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Darkness of Dragons Pdf Download


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Darkness of Dragons Pdf Download

  • Book Name: Darkness of Dragons
  • Authors:  Tui T. Sutherland
  • Pages: 446
  • Genre:  Fantasy Fiction, Adventure fiction
  • Publish Date: 25 July 2017
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Darkness of dragons so this is written by s a Patrick and this book was released a couple of years ago now it was released halfway it was released in September 2018 

so you might have already read it okay but you may not have ever heard of it so darkness of dragons once again it doesn't actually tell me on the front cover who the illustrator is for this 

but i think the picture looks really really exciting and we can see a male character there looks young being chased by a dragon and there are rats scurrying from somewhere it looks castle-like 

so it looks really really exciting so it starts with this is not a tale of our own world it is a world like ours in many ways but one where dragons live in their own lands wary of humans 

one with sorcerers light and dark one where pipers can control things around them merely by playing song yet tales of other worlds can reach us sometimes all 

it takes is a little magic and the pipers have always known something that for us is easy to forget there is magic in music listen 

so that is a sort of introduction there to this text so chapter one is called the ice beast so I don't know if you can see it there there you go so the ice beast 

so listen carefully the screams of the children brought the villagers running the little ones often played among the tall pines at the southern edge of the waterfall 

this high in the mountains winter was always hard the pines offered shelter from the icy winds that blew through the valley as the villagers ran towards the sound

the panicked children emerged from the trees that came rushing through the snow the first to reach them was the eight-year-old son of the baker 

it's come said the boy steady child said Greta the village elder tell me what it is a bear he shook his head no elder 

it's the ice beast with that he rams past them to safety the child is just scared the elder told the other villagers because the ice beast was a legend nothing more a legend 

as old as the village itself about an extraordinary creature formed of snow and ice a creature that absolutely did not exist 

there were extraordinary creatures in the world of course some like dragons were at least as intelligent as humans others like basilisks and medical manticores 

were terrifying monstrosities but there was nothing like that anywhere near pataphor dragons lived on a different continent far to the east 

as for the terrifying monstrosities they were thankfully rare and limited to the remotest part of the world only those foolish enough to get lost on the valley roads in deep water 

ever claimed to have seen the ice beast people who were exhausted and frightened seeing things that weren't really there yet the villagers could see movement a short way inside 

the forest something large something white no the elder said it allowed it can't be but it was the ice beast was the height of a large man and seemed to be made entirely of snow 

its legs and arms were as thick as tree trunks the head was a featureless white ball but every villager could imagine where the terrifying mouth was fangs dripping ready to sink into the flesh of anyone 

who got too near its slow steps drew a heavy crunch from the snow underneath from its head came a steady moaning and the villagers kept moving towards 

it go they call to the children as they pass them run to your homes there was one child left though one small boy too frightened to move standing directly in the creatures path hat Werner only four years old little 

hat called the elder you go home now go on with you but hap should he shook his head rooted to the spot the creature was getting closer to him with no 

time to waste the elder raised the shovel to know what he was carrying and I'll have you beast she cried and ran towards

the creature the other villagers followed wielding the weapons they had hoes pitchforks brooms the elder was first to reach it and she swung her shovel hard-hitting the ice beast's head 

the creature made a strange noise before falling to the snowy ground with a thud there it lay motionless as the villagers surrounded 

it was ready to hit it again if it moved even a fraction but where the shovel had hit its head a few chunks of ice and snow were 

now gone revealing something underneath the villagers stared at what they saw a very cold very red nose and below that a very human mouth ow 

the mouth groaned for a moment the villagers looked at each other in shock they began to scrape away what they could of the ice and snow 

that clung to the stranger with every chunk removed he was smaller lighter yet 

what they found underneath was a curious giant the legs and arms are naturally thick only when more ice was clear did 

it make sense to them clothes layer upon layer of shirts and trousers dozens perhaps more the stranger's neck was thick with a hundred scarves 

the hand and head puffed out by gloves and hats tore strips of material were densely wrapped around the face gaps left only for the mouth nose and eyes 

too heavy to carry they dragged the unconscious stranger to the village his legs and feet still icebound in the village hall fire was roaring and they propped him up in a chair in front of the blazing logs 

then began cutting and unraveling the layers with care in one corner of the hall the pile of discarded garments grew while the unconscious stranger shrank 

until it, all that was left was a thin figure slouched in a chair with a long coat over his simple clothing 

it was a boy his hair dark and scruffy look how young he is he can't be more than thirteen said a villager how did 

he survives his journey a good question said the elder to emerge from the forest where he did he must have come through and it's past an icy hell this time of year 

It certain death for anyone crazy enough to go that way said the villager and yet this boy made 

it through said the elder thoughtful there must be more to him than meets the eye she reached the boy's coat 

insert the deep pockets within after a moment she slowly pulled out her hand and with 

it came to a wooden flute the length of her forearm those watching gasped as they saw it was not a flute, of course, the small finger holes were far more numerous 

the layout much more complex than on any old flute they'd ever seen this was not a flute this was a pipe the elder lifted it up the piper had come 

she said in all and the people cheered the doors of the village hall were flung open and the news was passed on to those waiting outside everyone took up the call 

the piper has come home the piper has come and that is the end of that extract so I think that's very exciting there is the ice beast who just seems to have sort of become the piper as they've gone through.

we don't have them in school but if they're books that interest you and you like the author or you like the story then 

it might be something that you may ask for at home so you can have a different text to get your teeth into it's always nice to have a book 

that you're reading and actually building up you might just like some of the vocabularies in it you might like the character 

you might like the setting remember there are lots to like about a story and lots to dislike 

you might not like this one at all you might not like the others that we do but hopefully, 

it will get you to know what you do and don't like in terms of stories and obviously broaden your reading knowledge and literature that 

you've currently got because that's really important if we only ever read David Williams 

books which are brilliant or we only ever read jeff Kinney books then we limit what 

we're used to and we don't then get exposed to a new vocabulary new ways of writing and actually the more that you're exposed to 

it the better your writing is going to be so hopefully over these extracts you will find something that interests 

you that you can read so obviously tomorrow there will be a different one again so I'll see you then.

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