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The House of Hades by Rick Riordan Pdf Download


The House of Hades by Rick Riordan

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The House of Hades by Rick Riordan Pdf Download 

Details About The House of Hades by Rick Riordan PDF

  • Book Title: The House of Hades 
  • Name Of Author:  Rick Riordan
  • Genre: Fantasy, Greek and Roman mythology,
  • Date Of Publish: 8 October 2013
  • Pages: 500
  • Language: English
Book Review:

The House of Hades by Rick Riordan the book I've been waiting for what's about like 70 years I've come to the conclusion that Rick Ryden can do no wrong honestly this book is practically flawless everything from here on out will be dripping in spoilers so please if you haven't read this book yet exit out immediately 

I was spoiled involuntarily when I was on tumblr one day and it basically ruined my life I do not wish that upon any of you guys so please if you haven't read it read it and then come back if you haven't figured it out by now from watching my previous reviews I am a huge character person well developed characters are basically the reason why 

I live so I'm going to be talking about the characters first Cassidy Tucker said and nothing has ever been true Murr but Rick Riordan is so good at keeping old characters interesting the further we go in this series the more layers are revealed from each character and the development of each character and the house of Hades alone is outstanding 

I think having the chapters in each of the seventh point of views was a really genius idea it just made the whole group feel that much more cohesive but first let me talk about Percy it is no secret that I am in love with and obsessed with Percy Jackson and after house of Hades 

I love him even more there's just so much development in his character his relationship with Annabeth is so strong he has such a heavy conscience his self-doubt and his whole what makes us the good guys thought process was so believable and prepped achingly realistic the depth and his character alone is incredible his thoughts on his previous actions all the monsters that 

he's killed all of that just added to the intensity of his character the Percy scene that struck me the most was probably in Tartarus with those old hags and their curses because each of those curses was from someone that Percy had wronged and there were 

so many of them and that number just really put things into perspective the intensity of that scene was so mind-blowing also Percy has gotten a lot darker the scene where he's attacking misery controlling all the poison even scaring Annabeth who's his own girlfriend just wow 

so intense so amazing and actually I really liked it because it's really realistic you can't suffer through all that Percy has suffered even going to Tartarus without changing you can't still be the same happy-go-lucky guy you were in the beginning and what Percy has realized is that he has kept on fighting monsters over and over again for years and years and after all these monsters that 

he's killed after all these trials that he's faced he's realized that it's not stopping it happens over and over again these monsters are eternal demigods and heroes they die but monsters regenerate over and over again and it almost seems kind of hopeless and that thought just temporarily depresses Percy congratulations to wreak riot in for darkening Percy appropriately 

it's bad that I find it kind of hot Annabeth didn't shine as much in this novel but that's because I'm comparing it to Mark of Athena and Mark Levine it was basically her book Annabeth is still as intelligent and cunning as ever she knows how to manipulate people so well what really saddened me in this book 

I guess is that Annabeth never retrieved her knife Annabeth snipe is such a sentimental and symbolic weapon especially because it's kind of like the last physical piece of Luke that she has and that's even more emphasized by the scene where Annabeth hat feels that guilt of 

Luke's death like it's her fault I just feel like losing that one last piece of work was so depressing and I wish Annabeth got her knife back honest and what happier note we find out Annabeth's birthday July 12 awesome the purse a bet in this book wasn't as sizzling as in mark Medina 

I think which is kind of hard to explain because they like kiss a lot and they hold hands and they do lots of lovey w things but I feel like the intensity and like this simmer level was turned down a couple of notches because there wasn't that urgency from a big separation anymore they're finally together reunited and they're strong nevertheless 

I thought their relationship was so cute and they're so devoted to one another and they love how both of them like to focus on their future together like it's their one hope it's their one goal that is so cute and it shows so much maturity in their characters also they both talk about children Wow what kind of bothered me was that animus told Percy that she loved him a couple of times and Percy never said it back 

I hope that when he finally does it'll be some really huge firework romantic moment because I'm waiting my favorite Annabeth scene was probably in front of the doors of death when she tells Bob the Titan we will remember you and Amos and his heroes as the best Titan and the best giant will tell our children we'll keep the story alive a touch try so hard 

I'm trying hard not to cry now it's just so touching and I don't know if Annabeth has ever said anything as great as that speaking of Bob the Titan Bob was just so amazing I loved him 

I loved how genuine he was and I liked what he pulled out of Percy's character Tartarus itself was really cool all the scenes there were awesome but let's move to above-ground I'll start with hazel hazel has developed so much she's discovered this power over the mist and she knows how to use it and manipulate it and Wow she has just grown so much she really stood out in this book 

I felt like her last battle with passive a was kind of anticlimactic but nevertheless it was a great scene and hazel knows how to what but Frank was actually in my least favorite of the seven before house of Hades 

