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The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena book pdf download


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The couple next door by Shari Lapena book pdf download  

  • Name: the couple next door
  • Authors: Shari Lapena
  • Publish date: 30 May 2017
  • Genre: Thrillers
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The couple next door I haven't filmed in ages like I'm doing the most today anyways the couple next door by Shari apnea and i hope I said their name right and apologies in advance guys this book is oh it's so good 

But basically, I was studying for the new bar finish now but  each exam was each session was an hour and 30 minutes long with a 30-minute break and 90-minute break for lunch 

So within that time instead of like panicking or um thinking oh my god did I do okay on the exam or XYZ I was reading the couple next door which took my mind off everything 

Because I was just so engrossed in the book that I just didn't think about the exam I think at one point I forgot I had another session but 

Yeah just wanted to throw it out there so what is the book about without what's the word without telling too much 

So the book is about a couple hence the couple um and they go to a party next door heads next door but they leave there I believe she's six months so they leave their six-month baby next door 

They're checking on her every half an hour and they bring a baby monitor with them to the party next door it's just a sound one and when I say next door I mean it's literally next door like you can hear each other speaking 

If you're speaking loud enough in the house that's helpful that's how next door it is anyways the baby gets kidnapped guys oh my gosh so you basically want to know who kidnapped the baby oh my gosh guys there's 

So many twists and turns I was reading the book like oh my gosh oh no oh my gosh like it was there were just so many twists and turns that was just like what is going on 

So I actually read this book in three days and that is how good the book was and just how engrossed I was with the book read it in three days 

So um yes before i actually got the book I've heard so many good things all the reviews are good it's a multi-million color copy it's a multi-million-copy bestseller and all the reviews were like you just read it you don't put it down I think one of the reviews hair 

I thought to read it in one sitting thing was a cliche not anymore Lynn Linwood Barkley so you know when people speak about the book honestly if I honestly read it in one session 

So like I said I read it in three days honestly it is such a good book it starts off well it starts off like you want to know like it doesn't take too long to start off which I really like in books there are not too many characters 

So it's very very easy to follow one it's a very easy read um like it's a really good book most chapters I believe not every chapter but most chapters are cliffhangers 

So you know when you're watching the movie and then like the person that you never thought was a suspect turns up and is a suspect that's this book, guys, like oh my gosh it's so good 

Yes amazing I think one thing I will say as well is like throughout the book you're doing your own investigations so obviously the police have their suspect which I won't tell you 

Because I want you to read the book but the police have their most suspect and it's like you're doing it throughout the investigation you're thinking that seems a bit dodgy like why is no one like catching on and 

So you are doing your own investigations and you're just like oh well well for me all that well then my investigation was wrong ugh clearly detective workers of the mate let's talk about the ending because sometimes you know books like the kind of fall down on the ending 

So this book I believe there is um how many chapters are there I think there are 37 chapters yeah so there are 37 chapters so chapter 36 is basically the ending of the book where they found out what happened and you know who kidnapped baby XYZ 

So in chapter 36, I was kind of like um is that it I kind of wanted to know a little bit more like a bit more about the thought process of like why the person did what they did 

But then I was like okay it's still good there's still an extra chapter so I thought the extra chapter was just gonna be about then you know 

The after events of everything and oh my gosh no no no guys it wasn't there was a murder oh my gosh like I'm not gonna say anymore 

But it's really hard to like understand what I'm like oh my gosh because I don't want to say too much about the book but a baby gets kidnapped there are so many suspects suspects 

There's not even this throughout the main book there are two suspects and as you get on those more people become suspects which you didn't even think could be a suspect and then at the end there's murder and then this is like oh my god yeah amazing book chapter 37 

It delivered it like sealed it I recommend this book I highly die I hope I always say this I hope I do my book reviews justice because I don't want to give too much 

Away from the book because then there's no point in reading the book did you get what I mean I hope I did it justice so um yes highly recommend a couple next door.

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