thought that her parents were murdered by somebody else and in this book she finds out that that is true 

so they are pursuing whoever this person is who is killing these people in this way and that is their main goal their main objective is to figure out who this murderer is of course the book also has several romantic subplots one of them being like the main romantic subplot plus several other sub-sub romantic plots 

I guess you could call them but I really also can't call the main romantic plot a subplot because it makes up a majority of this book so that's definitely part of the main plot and of course I'm not going to name any specific characters because I don't want to spoil anything for anybody

but the main romantic pot I will say has a very very prominent role in the rest of the plot of this story so as someone who's been reading these books since I was about 12 or 11 and I am now 19 I've been reading them for quite a long time and I've been immersed in this world for a very long time 

so these books have a very special place in my heart just because they bring back a lot of nostalgic feelings and memories that I associate with very good happy times so for that reason I probably will always enjoy reading Shadowhunter books even though I have my other problems with them one thing that I can definitely say is that I really did enjoy being back in the Shadowhunter world which is a world that I'm very fond of 

I think is very well-developed and I think is the most appealing part of the Shadowhunter books so in order to talk about this book in a non-spoilery way but still give you guys my thoughts I'm gonna go through kind of like a pro and con list of what I thought about the book overall 

so first I'm going to start with my prose about this book I really really enjoyed the plot of the story the main non romantic plot of trying to solve these murders and trying to figure out who is committing this crime and what their goal is I thought that that was really really interesting I thought that

it was really well done there was also a lot of politics with the clave in this book that I personally really really enjoyed I liked reading about the corruption that is within the clave and how some of the characters try to get around the rules and there was a lot of discussion in here about rules and about law and what that really means and when you should follow it and when 

you shouldn't and kind of like moral questions like that and I really really enjoyed that aspect of the book another thing about this book that I will say that I absolutely loved were the plot twists there were so many plot twists in this book that I absolutely didn't see coming they came out of nowhere 

I could have never guessed them some of them I honestly probably should have guessed because there were definite clues now like in hindsight thinking back on some of them but I really didn't see a lot of them coming and they were really surprising but in really good ways I just really loved 

it made me really emotional and I always loved one of what can do that to me so I loved the plot twists than this just like I said before the general plot of this book was just overall very very interesting and intriguing and it was really different than actually a lot of the other Shadowhunter books 

I really liked that about this one compared to the other ones book definitely started out kind of slowly because they had to take some time to explain the world and stuff and when you already know about that it gets kind of boring hearing it over and over again but once you get into like in the last 300 pages of this book it's kind of like non-stop action 

I really liked that it was really fast paced towards the end I wasn't bored and I didn't want to put it down and I honestly read this in to like full sittings I was up until like 4:00 a.m. and I had 70 pages of the book left 

I had to close it because I was so tired and wake up in the morning and then read the next 70 pages it keeps you on the edge of your seat and it does definitely keep you intrigued which is something I always we ate in a book another thing that I really loved about this book were the characters 

I thought that a lot of them were really really well developed I loved Emma as a main protagonist until the end when she started to bother me a lot but especially around the beginning I thought she was a really strong female character who even though she was physically strong wasn't that kind of standard stereotype of the strong female character who shows no emotion because she absolutely did show a lot of emotion I also adored the blackthorn siblings - Julianne 

I know a lot of people are not going to like me for that because a lot of people like Julian but I'm sorry I don't like Julianne but I do love the rest the blackthorn siblings I think they're absolutely wonderful I thought they were all really unique and well-developed and each one of them had a very distinct personality 

I also loved Christina it was great to see a POC female character as one of the main characters she was fantastic she was badass and she was also really really interesting so overall with my prose there were definitely things that 

I really loved about the book I loved the plot I loved the plot twists I loved the characters so there were definite things in this book that really kept me reading that I didn't expect now for my cons with this book most of them honestly I think all of them kind of revolve around the main romantic plot 

so I really can't say too much specifically about the main romantic plot because I don't want to give away characters and other things that happen in the book and spoilers so I'm gonna have to talk in vague terms really my biggest problem with the romance was that it was so riddled with tropes that 

I really don't like it felt to me like it was way too obsessive more than it was romantic and it was far more along the lines of infatuation than it was romance and love it was very much of a I would die slash kill anyone in the world for you type of romance which I really can't get behind because to me personally that's not really romantic it's borderline kind of obsessive and creepy and I guess that's the way I would kind of define this and I know 

I feel like I'm probably going to get some heat for this because I know there are a lot of people who really loved the main romantic couple in this series but I'm just I'm not one of them a lot of times the romance didn't feel natural anyway I felt like it didn't have time to build to the level that was like displayed in here 

it felt like it was really sudden and rushed and part of that might be because you don't get to see a lot of it built one of the characters was just so completely obsessed and infatuated with the other one that it bordered on kind of like an Edward Cullen type of thing I mean those were the vibes 

I was getting from it and I just I really didn't like it and I I just I couldn't I couldn't do it and it bothered me a lot throughout the book and it took away from a lot of the plot for me so that was the thing about this book that really really got to me more than anything else if that romance hadn't been in it or if the romance had been different then 

I probably would have given this like a five star rating if I really enjoyed that romance or if the romance wasn't there but because of that I did end up giving it a lower star rating which I gave this a 3.5 out of 5 stars that is honestly because of the romance it really did bother me that much but there were definitely some romantic subplots in this that 

I absolutely adored and I like will ship these ships to a grave like I so hardcore ship one of the couples in this book and I think they're so perfect so I know Cassie Claire can write really good romances just the main one in this was not for me at all so that's pretty much all 

I can say for a spoiler free review there are a lot more thoughts and opinions that I have on this book but I can't really express those without spoiling things so that's all I can pretty much say for this video but like I said if you have read the book and you want to talk all things spoilers then 

I will leave my spoiler discussion on the screen and you can go click on that and go discuss all the spoilers with me over there so overall I will say there were definite aspects of this book that I absolutely enjoyed

I loved the plot I loved the plot twists the characters and how dynamic they were and one of the romantic subplots was definitely one of my favorite parts of the entire book but of course this being a Shadowhunter book there are lots of tropes that are present in here as well as the rest of the series that really get to me and I don't really like very much and the main romantic plot like

I mentioned many times before was a really big issue for me and brought my star rating down but overall as a Shadowhunter book it was pretty much what I expected I got some things out of here that 

I really didn't expect and I was pleasantly surprised about and then there were other things that had me rolling my eyes and groaning several times because they were so predictable and so irritating but if you are a fan of the shadow underworld then I would definitely highly recommend checking out this series this new series I think that it's a good book for the first book in the series 

I think that the series is going in a very interesting direction I'm excited to see how the plot unfolds I'm excited to see how some of the questions at the end of this book are going to be answered in the later books so it definitely has a good direction and I don't really want to wait until 2017 for the next one because 

I'd wait three years for this one so it's gonna be a long wait but we'll make it through note to self next time don't hold the 670 page book up for the entire 29 minutes that you've been filming so that is it guys for my review of Lady midnight.