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Pucking Around By Emily Rath PDF Download

The fountainhead pdf download


The fountainhead pdf download

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The fountainhead pdf download

Details of The fountainhead

  • Book Name: The fountainhead
  • Authors: Ayn Rand
  • Pages: 753
  • Genre: Philosophical fiction
  • Publish Date: 1943
  • Language: English


This book revolves around the protagonist Howard Rock who is an architect who loves to design unorthodox buildings 

not only he's passionate about his work but he is a man of high morals and high self-esteem and he doesn't care what society thinks of him 

whatever happens to him or whatever circumstances he is in he has always displayed a great deal of integrity and shown solid character and he did not budge under any circumstances come what may 

The Halden distances we're doing compromise or giving up was the only choice he had but he still chose not to compromise or not to give up, he even agreed to work as a query worker instead of working as an architect because he chose self-respect above money fame and power 

The other important character in this book is Dominic, Dominic is not an ordinary woman she is a fiercely independent lady again with very high self-esteem 

she would have easily chosen a person when money fame and power but instead she chose the wrong because she was very much impressed with his straightforwardness and his honesty 

This is a story about capitalistic society and what a man has to go through when he stands against society although this is not a self-help book this book doesn't fail to give you very important life lessons.

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