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Getting started in technical analysis pdf download free


Getting started in technical analysis pdf

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Getting started in technical analysis pdf Free Download 

Details of Getting started in technical analysis Book

  • Book Name: Getting started in technical analysis
  • Authors: Jack D. Schwager
  • Pages: 358
  • Genre: Stock Market 
  • Publish Date: 4 February 1999
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Getting started in technical analysis by Jack D. Schwager you have everything in one book that's the good thing 

so you have candlesticks you have chat patterns you have the volume you have moving averages you have the introduction of the indicator to technical analysis all in one book and i will say that this book is pretty easy to read the fonts are also quite big 

it's very straight to the point it doesn't have like long paragraphs and then at the end of the sentence then it gets to the point the charts are pretty clear I don't know if you can see because there are some books 

i don't mention the name too much where the chats are like with a black background and then with grids and then it's like very hard to read the chats but the downside is that 

if you're freaking lazy take books probably it's not for you if you're lazy there is a solution the second book this is called introduction to technical analysis so it's let's take and it's not hardcover is it called paperback 

very easy to understand and a lot of the times the pointers that are presented in this world it is in bullet points and it's like number one this point number two and the good thing about this book is that it gives 

you a section whereby it will list out okay this is the major concept major technical principle that's what i like about this book and the explanations in diagrams they are very 

clear very straightforward and of course if you want something more detailed there is a thicker version of this book i think it's about this tech in fact i think it's thicker than this by the way the cover of this book

looks something like this i forgot to mention just now so sorry about that it looks something like this and basically this book the summary yeah i thought this this book is a summary of everything as well and then it also teaches you things like candlestick patterns and also chat patterns 

basically everything you need to know all the indicators that you need to learn as well as volume gap it's basically a summary of everything you need to know just that it is let's take now if you are a pro in technical analysis these two books would be quite basic for 

you these two a lot of you watching this your pros and technical analysis like you're just a freaking pro you know what i'm saying if you want more detailed lessons then you can read this book title is handbook technical analysis by mark andrew lim and it's suitable 

if you are taking the major trading exams or finance exams like if you are picking cfta which is what a lot of pro technical traders take this is an exam if you're looking to take a diploma or any trading certification 

this is the book for you just that the problem is you're right it's bigger than my face basically it is covering everything you need to know from the indicators chart patterns candlestick clinical analysis theories just in a more detailed manner 

as compared to the ones that you see just now and the good thing about this book is that if you use this to study it is easier on the table i don't know if that makes sense or not you know that's why 

i do okay this is just what i do i want to play on the table and then i would highlight things i will write things so i would want the book to stay open just like this i don't want to hold 

it because for a hard cover book that's the good thing about hardcover strong and did you see the mark here oh my god trying to pull it back now the thing about all these so-called summary 

books is that a lot of the topics are just touch and go it can only give you so many examples for one candlestick pattern for one chart pattern if you're looking for detailed detailed chat patterns book detailed candlestick trading books 

then you need to buy more specialized book for example it's called chat patterns after the buy and it's just all about chat patterns nothing about technical analysis theory nothing about candlestick trading is just focus on chart pattern 

it gives you a lot of examples and of course with chat patterns there are also candlestick patterns book now this one i would say is more for beginners if you're looking for something that's more advanced then 

this book is not for you and the good thing about these two books is that because it's paperback it is easy to open from the table and just study 

so i have a lot more books i want to recommend you but i'm just gonna put things simple for this video and these two months i've spent just now i calculated 660 dollars on books alone is getting out of control 

i want to find a way to control myself because i just go on this freaking buying speed and i don't stop and then yesterday i watched a video about minimalist how to become a minimalist stop buying and buying and buying 

i hope it helps it is supposed to be self-development and not shelf development you know what i'm saying so i'll put the details of all these books down in the description below if you want to check it out 

if you are retrench you have no money to buy books you have no money to attend courses it's okay because this is what i'm doing this year i'm doing a lot of free courses for you.

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