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It's Not Like It's a Secret Book pdf download

It's Not Like It's a Secret Book pdf download

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It's Not Like It's a Secret Book pdf download

  • Book Name: It's Not Like It's a Secret by Misa Sugiura
  • Authors: Grace D. Li
  • Pages: 279
  • Genre: Romance Novel
  • Publish Date: May 9, 2017
  • Language: English

Book Review:

It's Not Like It's a Secret, this story is told by Summa she's a Japanese-american girl her parents were born in Japan and they moved to the u.s. 

in the beginning of the story they live in Wisconsin where she doesn't have a lot of friends but then she has to moved to California because of a dad's job and in the new school she's able to make more friends most of them are Asian Americans apparently in Wisconsin 

there's not a lot of diversity and then she meets and falls in love with Jamie who is the Mexican American girl 

there's a lot of small conflicts that connect in this book the first of all is that Salma is not completely comfortable coming out to her family and her friends and she's not even comfortable herself her own sexuality 

the second one was that when she was younger she found out that her dad was she know her mom but she never said anything to either of them so she just let it go 

the third is that there's a lot of stereotyping in racism in her school and in her day to day life in general this conflict of stereotyping and racism in 

the story was actually the most interesting part to read it is really direct and it's clearly there to provoke the reader to make them feel uncomfortable with small things that 

we're saying day to day or the way we act or the way we think about other people just because of their ethnicity or because of the family or how they grew up 

they don't add it to the name-calling that a lot of people do kind of involuntarily because that's how it is right it's all a joke but no it's not I really liked how the author provoked that how 

she pull traits really day to day attitudes in situations where racism it's clearly there but people just okay that's that's life that's normal and his racism is clear to the minority involved 

but lots of the people living outside of that or living in the status quo that it's all okay it happens and I think the book would have been great if it focused on that 

but it didn't my first issue with this novel unfortunately was the install of Jaime and saunas relationship is so spontaneous it just up there go there in love I didn't see the love happen or grow or anything 

so let me Cheney when she's buying for home stuff with her mom in the store where Jamie works as a cashier two or three weeks later she's at school and then 

she see Jamie and she goes up to her and said oh remember that girl from weeks ago they went into the store to buy this one thing but I didn't find the other thing oh you don't okay 

okay like who does that who goes to random strangers they see once in their lives and just I don't know if I'm too shy that and doesn't make sense to me 

but I don't understand how the whole thing started from this awkward encounter there's a lot of characters and situations to develop and I just think the author's is nothing with that 

we only see Selma's perspective on the story and I know it's supposed to focus on her and Jamie but if we had different POVs in the story it would probably be way way richer than it is even though it's supposed to be about Sonja and Jamie in their relationship 

I think just all about Sunnis understand why the author would do that show the carrots growing but I just I didn't like the main character 

I didn't think that she grew anything because their attitudes make no sense to me because she said and did those things and then later on oh there you go she did it again or did a thing that she said she wouldn't do when character was a bit too shallow for my taste 

I think he also had a great story here was a lot of potential this is a lesbian romance about a Japanese American in a Mexican American girl how many books have you read they have characters like that that talk about diversity when most of the characters are not white they're all from different ethnicities 

like I said I think he also had a great idea but it just worked for 25% of the book I gave this book 2 out of 5 star on Goodreads 

it just didn't live up to its description and what it was supposed to be to be said this is a debut novel and I am willing to read other works by this author 

I did like her writing though and I do think she has potential to create great stories so I am willing to read other books by her in the future 

let me know in the comment if you read this book and what do you think.