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Priyamvada and co by sudha nair pdf download

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Priyamvada and co by Sudha Nair pdf download

  • Book Name: Priyamvada and Co (The Menon Women #2)
  • Authors: Sudha Nair
  • Pages: 228
  • Genre: Romance Novel
  • Publish Date: May 9, 2018
  • Language: English

Book Review:


A heartwarming story of love, friendship, and following your heart.

An unexpected trio's destinies converge in the making of a movie in this romantic-suspense novel.

The eldest Menon daughter and school drama teacher, Neha Menon must find a way to face tough times and deal with the loss that threatens to destroy her family.

Prithvi Nair's production house Priyamvada is his grandfather's legacy and that is why it is very close to his heart. But the moment Prithvi tries to reopen a decades-long company, he finds himself embroiled in one controversy after another and he just can't get it off the ground.

Aditya Sankaran is a writer-director who dreams big of directing his first film but has no takers for his script. His future looks bleak depending on luck. There is only one chance to end the troubles he faces, to start his career, and win the hand of the woman he loves.

Prithvi, Aditya, and Neha meet under unusual circumstances to make a film that will change their lives in different ways, pushing them into a world of betrayal and deceit, and forcing them to question their choices.

Time is Running Out. They must put an end to the sabotage before all their hopes and dreams are dealt the final blow.

This Book of Menon Women Series gives a glimpse into the life of the eldest daughter, Neha Menon, a few years after meeting Menon in my first novel The Wedding Tamasha.


Prithvi Nair never wanted to become an engineer, but his father forced him to do mechanical engineering like him. 

He has always hated his father because he lived in India and would not have gone to America twenty-five years ago. 

He loves and misses his grandfather. Priyamvada Studios, his grandfather's legacy now belongs to him, and once back in India after his father's death, he took over the reins of the quirky production house.

And then the director of his first film committed suicide and the media is haunting him, so he moved from Kochi to Bangalore with his wheelchair-bound mother Vinodini and her attendant Daisy.

His neighbor in Bangalore is school drama teacher Neha Menon. Neha lives in the flat with her daughter Riya. 

On the day Prithvi moves to the Bangalore flat, there is a huge crowd at Neha's house as her husband Mohan, a cardiologist, has passed away. Neha and Riya are trying to recover from this defeat. 

Neha is worried as Riya is coming back in a shell, not sharing anything with him and to end it all, Neha loses her school job and Riya moves to her grandparents' house.

In Kerala's Chengannur village, Bled Thomachan, a moneylender is looking for a way to marry the daughter of one of his tenants, Indulekha.

In the same village, writer-director Aditya Shankaran is looking for a benefactor for his first film. 

Thomasian made a deal with Aditya that he would produce the film if he cast Indu, which would make it easier for Thomachan to marry her.

Neha gets a break in the film but Thomachan backs down as Indu gets married to someone else. 

So Neha is back and once she gets to know that Prithvi is a producer, she convinces him to take up her film, but the irony comes up again.

Will Aditya get another beneficiary? Will Neha and Riya's relationship be back to normal once again?

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