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The illusionists by Aashish Gupta pdf download


The illusionists by Aashish Gupta pdf download

The illusionists by Aashish Gupta pdf download 

  • Book Name: The illusionists
  • Authors: Aashish Gupta 
  • Pages: 291
  • Genre: Thrillers 
  • Publish Date: 30 January 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The illusionist by Ashish Gupta the author sent me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review just see the cover of the book a revolver and the tagline two politicians one must shoot himself 

I was quite into not only by the book cover and the tagline but also by the title of the book the illusion is quite 

An interesting and intriguing title is an illusionist in the author's words an illusionist is a person who plays with your attention takes 

It's where it isn't supposed to be essentially that is the whole act, not the ball that just turned into a patient, not the body 

Which was sliced in half and surely not the unclaimed women performing silly acrobatics these are mere theatrics meant to take your attention where 

It is not supposed to be and the more dramatic they are the easier it is to hide a threat here or a subtle pocket there or maybe a whole dungeon beneath the stage in Mahira's 

There is a saying follow the coin as it vanishes not the dancing hands the book is set in the fictional land of mahirasthan a democratic Islamic state which emerged from another Islamic state 

The book starts with the introduction of two brothers Azim and Azlan both are exceptional leaders with a huge set of loyal fan following now 

They both find themselves pitted against each other in the looming elections the followers of both Azim and Islam have become such extremists that it no longer matters 

Who wins the followers of the losing side are sure to go on a rampage a civil war is imminent irrespective of who wins Azimut has learned both are fighting for a better 

But Maharashtra would cease to exist with either one's victory only one has to survive and there must be a clear winner joining hence is not an option because of the different ideologies of both Azim and Islam 

Want the same thing but in different ways, so the only resolution is that one must compel the other to shoot himself it has to be suicide 

So that no party could blame the other for their loss the whole plot is quite interesting both the brothers are equal in talent oratory skills and conviction 

Their discussion arguments and counterarguments keep the readers invested in the story the brothers talk about their ideologies passionately and point out the flaws in others' way of thinking throughout the conversation 

We come to know about bits and pieces of their past of their extraordinary father who was also the founder of mahirastan their sister rukhsana who has died of cancer 

Their love interests and their loyal followers rukshana play an important part in the story as she is the only link that binds the brothers to their past this story is about family power greed politics and human psychology 

The human mind is an element beyond anybody's comprehension in this book the author has tried to delve deep into the minds of the politicians and how 

They could make people hypnotic with their web of words through this allegorical tale of Azim and Aslan the author has made some stuck observations on the current politics 

The plot is well thought through it consists of all the elements that readers seek in a book thrill politics murder emotional touches and an unexpected twist in the end 

The writing is impeccable and intelligent and the theme of the book has a certain novelty factor which definitely works in its favor and now coming to the things which could have been better 

The whole book is one long conversation and towards the end, it becomes kind of tedious also it becomes difficult and confusing at times as 

I was unable to keep track of who the narrator was the book portrays many shades of darkness the ugliest the bleakest and the most demonic side of the humans through his words 

The author paints unsettling images of unfiltered gold which left me uneasy i felt that this could have been avoided or at least toned down 

The subject of the book is somewhat complex and difficult to understand this book is not meant for beginner level readers or ones looking for light entertainment 

I would recommend this book to you if you are looking for dark psychological thrillers so this was my review of the illusionist by Ashish Gupta.

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