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The India way: strategies for an uncertain world book pdf download

The India way: strategies for an uncertain world book pdf download

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The India way: strategies for an uncertain world book pdf download

  • Book Name: The India Way: Strategies for an Uncertain World by 
  • Authors: Subrahmanyam Jaishankar
  • Pages: 217
  • Genre: Economic Crisis, Non-fiction
  • Publish Date: Sep 7, 2020
  • Language: English

Book Review:

In this ever-changing world understanding oneself as well as understanding what's happening across us is very important it's a question of survival and in the modern world where communication is happening within seconds transportation within days we have to always keep ourselves in the right direction 

lest we might not be able to catch up with things if this is true for individuals imagine what is the state for nations 

more than 200 countries today try to survive in this global world how is this possible how do they cooperate how do they interact all of these are interesting questions for curious minds not just for individuals who are involved in bureaucracy or let's say politicians or let's say, political scientists these are questions which are going to be interesting topics like 

now in that regard, there is an interesting book which has come up recently in the past six months which throws light upon many of these aspects this is one of a kind book considering the focus of the book is India's foreign policy the author of the book is especially suited to write this kind of book 

D. S. Jaishankar has served the Indian diplomacy foreign diplomacy for a long period of time to be precise 44 years and in his 44 years he has served in multiple roles serving in countries far from the united states to china and important developments that have occurred during his regime have benefited our country to a very great extent the importance of the subject the capacity of the person all of this provides a very good reason for you to pick this book up 

now how is the book is a wonderful constructivist though this is a collection of speeches made by Dr. S.Jaishankar previously it nowhere runs like a speech the flow of the book is enhanced by the structure in which the book has received 

The book written post the developments whichever happened of march 2020 also speaks in some elements with respect to how to look forward to what is our way forward in indian diplomacy with respect to other nations 

let me highlight three important factors as to why you should definitely give a reading of this book the first one structurally the book is very sound it's not theoretical but at the same time does not give too many anecdotes regarding his types precise points are provided in each of the chapters highlighting 

what are the issues which will be faced in the future times what are the issues we faced in the past and how do we balance each of these issues the second part of the book is not just a reiteration of the facts 

which are already available in the domain the book is however a critical approach and understanding foreign policy now foreign policy itself is a deep subject 

which for common people very hard to understand however the lucidness of the book is in providing detailed information in a manner 

which is not biased at the same time which ensures that we start thinking about each of these topics that are the specialty of the book and third the book definitely provides 

you some new information all of these reasons make it a strong pick how is the book structured primarily it's divided into two parts the first part speaks in detail regarding India's foreign policy until 

now the second part speaks about India's relationship with many of the nations and how this relationship is probably going to change in the future what are the things which 

we need to do in order to ensure we are on the right track the first part he identifies three problems post-partition the demons of partition had affected India territorially

we were affected at the same time at the international level too we were haunted by the problems of partisan the second problem the nuclear policy problem 

The third problem the economic liberalization which had to happen 20 years before comes at 1991. all these three problems are precisely the reason 

which not just as javascript to write this book but let me warn you there is no blame game there is no political acquisitions in the book the book is precisely oriented towards making common people like me and you understand that why and how if we as citizens are aware of each of these elements 

we can try to ensure that the nation works in the right direction after identifying each of these problems then the book starts in a narrative manner as to how our country has engaged with super power currently united states and china are super published 

now if india has to become a superpower right that's the area of discussion today will india become superpower in 2013 will we become a temporary living one 

Now Dr. S.Jaiashankar says if we are bound to achieve that dream then we cannot adopt the modes adopted by nations which have previously been called a superpower 

but he says we have to adopt our own non-alignment policy now that's an interesting thing some would disagree with that but the interesting part is he says that if you look at 1962 when china was against us.

we took the help of united states was that in 1971 when china and united states and pakistan came together russia came to our assistance now all of these things definitely highlight the benefits of being non-aligned but at the same time 

Dr. S.Jaiashankar clearly provides that non-alignment just does not mean in modern time that you don't align with anyone he says depending upon situations 

you have to forge your alliances that's a very interesting stance in fact considering that permanence has disappeared nations today change their policies depending upon what suits them united states has left Afghanistan 

now russia has started its own dealings in eastern europe all of these is to benefit those individual nations if india is to stand out as a superpower tomorrow it has to balance united states as well as china 

it cannot take on one side this is a very interesting approach with which he starts the second division then in detail it provides the way in which our country has to engage with multiple nations 

let it be japan let it be middle eastern nations the moment you start to morph yourself into an industrialized economy you realize that how you have to be a major player in the global system there are some interesting takes too in order to become a superpower 

there are some essential elements which you have to do first you have to transform yourself into industrialized economy technological investment should occur development should happen within the country 

all of this in a globalized economy is possible when we bring in our inputs now what are those inputs as joshua is played pretty clear that we cannot live without our legacy and our legacy has always been right principles and right practices interestingly 

the book uses mahabharata characters in order to drive through its points this adds to the beauty of the book at the same time nowhere does the book lag being a 220 pages book 

it ensures that the points are made in the beginning the reasons are provided in the middle and conclusions are drawn in the end at the same time the vastness of knowledge is available through precise words 

like the author says our country should engage america should reassure russia cultivate europe and challenge china to a great extent 

now all of this is supremely important in the context of the times which we have and if you are interested in what is happening in the global world 

if you are interested to know how things are impacting our country may you be a student may you be a businessman 

you'll be a professional this book serves as a wonderful introduction to the dealings of foreign policy and international others this is the reason why you should pick this book up and enjoy your weekends over that.

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