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The Dangerous Gift Free Pdf Download


The Dangerous Gift Free Pdf Download

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The Dangerous Gift Free Pdf Download

Details of The Dangerous Gift 

  • Book Name: The Dangerous Gift 
  • Authors: Tui T. Sutherland
  • Pages: 247
  • Genre:  Action Fiction, Fantasy Fiction 
  • Publish Date: 115 September 2020
  • Language: English

Book Summary:

The Dangerous Gift is a book that disappointed some Wings of Fire fans but did not disappoint me. 

Snowfall is one of my new favorite Wings of Fire protagonists. She gets SO MUCH character development throughout the story, and Tui does a great job of putting the reader in her shoes. 

Snowfall is the main character of The Dangerous Gift, and she slowly turns from an anxious and insecure queen who struggles to carry the burden of the crown, to a strong one who wishes to please her people.

The character progression is fabulous, and she is such a lovable and relatable character. It was so much fun to see her learn some life lessons, and it clearly shows how much she has evolved over the length of the story. 

Next up there's Lynx, who is an extremely lovable and friendly dragon. Her friendship with Snowfall was so much fun to read about. 

They went from Snowfall constantly being annoyed of Lynx's antics, to them sharing some heartwarming moments together. Seriously, Lynx is my new favorite side character in the series! 

I'm so glad she got to share the spotlight with Snowfall in The Dangerous Gift. Besides the wonderful and lovable characters shown in book fourteen, we can't ignore how amazing the plot is. 

Like I said before, the character development is some of the best that I've seen so far in the series. 

Using the animus enchanted ring that Snowfall found in the Icewing royal treasury causes her to receive visions of other dragons, which helps her to learn what it is like to be someone else. 

Snowfall had trouble with relating to other dragons before and was always confused about why anyone else really mattered. 

Her heart is softened by the end, and it is very heartwarming to see. The way she opens herself up to help and friendship was executed so perfectly, and I couldn't have asked for it to be shown any better.

Though not too much happens story-wise, it was a nice breath of fresh air from the dry and somewhat boring plot of arc three. 

To me, the way it sidetracked actually made me respect the story even more because it didn't feel forced into the story like the other installments. It could be described as filler, but it was good nonetheless.

The way that Icewings are portrayed is absolutely perfect. Before I read The Dangerous Gift, my opinion on Icewings was massively different. 

I didn't care about the tribe, and they actually were my second least favorite. However, while reading this book, my views on the tribe as a whole completely changed. 

You actually get a nice look at what it's like to be an Icewing since Winter Turning didn't establish the tribe well enough. 

When Snowfall breaks the Great Ice Cliff, it is such a rewarding moment for the tribe as a whole. Then when she destroys the ranking wall, you can just feel the weight that was taken off her shoulders. 

I absolutely love how the Icewing tribe is shown, and they are quite interesting. The Dangerous Gift has become my second favorite Wings of Fire book, and with good reason. 

Sure, the entire book isn't perfect. Just like with Escaping Peril, there are some moments that I didn't enjoy. The story of Glacier was sped through really quickly, and I would have loved to see more of her death and how it affected Snowfall. 

Yes, the book was filler and didn't contribute much to the story, but I found it to be deep on an emotional level. 

The random side plot at the end was a bit confusing, and not really needed. (The one in which it was revealed that the Icewing crown was actually enchanted by Queen Diamond to make any Icewing who wore it hate and fear the Nightwings. 

Plus the fact that Mink because queen in Snowfall's absence was quite bizarre, considering her age). Other than that, I don't have any problems with this book. I really enjoyed it, and it is one of the greatest in the series.

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