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The Wall of Winnipeg and Me pdf download


The Wall of Winnipeg and Me pdf download

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The Wall of Winnipeg and Me pdf download

Details of The Wall of Winnipeg and Me

  • Book Name: The Wall of Winnipeg and Me
  • Authors: Mariana Zapata
  • Pages: 247
  • Genre:  Romance novel, fiction
  • Publish Date: March 2016
  • Language: English

Book Summary:

The wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata is a standalone adult contemporary romance it follows our main character Vanessa and who has been an assistant to Aidan 

the wall of Winnipeg who is a football superstar and that she has been the assistant for a while and he is a very kind of like 

I would say surly grumpy dude that she has cared for all this time but he barely speaks to her 

she doesn't feel like he even knows really anything about her and he doesn't treat her very nicely 

so one day she ends up quitting because she wants to pursue her graphic design career and he basically shows up at her door and proposes a fake marriage 

because Aidan is Canadian and he wants his US citizenship and he says that she's the only person that could do this for him and he offers to pay her student loans and buy her a house 

which I'm like girl I get it that's a that's a pretty sweet deal even though it's like a felony so she ends up pursuing 

this it's the like fake marriage fake dating trope and everything kind of goes from there so with my newfound reviewing of romance books 

I find that romance is hard for me to kind of review because it really isn't the same for me as if I'm reviewing a science fiction or fantasy book because you can kind of tell by my review 

if I enjoyed the reading experience you can't so much with the romance books so I have a lot of problems with this book but I did enjoy reading it enough to keep reading it 

but this is a 700-page romance book 700 pages and it has a lot of tropes that I do enjoy 

it has you know fake dating fake married the like bed-sharing type thing the trucks that come up a lot of people are fake dating or fake marry 

where they have to have this physical contact because of other people's perception of their relationship which brings them closer together things like that having said that this book is so long and the slow burn 

I wouldn't even really call slow burn because like yes it is but at the same time Eden is literally a brick wall of zero emotion or very minimal interaction for 60% of the book like was a book 

I read on Kindle so I know that for a fact so there's very little for you to even think that he likes her at all and they don't interact much 

I prefer a more banter II hate to love slow-burn relationships they don't interact a ton like I said through the first $64 book 

there's a lot of filler which is what makes this book so long of Vanessa's career stuff which is again just like whatever they're writing I don't feel like sustains the 700 pages 

I don't think this writing is anything particularly great there are a few decent lines but it's also a book that I feel like I could write you know and that's not saying that it's like the worst writing ever 

but it's just very basic so when you have a lot of filler with this basic writing I'm like I'm a little bored when can the characters interact again it just makes 

it slow burn for the sake of the fact that there's like filler in between so it wasn't my favorite of the slow burns although people are like

you don't know slow burn until you've read Zapata and I'm like but is it slow burn if it's just filler I don't believe 

so I still was like pretty okay with it there is a lot of focus I always mention this because I feel like 

so many romance books had this trope the Vanessa isn't a small woman so we don't have this like a small woman big man thing 

but Aidan is a huge dude you know like he's this giant football player she calls him big guy whatever 

so like he's just this massive guy and throughout the entire story it's talked about like how massive 

he is how massive his trap muscles are how massive his shoulders are how massive his thighs are how just big he is 

I get it okay but like if we're 90% way into the book do we have to keep mentioning how much of a beast he is I 

I know I've envisioned him enough by now I get these a big dude so that is the thing that romance books do a lot it seems like that 

I'm just like please stop with giant man it's like descriptions like I just don't need them so that was another thing that 

I'm just kind of like that's annoying I did like some of the like friend dynamics 

because there is a roommate that they have in the house that they live in when they're fake and he's kind of great but he's also a stereotypical good-old-boy southern boy archetype 

So I also found the backstories of both characters to be the sort of sloppy not like it wasn't believable but just that like again I don't think their writing supported some of the themes 

so there are some themes of family discord sort of like domestic violence between family members and things and like foster care and things like that and yeah and physical 

abuse in this story in both of the characters' backstories and I don't think that the like writing, not that was the writing wasn't good enough for it 

but it just like it just again felt like more filler because so much of the book was filler stuff 

so and it was kind of providing an explanation for how both of them behaved but like and I just feel like it wasn't I feel like the writing was weak in this book 

I do so because so much of it was filler that also felt like filler which just was like this is a pretty serious topic that feels kind of just like dropping in to add more time or not focusing 

on the main characters being together if the moments of the main characters actually interacting because again a lot of the books 

they like aren't interacting having more like romantic type scenes or like you know these like moments of physical affection that are very few and far between because again slow burn 

I get it but like if that was condensed a bit more we had maybe like a 400-page book I think that would have been better and it would have been more but I was like looking for like 

I didn't need I don't need all these like if I'm in there for the slow burn romance I don't need your whole life story backstory anything like that I also didn't particularly love their relationship 

I liked parts of it my cat is playing with a toy that chirps and I want to take it away from her but it's one of the moments of joy she gets in her life so I'm not going to 

I hope it stops and it's not super annoying for you Eden as a character and their relationship I kind of found hard to like pull for I like again those moments that we had of like banter or togetherness or whatever but I still found him like does he even like her 

I don't know like through the majority of the book she doesn't even think that he likes her like through like 85% of the book 

she doesn't even think he likes her and you're also kind of like why does she love him when she gets so little in return it was almost kind of like sad at times 

so yeah there are also a lot of times and he says this almost affectionately I guess at points but he tells her to shut up a lot like invalidates her feelings like 

she'll thank him for something and like you know be like thank you because of you know whatever the thing that he did he's like shop and it's like 

I get that sort of like an insecure thing of like not accepting compliments but like he set you up to her a lot in just a way that I'm like that's annoying like stop telling her to shut up like you shut up 

so yeah there are obviously things about this that I didn't love again I just feel like this could have been condensed with less filler and I would have enjoyed 

it's a lot more because it would have had more of the points that I really liked and with less filler, you would actually get the sense that they like each other this is a good book 

for someone that doesn't like s*x scenes though so if you don't like s*x scenes this might be the book for you because the first sex scene at first 

I think almost only s*x scene doesn't happen until 97% of the way into the book and it's explicit but again 97% of the way to the book 

most romances happen like 50% of the way into the book so yes it is slow burn I get it whatever it's just not as strong 

as I was hoping it to be because so many people recommended this book I still plan on reading this author 

so again this is a thing about like romance books so I rated this two stars because I had a lot of problems with the writing 

I didn't like I wasn't butterflying feelings over the couple like I kind of rate romance based on how to like squealy 

I am over the couple and I just didn't like to love them because I didn't really see what the connection there was even though 

I liked some of their scenes and stuff and they had some tropes in there that I really liked 

so I do plan on still reading this author but this wasn't quite as great as I hoped it would be it was okay law reading it it was really good when 

I was feeling anxious I just wanted something that was very just like sort of like bland I would I would read more by this author though and 

I do plan on reading more by this author but just it's not my new favorite romance author by any means 

I do plan on reading from Luke Hobbs of love because a lot of people commented on my review on Goodreads of this and 

we're like this book walked so that Luke Hoff could run and I'm like okay I'll read that one and that one is more of an enemy to love 

so I think that we'll get more of the banter and things that I like about in blah blah blah so yeah I'm not opposed to this author 

if I'm ready to book two stars as a sci-fi fantasy I probably wouldn't want to read more from that author in this case.

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