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The Blood Of Olympus Book Pdf download


The Blood Of Olympus Book Pdf download

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The Blood Of Olympus Book Pdf download 

  • Book Name: The Blood Of Olympus 
  • Authors: Rick Riordan
  • Pages: 414
  • Genre: Greek mythology, Novel, Young adult fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Adventure fiction
  • Publish Date: 7 October 2014
  • Language: English

Book Review:

What is this what is this I need like some Kosmos like explanation here help me out Neil deGrasse Tyson because I just don't understand how this could exist in our universe without creating a black hole of misery and disappointment and ending our world as we know it 

I'm dramatic I know it but why the very very very last book why does it have to be the worst book of all the books Rick Riordan his track record was so perfect 

I didn't think for even a moment that it would be like this huh it's not a bad book it's a bad last book so putting this on a larger scale it is the only book I didn't like amongst nine other books comparatively not good as a standalone the writing was fine it was generally entertaining where do 

I start with the blood of Olympus the biggest problem I felt this book had been the POVs in a perfect world Percy Jason hazel and Niko would have narrated this Percy 

who's been there from the beginning Jason who created the domino effect that essentially became these books hazel who could speak for herself Anne Frank as they both consider their ends Frank sticks hazel possibly returning to death at the end which 

I thought was going to be a big deal and Niko so we can know what's up with the Athena statue I'll put it this way this was a poor choice of POVs where do I even begin we didn't need to POVs on the Athena statue we didn't need it for even one second we only needed one it took up so much space I loved Niko and Rayna 

I adore Niko and Rayna but holy crap more than half the book it felt like Niko and Rayna a lot of characters suffered because of this Frank and Hazel who owe a Percy I didn't see there the entire novel 

I kind of forgot you existed I mean Riordan spent so much time building up all this dramatic stuff with Jason Annabeth Percy hazel Frank just not really get them involved in the end 

you can't have Rayna and Niko as putative side characters for four-fifths of this book series just to go just kidding they're the most important characters ever all of a sudden this made the novel feel disjointed and isolated from the rest of the series 

I love Niko and Rayna as much as the next guy I do but Wow no this shouldn't have happened the other huge thing with me is that the massive massive buildup that occurred in the other books just horrendously outweighed B's conclusion suddenly Frank's life sticks meant nothing hazel being back from the dead nothing

but I was super thrilled that Piper got a spotlight in this book because Piper is a bad a lady and I SuperDuper dug her into Annabeth's friendship sue bucks the baby power 

I love that if anything good came out of this book I hope that it was the people who don't like Piper who came to appreciate her because Piper is a good character I mean all in all 

I was super thrilled with Piper's coolness and rayna's awesome story and her and Niko getting along but gosh did all the other characters have to suffer so terribly because of it if there was any character progression at all outside of these three characters we didn't get to see it Leo even got a POV and it didn't feel that good 

I can go on and on with the issues of POVs but then we'd be here forever and I mean it we got a good one we got to get on with this now I move on to more pressing matters what is this fight what fight oh then what are they all these big fights we've been waiting for for for books

took about as long as it takes me to get from one side this room to the other fights over hello I thought gay was supposed to be like unbeatable are you telling me all we had to do was grab her with the fancy dragon and then lull her to sleep what there other ways we could have achieved this guy's sorry Leo 

I wanted an epic thing with the Greeks and the Romans all together coming together working together to beat this massive crazy unbeatable force but it all felt so rushed and as quickly as everything started 

it ended the fight just kind of deflated even the Giant's fighting was incredibly fleeting what's the hurry did we need to spend 30 more pages on Nico and Reina okay 

and also a polite and loving Greek gods since when are Zeus in Hades even the same people like dude they're wicked nice in this book did we all forget that this started because Zeus was throwing a hissy fit over the fact that Percy Jackson showed him up 

so he closed Olympus and wouldn't talk to anybody so Hera had to go be all sneaky and that's how all of this started in the first place nice kind of Zeus throwing hissy fits so big that war started 

I'm glad that the Amazons could show up for five seconds missed you guys hey Thalia how's it goes oh you're gone now and finally Leo Leo your sacrifice I appreciate it 

I do which is sad because I don't think anybody else cared they briefly mentioned him and then hazel cried but hazel is always crying according to this and then they all just kind of move on and start talking about their futures and Leo 

just pops up and clips those cribs like all right is he not dead now he's alive now okay is he not going to tell his friends he's alive it is Calypso mortal now like I'm confused what the heck is going on in this book 

doesn't feel real and that's a shame and you know thinking back to like what I've said I feel like a jerk I don't mean to make you feel bad for liking this book if you did and 

I hope you don't take my words offensively you are welcome to love this book to pieces of course a lot of my book to be friends and just other friends just loved it and I don't think that's dumb 

I don't think there's anything wrong with that if you love this book so much the better for you I wish I did I wish I loved it so don't take this as me trying to bring you down a peg 

I'm not I'm wrong with emotion I just finished it and I'm just very disappointed I don't know it's disappointing but somehow 

I see it this way, not a 10 books ain't bad the rest of the series is are so good dangit that in the grand scheme of things these holes don't matter I'm going to get over this in the long run do 

I think there should have been more there definitely it felt rushed and incomplete and the in felt impersonal and not at all like a proper goodbye but you know it's fine closing words 

I love these books with all my heart I love Percy Jackson I love the Heroes of Olympus for a very long time Percy Jackson was my favorite series it will always be a favorite and maybe 

I shouldn't have posted this review while my emotions are so raw because my mind does change sometimes opinions change and maybe over time mine will but for now this is it and all in all 

I just want to thank require it for bringing these stories to life in the first place 

I will always cherish them thanks Rick this book review is brought to you by audible the leading provider of thousands of audiobooks including Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus.

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