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Not Here to Be Liked by Michelle Quach pdf Download

The Final Girl Support Group book pdf download

The Final Girl Support Group book pdf download

The final girl support group book pdf download 

  • Book Name: The Final Girl Support Group
  • Authors: Grady Hendrix`
  • Pages: 351
  • Publish Date:13 July 2021
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Horror, Fiction


The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix, I really appreciated that but anyways we have we have a discussion of the different character tropes and horror

So there's the there's the jock there's the nerd all of that and in this one we have heather who's the drug addict lynette is the survivalist also kind of a her therapist calls her a voluntary agoraphobic there's danny 

She's kind of the the tough girl from what i can understand marilyn is the texas chainsaw massacre person i have not watched those movies i've been told that i would not like them and julia is the scream girl 

She is the nerd of the group her um final girl situation dealt with the ghost and it kind of describes the whole scream outfit 

So in this book things start to happen and as we follow lynette who is our main character she starts to wonder are the the ghosts of our past coming back to haunt us are we getting a sequel to our sequel where all these guys come back and break out of jail or something and are they attacking us as a group is this one person doing this like why is this stuff happening 

A lot of other people especially the other final girls in the group are like oh it's just chance like this happened out of chance or this one thing that happened was to be expected and you're trapped in lynette's head and she's just like no this can't that can't be it like someone is targeting us 

Hey everybody jumping in here really quick because yet again i forgot to mention something, if you're familiar at all with grady hendrix's work you know he always goes a little bit extra 

My favorite um book of his as far as design is definitely horror store because it's set up like an ikea catalog in this book pay attention to those chapter titles 

They're making fun of all of the sequels in slasher films so you have like the final girls support group one is chapter one the final girls support group two is chapter two then you have the final girl support group 3d and gold as usual 

So we're following this person who is an unreliable narrator solely because of her mental health and her survivalist nature and her voluntary agoraphobia like she's frightened of everything and goes to these extreme lengths to protect herself and usually 

I don't like unreliable narrators um a lot of times i feel like they're written to be a lot of times i think an unreliable narrator can make a story very very confusing for me and i kind of get lost and i don't really know what's going on and i i don't love that but this unreliable narrator i actually really liked i really felt for her 

I felt like i understood her i connected with some of her mental health experiences which i can say that for all of the final girls i'm like i get where you're coming from 

I get why you feel this way and i i loved this book right now i'm sitting on a five star i might bump down to 4.5 because there were some moments that i got a little confused as to what was happening and had to go back and read some pages and read ahead a little bit and i'm like 

Okay i got it but right now i'm sitting on five stars that said it still ranks kind of with southern book club's guide to slaying vampires where my best friend's exorcism is my favorite book 

But i want to reread these for halloween i think it's going to be interesting this story is definitely i wouldn't say it's super fast paced i would say it's like medium to fast paced but it definitely hits the ground running i really liked that i was immediately hooked on it we already have a little hint of news as to what we're getting next summer 

So if you haven't listened to it yet um hilary from melted books tagged me in a post talking about the books in the freezer podcast who was going to do an interview with grady hendrix and it was awesome i listened to the whole hour it was amazing 

They talked about slasher films and their favorites and like hendrix's favorite books from his paperbacks from hell collection and there is this moment where he talks about some books you just dive right in and other ones you just want to hang out with them for a while 

He's got a book scheduled for 2022 that's the kind you just want to hang out with for a while and i'm like i am so excited i know you just released a book literally yesterday 

So hopefully this will give you an idea of whether or not you want to read this book i really really enjoyed this let me know down in the comments what your favorite hendrix book.

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