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The Untethered Soul book pdf Download

The Untethered Soul book pdf Download

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The Untethered Soul book pdf Download

  • Book Name: The Untethered Soul 
  • Authors: Michael A. Singer
  • Pages: 200
  • Publish Date: 3 October 2007
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Self-Help Book

Book Review: 

The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer, Idea 1 You are that underlying awareness If I ask you the question, who are you might answer with something like I'm Jill or I'm Jack? but that is a very simple answer and it's not the true reflection of who you are You want a much deeper look into who you actually are 

Let's do a thought experiment to find out which parts of ourselves are essential to our existence. I want you to close your eyes and imagine yourself in a room with a bunch of people and a piano 

So the first thing let's see if we are the objects are on us So obviously if I take away the piano you would have no problem with that. It's just a piano It's got no relation to you.

If I take away other people you should be fine with that too You'd be like I don't mind being alone every now and then Okay, so let's take away all outside objects, even though everything is now gone you would still exist 

You might be a bit afraid or angry that there's nothing around you but YOU would still exist Okay, so what about if I take away your name? Well, most people would be fine with that. 

It's just a name any way you could change your name and you'd still be the same person Okay, so we know nothing outside ourselves. 

So let's look inside, first... Let's look at your emotions, if we took away all your emotions would you still exist I'm sure you can think back to a time when you had no emotions and you still existed and Also the act that you can feel the emotion means 

There's someone that's feeling it this ability to observe things is known as a subject-object relationship and you can only have a subject-object relationship to something that is separate from oneself Okay, 

What about if I take away your thoughts although some might be difficult to imagine this one also involves the subject-object relationship We just mentioned you can see your thoughts. 

So therefore they must be separate from you And I'm sure everyone's had a time when they were so focused on activity that no thoughts were entering their head And you still existed which means that thoughts are also not who we are 

So now that we have removed all the aspects of yourself that aren't your true self what is left? Is this awareness that you exist and this is the true answer to the question?

Idea 2 learn to control your inner roommate So who's this in a room a tree talking about? Well, this is that voice inside your head. 

If you're not sure about which voice I'm talking about try saying hello inside your head It's that voice So the first reason why you would like to control this voice it's because this voice prevents you from enjoying any moment fully Imagine 

you are walking through a beautiful forest And while you're walking you realize that you're not sure if you switched off the stove back at the log cabin Now instead of enjoying this beautiful walk through the forest 

Your mind is preoccupied with whether or not you left the stove on and you don't get to enjoy fully these beautiful surroundings 

Then after all this worry when you get back to the log cabin you find the stove was turned off So many times the mind worries about things that never happen and waste all this energy on stuff that ever actually occurs 

So this is why you need to be able to control your thoughts so that you can fully enjoy those special moments But also be able to think when you need it Idea 3 It is impossible to control the outside world. So focus on controlling your inner world 

So, this is Tom he goes for a walk one day and falls in a big thorn that gets stuck inside his arm This thorn causes a lot of pain when Tom does certain things So he has two options here 

Option 1 Would be to removed the thorn and then he could carry on with his life as he pleases Option 2 Which is what most people do is to adjust the whole life around this pain And avoid any situations which create this pain the thorn in this example represents our emotions, 

for example, loneliness, people will design their whole life around preventing this emotion from arising by always being with friends or out in places where other people are. 

They designed their whole life around avoiding the feeling of loneliness So how do we control our inner world and pull out the thorn? Well, the first step is in understanding what causes negative emotions?

Negative emotions occur when events happen or people act differently to our expectations if we then suppress these emotions this creates a blockage and this blockage then has the possibility of returning when a similar event occurs in the future 

The trick is to allow the emotions to occur and not try to suppress them This will then not leave any blockages which could recur in the future. When you have these emotions, do not feel guilty Just accept them. Otherwise, you'll just be trading one emotion for another emotion Ok, 

So now that you know the techniques, the practical way to apply these techniques is to start with something small first start with the smaller emotions, such as being cut off in traffic or being late for work And then work your way up to bigger and bigger events 

Until no event causes you to create a blockage in your system Once you can handle any event that happens in your life 

Then you can start truly enjoying life without the worry of your things not happening the way you expect them to The fourth and final big idea in this book is to use death as a tool for growth instead of fearing it 

Most people do know that death could happen at any moment But we have this false sense of security that it would not happen to us 

And that allows us to do things which we don't like or to postpone our desires indefinitely So what you do is to remind yourself of the impermanence of this life and use this knowledge to motivate yourself to do the things in life you wish to do If anything did happen to you, you would have no regrets 

The four big ideas from The Untethered Soul are... You are that underlying awareness Learn to control your inner roommates It is impossible to control the outside world. 

So focus on controlling your inner worlds And finally use death as a tool for growth instead of fearing it.

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