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Midnight Sun Book Pdf Download

Midnight Sun Book Pdf Download

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Midnight Sun Book Pdf Download

  • Name: Midnight Sun
  • Authors: Stephenie Meyer
  • Publish date: 4 August 2020
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fantasy Fiction
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer, You might be thinking, I thought the series was over it is she just basically rewrote the first books 

But in Edward's perspective but she did give us some very cringy and borderline psychotic quotes from our buddy Edward so that was pretty fun 

so if you don't know what the story is about it's all about this girl named Bella swan who moved into this very small town called forks and obviously 

everyone falls in love with this very plain character including a very hot and mysterious guy called Edward Cullen and surprise he's a vampire 

In the first books in the series, the only main difference is that it's told through Edward's viewpoint other than Bella's so the characters didn't change throughout the book 

but I personally thought it was super interesting the fact that we were able to see a little bit more of the Cullen family 

I personally think jasper and Emmett are super underrated they love to see them appear more in the book 

another thing that I thought was really interesting is that we could read people's minds because that's one of Edward's superpowers and we found out a lot of juicy stuff about Bella's so-called new friends 

they don't have Bella's best interest in mind which I thought was really surprising and didn't expect so that was fun 

we also got a whole romance between Edward and Bella but to be honest with you I don't think having Edward's viewpoint changed the story that much 

some things were literally copied and paste from the first books so the Romans kind of do like meh for me in this book

I really liked the pace and the writing style of the book nothing stood out to me in a negative way plot also didn't change much from the first book to this one we do get some additional Edward scenes 

which are most of the time useless so for example in the first books because it's Bella talking in the first books if she's talking to one of her friends we don't know what Edward's doing 

this book kind of fills that out and makes us know what he was doing back then which is kind of useless and sometimes not interesting at all but it's something to consider 

so overall is this book worth it I think if you're a die-hard Twilight fan this book is gonna make you super happy you're going to be able to go back to forks and talk to your favorite characters one last time 

so if you're a die-hard fan I do recommend but if you're not I think this book is fun for some laughs and just a very interesting time

if you want to read about a stalker and some very very creepy scenes I did get some joe from u5 

if you know what I mean the fact that he's always justifying his actions and always trying to find reasons as to why he's so 

obsessed or why he's going to her room at night to watch her sleep if you like thrillers this book might be fun for you I'm kidding but yeah I'm a big thriller fan and sometimes I get I did get that vibe 

so I don't think reading has to only be about knowledge sometimes it can be about entertainment or just forgetting the world 

so if you go and read this book with this mindset I think you might have some fun and enjoy this book a little 

That was my review for midnight sun by Stephanie Mayer I hope you enjoyed it.

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