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Dating Dr. Dil by Nisha Sharma pdf download

Dating Dr. Dil by Nisha Sharma pdf download

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Dating Dr. Dil by Nisha Sharma pdf download

  • Book Name: Dating Dr. Dil
  • Authors: Nisha Sharma
  • Pages: 291
  • Genre: Romance Novel
  • Publish Date: Mar 15, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Dating dr dill by Nisha Sharma is the first book in her new series if Shakespeare wasn't empty I believe it's a trilogy and I got this one from the book of the month,

So the series isn't just called if Shakespeare was an empty for no reason the reason behind it is because the books are each going to be retellings of different Shakespeare plays in this case dating dr dill

Is a retelling of the taming of the shrew I have to admit I'm not exactly familiar with the naming of the shrew I haven't read it or seen the play or anything like that 

so I kind of went into this one blind but that did not hinder my enjoyment of it and if you've actually read the timing of the shoe you might get even more out of it than I did as I understand 

The author did switch to gender roles here and she also removed some of the more problematic and toxic elements of that to make it a little bit more enjoyable in the 21st-century dating dr dill begins on the 30th birthday of Karina Mann 

she goes on stairs expecting to have her birthday breakfast and she finds that her family has actually kind of forgotten that it's her birthday and that's not the worst of it 

they also sprang some really bad news her dad is planning to sell the house in a few months and she wants to keep the house because her mother built it 

but her dad is not willing to lower the price for her she can't really afford the listing price that he's going for and the only way to get enough money for a down payment would be for her to get engaged because at that point her dad plans to give her some engagement money 

he already gave the engagement money to her younger sister who is already engaged and is planning a big wedding and this is also a point of conflict in her family her father and her grandmother kind of looked down on her and are really disappointed 

that she's 30 years old she's the older sister and she's still single while her younger sister is already getting married it looks really bad because they have rather traditional views coming from their Indian background and Karina she's really determined to get this house 

but she also wants to fall in love she doesn't want to just go into an engagement for the money and then take the money and run what she really wants is to find true love and 

so she's on a mission to find her true love in just a few months and hopefully get engaged in that amount of time that same day she meets a man at a bar his name is prem and they really hit it off 

but then some things go awry and he abandons her and she's really angry about that so imagine her surprise the next day when her sister takes her to a show that she's going to be on and it turns out that the show belongs to none other than the same man prim and while Karina is in the audience she finds out that 

despite the seductive words that fran whispered to her the evening before he actually does not believe in love he thinks love is an illusion 

he doesn't believe that it exists and he's at complete odds with what she's after which is finding true love so despite how well they connected 

before there's no way that they can be together and in fact, she's very angry at him and kind of publicly puts him in his place, and it kind of goes viral 

but that's not the end of this story certain family members get involved and decide that they would actually make a great couple and at first pram and Karine are not quite convinced of that although quickly prem decides that this is actually a good idea 

they can get fake engaged so that Karina can get the money for her house and he can also get his money from his mom so that he can start a health center which is his current goal 

right now and the same with her family his mom doesn't want to give him the money until he gets engaged Karine is still not having it she wants true love 

but prem decides that he needs to convince her that she should go along with his plan to get fake engaged so they can both get the money and throughout the book 

he tries to convince her that he would be a great plan b and he'll be good to her even when they later break their engagement 

so I just found this book really adorable and fun and I really loved most of the characters involved not all of them I'll get to that in a moment 

but for the most part, I thought it was really charming and fun first and foremost I really like the characters of Karina and prem 

I think Karina is such a strong and ambitious woman she's really hard-working she has a lot of interests she likes reading 

but she also likes working on her car which is from her mom and she also likes renovating the house she has her dream job even though 

it doesn't pay quite well enough to buy the house but she's also a hopeless romantic and she really does want to find the one if he's out there 

she's very opinionated and she always speaks her mind but she's also secretly sensitive and I think she's just a really realistic and relatable character meanwhile prime is rather closed off to love 

he thinks that love is an illusion he's a doctor and so he cites heart health as a reason to avoid love because apparently love is bad for the heart and he's a very practical person 

he believes in having deep connections with people but he thinks that love is taking it a little bit too far even 

so he's a very caring person he's a very good doctor and over the course and always you start to see how much he really does care about people and how he's willing to go out of his way to help them and make sure that 

they're okay perhaps the most fun of this novel is seeing Karina and frem kind of recover their relationship we get to see as they go on little dates as he tries to convince her of things sometimes 

he's crashing a date that she's on with another man because she is trying to find the one and she's doing that through dating apps those dates don't always go well and prime is usually around to save her sometimes literally and make sure that 

she's okay despite how badly her dates went but on the other hand, he's also taking her on dates of his own she doesn't call them dates but they kind of are dates and I think they're a lot of fun 