I quickly changed my mind in this book he is such a warrior that scene in Venice with those poisonous cows and later in the house of Hades when he was taking control of that Legion and Jason let him become praetor just 

perfection perfection so good perfect and him getting the blessing of Mars just yes Frank was so so stunning in this book and when he and Nico kind of had that mini geek out over meth no magic perfect let's talk about because 

I love Leo so hard he's always been one of my favorite characters since the beginning he's just one firecracker of mischief and hilarity I've always had a soft spot for him because he's like the odd man out and nemesis even told him that he's like the seventh wheel and no matter what he does he always seems to be the one that's kind of separated from the group 

so of course when he met Calypso I wanted to die it was so perfect apparently Lulu and Calypso ship has been sailing around tumbler for the past few months but I never even imagined it but I ship it I should it's so hard Calypso herself is so different in this book than in the Battle of the labyrinth 

she's a lot more modern and kind of rude and she you know says things that she probably never would have said to Percy but I feel like that's the point I kind of hated her for cursing Annabeth but I do understand where she's coming from Calypso and Leo bounce off of each other 

so well I loved how they didn't like each other in the beginning and then when the raft came and I was like Oh Calypso I got you girl just everything about that ship is so perfect oh my goodness and Leo thought about that line from the prophecy and he swore on the River Styx anyway that he would come back for her just you know Wow I hope he and Calypso have a happily ever after 

I don't want any of this both to keep with the final breath business what I really really liked as well is that in the previous books all the area characters are like Leo's the annoying one or he's too hyper as usual but then in this book after he's depressed after his departure from og Gaea everyone notices that 

he's kind of dampening the mood and he they realized how necessary it is very leo to have his humor and his light heartedness and that realization is just perfect I'm using the word perfect a lot I think that word describes this book perfectly there it is again Piper is actually one of my favorites 

so I was really sad because she didn't get spotlighted really in this book apparently a lot of people disliked her but I have always loved her I wanted more of her but what we did see I loved when she was battling keone said how you say it I don't know it was fantastic she is such an awesome person 

I love how she's getting more comfortable with herself and her lineage from Aphrodite I adore her I love Piper I want more Piper Jason grace won my heart in this book he doesn't get a lot of screen time but his compassion for Nico was just mind-blowing ly awesome 

I also love how he's breaking out of that perfect son of Jupiter mold Jason is such a cool dude and when he gave Percy a bear hug at the end of this book I practically died I love their bromance the way Jason was 

so accepting of Micah's confession and how Jason realizes that he wants to be more like camp half-blood it was a fantastic development in his character what bothers me is that Jason seems to be like the equivalent of Percy but in Roman Forum but so far I feel like 

I haven't seen anything particularly spectacular from him but maybe that will change in the blood of Olympus okay now let's talk about what I'm sure everyone is dying to talk about Nico D'Angelo it's most upsetting thing about this is that this is what was spoiled for me I was on tumblr on a seemingly innocent day when suddenly the scene with cupid was translated from the Portuguese league 

I couldn't unreadable readers but bear with me I'm not upset with Nico being gay I think that's a really awesome choice for Rick Riordan to do I like how he's incorporating more diversity and his characters especially to his target audience showing these children that it is okay to be gay and that we should all accept it but to me throughout this whole book Nico seemed really out of character Nico in house of Hades is so different from Nico and all the other book 

I mean yes his confession touched me so hard I cried publicly in my world history class when I read that scene it was amazingly beautiful but it was also really unexpected and I felt like it was forced I own ously can't recall any foreshadowing in the previous books of negus homosexuality but probably that's just me let me say this again just to clarify I'm not upset about Nikko being gay 

I think having a gay character is a really important thing I just wasn't expecting it from Nikko D'Angelo out of all characters nevertheless I love me go I feel for him he has so much inner turmoil and inner conflict and practically no one to confide in and that just breaks my heart the house of Hades was literally so perfect sure Hazel's final battle was kind of dull but that's okay and 

I thought the ending the picnic ending was kind of ridiculous but I feel like a picnic was better than a possible cliffhanger Percy's last line to the stars when he says bob says hello made me want ball because it was so perfect and flawless everything was beautiful some last things to mention coach edge being a husband and a future father was fantastic oh my goodness coach hedge 

yes I love you when I loved how Frank kind of took on the responsibility of making sure coach hedge would get back to his wife and his future child also riptide fingers as a real pen for the first time that was so Bom this sibling relationship between hazel and Miko so lovely and oh my goodness Raina 

Raina is such an awesome character and I love how we got to see her full name also Rachael and Grover I miss them so much especially Grover and as usual Octavian can go die in a hole there are so many things

I wanted to mention because there are so many things going on in this book I hope I hit them all I probably didn't probably forget a lot of important key points actually 

so I might have to make a part - who knows but yeah the house babies blew my mind and I feel like a physical ache in my bones because I know I have to wait another year for the blood of Olympus.