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K-pop Confidential by Stephan Lee pdf download

The cool breeze from hind book pdf download

The cool breeze from hind book pdf download

The cool breeze from hind book pdf download

  • Book Name: The cool breeze from hind
  • Authors: Mujeeb Jaihoon 
  • Pages: 304
  • Publish Date:19 September 2018
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Fiction


The cool breeze from hint by mujeeb jai hoon, the cool breeze from hindus historical fiction and in this book the author has expressed his love for his homeland 

As well as his resident country by taking the reader back in time by narrating events from the past and also talking about historical figures with his own spin mujeeb jehoon is a uae-based author 

And in this book he refers to his homeland as paddy fields which is a term he uses to talk about kerala and then he refers to his resident country as sand dunes 

Since the author expresses dual loyalty in this book that is to his homeland as well as his resident country he often talks about how malyali and arab cultures kind of come together 

So in this book we get to read about historical figures like umar khazi mohin khuti where they are to name a few and each and every chapter is preceded by a paragraph or two that 

Lets the reader know about the contents of that chapter so the author often talks about how he is both vidishi and swadeshi 

So he takes the reader through the historical events by visiting india and meeting different people so this book has been written in a poetic style 

Which means that literally it has been written in a poetic style there is rhyming all through the book so this wasn't something that i was expecting 

So i found it quite unique there are 18 chapters in this book and even though this book is supposed to be historical fiction it is actually an amalgamation of the author's take on history his take on the modern world 

His take on the west on communal harmony and he addresses all this through a spiritual lens wherein he talks to his rosary

So he calls himself the nightingale and he calls his rosary the rose so there is a glossary at the end of the book that helps the reader understand certain concepts that are brought into this book 

By the author because if you don't refer to that glossary you can be a bit lost and then all through the book it provides footnotes that give meanings of a lot of urdu words 

Because this book has a lot of urdu words and it also gives references and sources from where those references have been made all through the book so this book has 386 pages 

And to be very frank it took me a lot longer to read this book than it takes me to read a book of this length usually and the reason for that was 

That this book was a completely different and a new and even a challenging experience for me you see this book is historical fiction and whenever you are reading historical fiction it is best understood 

When you are familiar with the primary history of that book because that's what a historical fiction does it takes some events from history and the author takes creative liberty to add his or her own spin to it 

Now in case of this book there were certain events that i was definitely familiar with so those were fine but there were a lot of people that this book talked about that i did not know about at all 

So i had to do my additional little research while reading this book i had to look a lot of new people up to understand 

What this book was actually talking about even with the footnotes talking about the first impressions of this book 

When i first saw this book i noticed the cover that it looked like a painting and i found it to be very beautiful and pleasing to the eyes 

Now when i was reading this book it took me some time about 100 pages to get into the flow of this book properly and that was primarily because the writing style of this book was 

So new to me the way the author expresses his thoughts in this poetry style manner was a different experience altogether because the language in this book is a blend of poetry style prose along with spiritual mysticism 

So this becomes a very unique combination for me as a reader and all through the book the rhyming has continued till the end i found that to be very impressive because to be able to mold the sentences in such a manner that the rhyming stays the same right till the end 

The uniformity is maintained till the end is not an easy task so the author has expressed his thoughts on various things in this book with a lot of clarity and whether the reader agrees or disagrees with 

The author will really depend on the reader's standpoint just like the author has the liberty to express his thoughts the reader also has the liberty to agree or disagree with 

What has been expressed in any case clarity of thought is definitely there in this book after reading this book i will say that people who are into reading historical fiction books 

That explore the history through the author's own personal spiritual journey and who are fond of lyrical language in a book can surely consider reading this book 

Also people who do not mind doing a little bit of their own research while reading a book i think that is fine readers are used to that kind of stuff 

So i won't say that it's a very challenging thing but it really depends on what a reader prefers so if you are interested in checking out the cool breeze from hind by mujeeb jai hoon 

Then i will provide the link for this book in the description box i hope you found this review useful.

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