I especially love the one when they go to the met in new york city and I really love the scavenger hunt that they're on I think it looks like a lot of fun and I'd like to do that in real life myself 

but with each of these events we start to see that he really is demonstrating that he cares for her he's there for her he supports her and I think it really builds up a really nice and gradual foundation for a true relationship between them 

after a while, they're both kinds of awareness that they might be falling for each other of course they still have different definitions of what that is Karina sees it as falling in love whereas prem 

so thinks that he's just forming a connection with Karina it's not love because that's a four-letter word that he cannot say I think these twos are just 

so silly they're kind of dumb about each other, especially prem but I just think they're adorable and I love them but you know who I don't love 

I don't love Karina's family I do not understand how she has such a toxic family around her and they just completely take advantage of her they don't respect her 

they don't seem to really care about her that much she's always kind of left out of the loop about big things that she should know about and she's always berated every time 

she doesn't do something they really expected to do everything for her sister and her sister's endless engagement party and wedding tasks there's just an endless amount of things to do and 

they think that Korean needs to do all of it and I just think that's not fair also I don't know I guess I had a small wedding compared to her sister Bindu but I can't imagine 

how it would take up every single week for a year to get her prepared I mean that's just unrealistic to me but I really don't like the way that Karina's father grandmother and sister treat her 

it just seems a little bit toxic and I don't like how they walk all over her I do appreciate how later on she starts to kind of stand up to them and I really like something that happens towards the end 

when prem also says what he thinks about it love that scene but it is interesting seeing these family dynamics and I do like that some things do get better eventually maybe not better enough for me to be happy 

but still better meanwhile Karina is trying to make a connection with someone whether that's through people that her aunties connect her with or whether 

that's the people that she meets on online dating apps they don't usually go well of course 

but it is fun to see these different text exchanges that she has with these people and the many people that she needs to block for various reasons and the singer goes on these different dates that sometimes turn 

out okay and sometimes turn out less, okay but I really did enjoy seeing the different text messaging exchanges that happen throughout the book they usually show up at the beginning of certain chapters and they're pretty fun and I like seeing

how she communicates with her best friends with her aunties with these guys that she's potentially dating is a lot of fun and adds a lot to the book 

I also like the different bits of Indian news abroad pieces that we see including advice from a certain woman in their community as well as some gossip that usually pertains to prem and Karina and of course 

I really love the different flashbacks we get to the conversation that prime and Karina had when they first met they had a three-hour conversation and we kind of missed the entire thing 

but bit by bit we see pieces of that conversation as we work our way forward through the novel and I really like that and I like to see what kinds of things to discuss and how those come up later throughout their summer of getting to know each other and potentially deciding to get fake engaged ultimately 

I really do like the relationship that prem and Karina eventually develop with each other I think a large problem comes down to having different definitions of love and different love languages 

but I really do like to see how they eventually kind of get themselves figured out and hopefully on the same path there were a few scenes that were a little bit overly silly for my taste one of them is 

when prime and Karina have a little bit of a food fight early on I thought that was a little bit overly silly, especially for people that are both in their 30s 

but I'll decide because overall the book was a lot of fun it had a lot of heart it was just really heartwarming and I really loved pretty much the entire thing in the end I gave dating dr dill five stars also 

like I said this is the first in the series the next book will be about prem and Karina's friends and so I think the next one is about prem's friend Bunty and Karina's friend bobby and then the one after that 

I think will be about premise friend Deepak and Karina's friend vera I don't have titles for either of those books yet 

but I'm excited to see them I expect to be coming out in the next year or two so I can't wait to read those.



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