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Murdrum by Dr. Sohil Makwana pdf download


Murdrum by Dr. Sohil Makwana pdf download

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Murdrum by Dr. Sohil Makwana pdf download

Details of Murdrum 

  • Book Name: Murdrum 
  • Authors: Dr. Sohil Makwana 
  • Pages329
  • Genre Forensic thriller
  • Publish Date: 19 May 2021
  • Language: English
Book Summary:

If this book had to be on a book stand i would have definitely definitely missed this because as a reader 

I am not a lover of such cluttered covers it's got a lot fitted into it and it's trying to give out a lot and you know 

It's it almost feels like a hard sell to me so this story starts with an intern who is komal rathor 

Who's just joined cbi and as first job she lands this case where a decapacitated head of a woman is found few days before her body is found and

This jane doe is in a ghastly state when she's found as she delves into the case she realizes it's just not one but a lot of other cases 

Where a serial killer has targeted women again and again and killed them in horrific ways and the details of which are really really disturbing in this book 

So at the outset let me just tell you that this book has really disturbing graphic situations that could you know that could affect you for a significant amount of time and 

If if you're somebody who is easily rattled or easily disturbed by such scenes this probably isn't the book for you or should 

I put it like this that you get used to that kind of literature and then if you come to this book 

You'll probably end up liking it better we're talking about komal rathor who is working in tandem with sub inspector vishwa signing 

Shipping gurney and all a lot of other people in the police force and um slowly they are not that this killer who is s*xual slash sadist slash serial killer

He is just about to make his ex move and they have to be quick to stop that in time this serial killer is is an intelligent person he is tech savvy 

He knows the laws and he knows how to exactly elude the uh you know the people in uniform so through these 300 pages 

We are actually dealing with a very gripping tale of an intern who has just joined the cbi who's had a troubled past herself and a serial killer

Who's had a very disturbing move in childhood and then some police inspectors and other people in uniform who are trying to catch this person

It's got a lot of details a lot of background about forensics and you'll definitely learn a thing or two if the characters were really well developed here 

You do understand the struggles komal rathod is going through you do understand the struggles

The killer is going through and of all the other people involved in trying to catch this killer 

I think um of all the characters komal rathod has been drawn out really well talking with the settings 

I think that was one thing that really stood out for me because it um it is the first time i guess where 

I read a crime thriller that had settings um of the places that i have actually been to so all the suburbs and the sub-suburbs of bombay such as 

Panvel and vivandi thani and all of those smaller locations that are usually missed that's where the story is based there is one thing that 

I would really like to mention here that i couldn't stop drawing parallels of this book with thomas harris's very famous novels 

And also the show that was made which was hannibal lecter so whether it was silence of the lambs the red dragon and all those other books in those series 

Now i have read all of those books and i couldn't stop but you know keep comparing the scenes or the characters with all of the other characters

From thomas harris's novels also the killer who who looks very similar to francis dollar height 

Who is the protagonist in the red dragon all of it looked so familiar and it kind of felt like i am dealing with thomas harris book again.

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