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A Touch of Malice by Scarlett St. Clair Pdf Download


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A Touch of Malice by Scarlett St. Clair Pdf Download 

Details of A Touch of Malice by Scarlett St. Clair Book

  • Book Name: A Touch of Malice  
  • Authors: Scarlett St. Clair 
  • Pages: 464
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fairy tale, Fantasy Fiction, Romantic fantasy
  • Publish Date: 23 May 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

A Touch of Malice by Scarlett St. Clair So in the Second Book at the End We Were Left With the Promise of War as Per Stephanie's Mother Unleashed a Winter During Summertime Because Persephone Refused to Go Back to Her Mother She Wants to Stay With Hades and We All Know That Her Mother is Totally Against 

This Relationship So the Third Book Kind of Follows the Aftermath of That but It Doesn't Just Focus on Her Mother's Disapproval of Her Relationship With Hades There's Actually This Whole New Plot Going on Where There's a Revolution That Mortals Are Starting Against the Gods 

I Don't Want to Talk Too Much About That Because I Feel Like It's a Very Big Spoiler Basically Persephone and Hades Are Up Against These People Who Want to Get Rid of the Gods They're Against Um Persephone's Mother They're Against the Olympian Gods Who Don't Know if They Should Approve Stephanie and Haiti's Relationship 

So There Are So Many Plots Going on at the Same Time Which is Why I Think That the Third Book is the Superior Book in Terms of Plot but Let's Just Get to the Review Aspect of Things Let's Start Off With Persephone's Character 

So if You've Seen My Past Videos on the First Two Books You'll Know That She Wasn't Necessarily My Favorite Main Character She'd Be a Little Bit Whiny at Times a Little Bit Annoying but Nothing That Made Me Want to Stop Reading the Book in a Touch of Malice 

I Have to Say That She Gets a Lot Better We Start to Really See a Bit of a Character Development More Confidence in Her Which I Think is the Perfect Pace Because as You'll 

If You've Read the Books You'll Know That Persephone Was Locked Away for Pretty Much All of Her Life Never Had a Chance to Use Her Powers Her Mother Just Like Destroyed Her Self-esteem So It's Completely Normal for Persephone to Have Felt Weakness in the Other Books Like 

I Said in Such a Melon She Starts to Develop Her Powers and I'm Very Curious to Know Where It's Going to Go for the Next Few Books Because There Are Some Things That Are Kind of Unleashed and Like Clues on 

How Her Powers Might Grow So I'm Very Curious to See That and in Terms of Her Communication Issues With Hades It Gets a Lot Better as Well They're Both Trying to Communicate More and Their Relationship Feels Slowly More and More Mature and Stable as for the Side Characters Like Apollo 

Sophie Loose Seville Hermes They're Still My Favorites and They Do Make an Appearance in the Book as Well as Other Characters That Show Up We Kind of Get Introduced to Zeus and Hera and All the Olympian Gods Some Characters Will Definitely Annoy You More Than Others but Every 

Book Needs a Villain Right in Terms of the Writing Unfortunately Something That I Noticed Sometimes There Were Grammatical Mistakes So There Would Be Words Missing or It Would Be the Wrong Word but I'd Still Be Able to Figure Out What the Author Meant It's Not Very Common It's Not Like 

On Every Page or in Every Chapter It's Like I Think I Spotted Maybe Like Three or Four or Maybe There's More That I Didn't Personally Notice First of All She's a Self-published Writer So Already I Think That's a Very Difficult Feat You Don't Necessarily Have All the Resources to Help You Properly 

Edit but Besides That My Condolences to the Writer Apparently She Lost Her Father This Year but It Must Have Been Difficult to Have to Write a Book While Grieving So I Don't Really Hold It Against Her but if You're a Grammar Police and It Really Bothers You When a Book Has Grammatical Mistakes 

Then You Might Not Enjoy the Book as Much but I Just Wasn't Too Picky on It All That to Say the Writing Style is Pretty Much the Same as the First and Second Book Nothing That Amazes Me but It's Not Bad Enough for Me to Want to Stop It's Just It's Okay I Think She Still Does a Really Good 

Job at Descriptions and Making You Feel Certain Emotions It's Just That in This Case There Were Some Grammatical Mistakes and It Happens as for the Pacing of the Stories One Comment That I Have About This is That It Kind of Felt Repetitive Sometimes There Would Be Something That 

Happens People Getting Hurt Persephone and Getting Hurt Haiti's Getting Worried and Then They Would Pretty Much Jump Into Bed and the Thing is I Can't Really Complain Because That is One of My Favorite Tropes I Love It When the Main Character Gets Hurt is in Danger 

Love Interest Gets Worried Absolutely Loses It So Even Though It Was Repetitive I Could Not Care Less Because I Could Read That Trope Over and Over Again and I Wouldn't Care and I Feel Like Every Event That Transpired Was Relevant to the Plot and Was Relevant to How the Story Was Progressing 

I Do Wish That Hades Had a Bigger Role in the Sense That He Was Kind of Just There to Make Sure Her Stephanie Was Okay Every Time Something Happened or He'd Be One of the People Who Finds Her and Basically He Was Mostly Used for the Spice Scenes Right I Wish We Got to See a Little 

Bit More About His Personality but Maybe That Will Be in His Point of View After All This is Persephone's Point of View So I Can't Really Judge It Too Much the Spice Level in This Book is I Think Tripled Compared to the First and Second Book Overall Even Though I've Kind of Been in a Reading Slump 

It is a Book That's Pretty Hard to Put Down Because You Really Want to Know What Happened Especially When You Get to the Ending Which Like I Said Completely Destroyed Me in Every Sense So Many Things Happened and I Wish I Could Tell You All I Wish I Could Talk About It but 

I Don't Want to Spoil So Many Bad Things Happen and It Just Ends on a Really Big Cliffhanger and Now I'm Gonna Have to Wait a Whole Year for the Next Book to Come Out and This is Why I Don't Like Reading Books When the Series is Not Finished but I Just Couldn't Wait for a Touch of Darkness 

I Mean Apparently There's Going to Be Six or Seven Books So if I Really Wanted to Wait for the Series to Be Complete I Would Be Waiting a Very Long Time as for My Rating of the Book I'm Going to Give It a 9 on 10. 

Like I Said I Enjoyed the Plot I Enjoyed the Spice I Enjoyed the Romance It Loses a Point Just Because the Writing Style the Fact That Sometimes It Does Feel a Little Bit Repetitive but I Just Love This Series I Love the Romance 

I Really Really Hope It's a Happy Ending I Am Terrified at the Moment and I Really Hope That Hades and Persephone Get to Be Together All the Time Not Just Six Months a Year Like in the Original Greek Mythology They Deserve It They Deserve to Be Together and the Underworld Happy Happy Happy.