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Summer On The Bluffs By Sunny Hostin Pdf

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Summer On The Bluffs Pdf Download 

Details of Summer On The Bluffs By Sunny Hostin Pdf 

  • Book name: Summer On The Bluffs
  • Author: Sunny Hostin 
  • Genre: Contemporary literature, Domestic Fiction
  • page: 354
  • Published date: 16 June 2020
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Summer On The Bluffs By Sunny Hostin someone on the bluffs is about the life of self-made millionaire emilia tanner aka alma a husband omar tanner and your god daughters perry olivia and billy 

because of your flourishing careers amma and wall street and omar as a big shot lawyer they never had children of their own then they made the decision to become the godparents of your three goddaughters 

when the girls were in their pre-teens from the beginning of the novel it is unclear why they chose these particular young ladies to godparents the y remains a big mystery throughout 

the novel either way being the god children of super wealthy amma and omar has a lot of perks since being quasi-adopted into the tanner family perry olivia and billy have enjoyed spending the summer with their godparents at chateau la ver your iphone vacation 

home in oaks bluffs a location within martha's vineyard where the wealthy black elite reside then after omar dies the grieving alma gets an opportunity to enter 

a new and exciting chapter in her life before she does so however amma decides to hand over the keys to chateau la ver to one goddaughter who will it be now women in your relative professions

as lawyer wall street analysts and scientists perry olivia and billy are eager to be the one to inherit chateau laver however before the house can be passed down secrets will 

be revealed and a young woman will finally get answers to why amma and omar made the decision to become your god parents all those years ago very very juicy okay i know you are waiting for it here is my opinion one thing i really enjoyed about 

this book is that in the first chapter we are introduced to the fact that amma is hiding something from her god daughters this mystery kept me engaged because you know i'm nosy

i wanted to know what this secret was also i think sunny did a great job of describing and developing the characters and i like that the story was told from multiple perspectives and included flashbacks that gave us background information because of 

this i had a more nuanced understanding of each character as the story progressed and i could show the characters more empathy when they behaved in ways 

i did not agree with speaking of behavior some of these characters were out of different emotions in me namely perry and olivia who although both ama's goddaughters had vastly different experiences 

in life perry is a typical light-skinned girl who benefits from the eurocentric standard of beauty that our society follows and olivia is a dark brown girl who feels the pain of not meeting 

the same beauty standards these two characters for me illustrated how although black people in america have to deal with a lot of unfair treatment those who are very complected are more accepted 

by the dominant society and within the black community perry annoyed me a little by her inability to understand 

this but as you know it is not uncommon for the privilege to deny your privilege other topics sonny seamlessly touched on with impostor syndrome that we professional black people face in the workplace and the effects of global warming on our planet 

i always like it when authors can sneak in important topics and your novels without distracting from the core story and 

i think sunny did that well all in all this was a good read get ready to be upset at the end as the secrets are spilled I most certainly the ending of the novel had me questioning how far I would go to preserve my livelihood and assuage my guilt scandalously.

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