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Badge of Honor by Hailey Edwards PDF Download

Badge of Honor by Hailey Edwards PDF Download

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Badge of Honor by Hailey Edwards PDF Download

  • Book Name: Badge of Honor
  • Authors:  Hailey Edwards 
  • Pages: 198
  • Genre: Romance Novel 
  • Publish Date: 20/05/2021
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

Headley has worked his butt off to earn his title as Atlanta's potentate. All that's left for him is the gauntlet. Demonstration of skills to the citizens of Atlanta. A taste of what their new POA can do. He is ready to dazzle them and bring home the prize. until an old friend is kidnapped. The price of his freedom? She's flapping the gauntlet.

For Hadley, there is only one option.

Thoughts on Badge of Honor: I really can't get enough of Hadley and Midas and all of Ally Hadley as she fought for Atlanta with everything inside her. So this? It was a sweet, blood-soaked, danger-filled little treat that thrills me to my bones.

First, Hadley and Midas. They are just adorable together. He takes care of her when she gets so wrapped up in her work that she forgets to do things like eating and sleep. 

He is his rock and he is his centre. And the extended pack (starting with Mama Kinsey) is the family she could have had if things had been different in her second life. 

(I'm still angry at Hadley's mother and the things she's done to Hadley/Amelie. She may be out of Hadley's life, but Hadley is still working on getting enough of her and GRRRRRRR Is.)

Apart from being half of our growing couple, we also get to see Hadley ready to come into his own as the POA. Naturally, things do not go smoothly. The people are in danger, a potential rival for the position has emerged, and Hadley will not let someone important to him cost him a POA.

Some steam, some danger, and Spock's ears. Because Hadley is Hadley and Midas is determined to give her everything that makes her happy.

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