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Rushing Waters by Danielle Steel PDF Download

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Rushing Waters by Danielle Steel PDF Download

    Details of It Ends with 

    • Book Name:Rushing Waters
    • Authors: Danielle Steel
    • Pages: 223
    • Genre: Women’s Sagas, Mothers & Children Fiction, Saga Fiction
    • Publish Date: 30 August 2016
    • Language: English
    Book Summary:

    Brilliance audio presents the unabridged recording of rushing waters by Danielle Steel performed by Dan John Miller 

    my darling Toto for being so brave for all you went through for living through what others can only imagine may the memory of it dim and may you be forever blessed 

    I love you mama and to all my beloved children Biddy Trevor Todd Nick Sam Vanessa max and Zara with endless gratitude for all 

    that you are and all my love and heart always mom D s has its reward it never leaves us where it found us 

    Mary Baker Eddy one Ellen Wharton was pensive as she studied the clothes she had hung on a rolling rack and the folded items 

    she had laid out on the bed for her trip to New York organized impeccable meticulous she was a woman 

    who planned everything and left nothing to chance her business her menus her wardrobe her social life she was consummately careful and precise about everything 

    she did it made for a smooth orderly life with few surprises but also very little opportunity for things to go awry 

    she had been planning this trip to New York since June as she did every year to see her mother she also went on Thanksgiving every other year and 

    she usually went once in spring she intended to do some shopping for two of her clients and she had an additional purpose to her trip 

    this time Ellen ran a successful interior design business with three assistants a color specialist and clients in several cities in Europe 

    who loved her work she created beautiful environments for them which they couldn't have put together themselves with the best fabrics handsome furniture that suited 

    their lifestyles and needs and unusual and inviting color schemes she wasn't shy about her fees but she didn't need to be she was well known in the business 

    had won several awards for her work and had been published in the most important decorating magazines she had learned at the feet of the master 

    she liked to say her mother was a greatly respected architect in New York who had studied it Yale begun her career working for IM Pei and gone out on her own years 

    before designing houses mostly in New York Connecticut Palm Beach Houston Dallas and anywhere her clients wanted to build a remarkable home at 38 

    ellen still loved spending time with her mother and gave her credit for most of what she knew about interior design 

    she learned something from her mother every time she saw her and occasionally her mother sent her a client in Europe or like 

    the current one whose home Ellen was working on in Palm Beach she had decorated the clients yacht 

    the year before her jobs always came in right on budget and on time which was remarkable in her field and it helped to make her 

    as successful as she was she had a good solid business and had done well Alan and her mother were very different 

    but respected each other and Ellen liked working on jobs with her she loved her mother's open airy clean lines and style of architecture 

    it was a pleasure doing the interiors of a house her mother had designed and she often sought her advice about other clients - 

    they had solved more than one knotty problem together and at 74 her mother was still full of great and innovative ideas grace Madison frequently 

    said that the right answer was always the simplest one she didn't like complicated things or cluttering up the houses 

    she designed with gimmicky tricks a concept ellen espoused to ellen tried to foresee potential problems and ran a tight ship her 

    mother was more spontaneous and open to new ideas to the point of being thought eccentric at times 

    but Ellen loved that about her - grace was a talented strong woman who had survived breast cancer ten years before and hardly missed 

    a day of work while undergoing chemo and radiation she had been cancer-free ever since 

    but Ellen worried about her anyway her mother didn't look or act her age but nonetheless she was gathering years despite her seemingly limitless energy and used.

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